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The Pallet House

With the rising cost in real estate, building materials, contractors and land, sometimes, it is best to downsize and keep things simple. This pallet house is a good example.


The house is made of recycled pallets. It has the basic necessities every home can have and one of the good things about this small house is that, you can build it in less than a day and on the size that fits your family best.

The pallet house can be installed with insulators too for those cold winter nights and plastic tarp to keep the moisture at bay during raining season.

This small house can be the solution to those refugees or homeless people. If the government can allocate a piece of land where houses such as this pallet house can be build, then there’ll be less homeless people in the street. Those who can’t afford the stellar price of housing can also build their own.






(all photos from i-beam design)

The Magician Who Turned A $1 Bill Into A $100 and Gave It To The Homeless


Photo credit: Stuart Edge

A little act of kindness goes a long, long way. I always believe that. And one man just proved that and more.

I was going through some articles in the internet when I found this “feel-good” story about how a magician, named Stuart Edge, withdrew $1000 from his personal savings and performed magical tricks to homeless people, giving away a $100 bill through his magical “fist-pump.” He would tell the homeless “If you believe that you can make the bills switch, if you want it bad enough, I’ll let you keep whatever is in your hand. Just believe. Ready?” And they fist-pump. After that, Edge would be holding the $1 and the homeless person the $100 bill which they could keep as agreed in the beginning of the performance.

There’s a lot in a man’s character and how kindness is shown is a testament of the goodness of his heart. Edge worked as a Porta Potty cleaner and paid for his university schooling on his own. He later became employed and that’s when he made Youtube videos.

His videos are now going viral and are viewed by millions. He wants to make everyone happy by creating videos that will show kindness and compassion to humanity in a funny way.

You can check out his video where he made some homeless people happy here:


We all need a Stuart Edge in our life. I hope there is more of him to pass the kindness around.

Keep doing what you do Stuart! Change the world, one magic at a time.

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