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Cold and Warm December

This is quite a cold and warm December. Last year was not that cold but manageable. This December is rather weird. It’s cold during dusk to the wee hours of the morning but just okay during the day. We’re having a tough time deciding what to do because of the weather. One moment the wind is biting your face and the next day it’s a bit warm. Now that the kids are off from school and the whole family are here, we want to make sure they enjoy their stay.

My husband and I are actually thinking of booking hotel suites over the weekend to enjoy the ushering of 2012. We want to watch the fireworks in Burj Khalifa too up close but the kids want to swim. I am checking hotels and some are still available; albeit in a much high price. I also hope if ever we end up booking rooms, the hotel amenities like the pool area has rheem pool heater. The kids want to have fun and so are the adults. I am just happy to see them happy. I also hope we find a good hotel or else we will end up having picnic in the park waiting for the fireworks in downtown Dubai.

Dinner with Friends at Movenpick Hotel

My hubby and I had a nice dinner buffet with good friends a while ago. I’m really not a big supper eater because I only eat fruits or crackers at night but the buffet in Jigsaw Restaurant in Movenpick Hotel in Deira was a delight.

I started with a turkey cold cut and a small serving of the chicken salad, few fries and biscotti. I took a beeline at the soup area and seafood chowder was the choice. I actually had two servings of soup and a dinner roll which looked like a carrot bread. Equally tasty and filling!

c. homefamilyheart.com

c. homefamilyheart.com

The group had several double-takes on the grilled chicken and beef burgers which were smaller than my fist so it was okay to have few of the chicken burger (sans the bread!).

I had iced-tea and fresh watermelon juice before I helped myself with few cut fruits and a teeny-tiny shot of tiramisu. I am officially full!

The dinner buffet was so good. I guess I must have eaten more than I could actually take. Weight loss pills that work fast will be my ultimate solution to shake off all the food I ate a while ago. That and a good run around the park too.

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