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In Need Of A Cheap Sofa

Are you an avid reader? I’m not sure if any of you here is an avid reader, but I am quite a bookworm. I practically devour books for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well, that’s probably an exaggeration but if books were food, they would certainly fill my stomach. My point is that I read a lot of books. I find that reading gives me a form of escapism and the very act of it is therapeutic. I read loads of paperbacks and recently, quite taken on reading ebooks by using my smart-phone.

I used to read on my bed, but then again, it usually gets me nowhere as I tend to feel too relaxed to concentrate on my books and fall asleep instead. And so, these days, I do all of my reading on my old sofa which my husband bought few years ago. It has been serving me well all these while, but call it a twist of fate or bad luck, the old sofa finally decides to expire. It collapsed while I was sitting on it a couple of days ago. I’m not quite sure what contributes to that unfortunate incident that cost me a sofa. Was it because of my weight? Probably or maybe because it wasn’t really durable and it just had to give way due to years of usage?

I don’t know why it collapsed, but all I know is that I need to get a new one as soon as possible or I’ll end up sitting on the floor everyday. The prospect of having backache as a result of sitting on the floor while reading is not very tempting, I must say. I am not very keen on the idea of paying the doctor now for a backache that should have been alleviated if I had bought a good but affordable sofa the soonest.

I’ll be needing cheap sofas, though. I seriously can’t afford an expensive one at this time. Do you think I should get a new sofa from SofaSofa? I noticed that they are having an awfully big sale and is giving an extra 10% off their sale price if you use up the online coupon that they are offering on their site. Should I or should I not buy some cheap sofas from them? It sounds pretty much like a good deal and not only that, they designs are awesome. Now, if I could only get a bonus this time so I can get the modest but highly durable one. I like this Cardiff 3-seater sofa. What do you think? Nice, right!

Photo credit: sofasofa.co.uk

Photo credit: sofasofa.co.uk

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