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Fun and Creative Pumpkin Decoration Ideas

It’s Fall! And soon it’ll be Halloween! It’s so nice to fill the home with Fall decors and the pumpkin patches are brimming with lovely hues of fall-colored pumpkins and gourds around. Pick up some nice pumpkins to add that Fall and Halloween festivity feel in your home. Get some fresh ideas from these fun, colorful and creative ways to decorate your pumpkins this Fall and Halloween.

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Dress Up Your Front Door This Halloween

One of the ways of getting into the spirit of Halloween is to decorate our homes to give that spooky feel and effect. Windows are adorned with scary representations of Halloween, the porch is teeming with man-made cobwebs out of cotton and the pumpkins are carved to show off a Jack O’Lantern face. Even the trees and bushes are not spared with plastic amputated limbs and skulls hiding in the bushes. Let’s not forget about the treats in the bowl and the out-of-this-world costumes to top the Halloween spirit.

Are we forgetting something in the whole process of giving the home a spooky look and feel? Well, there’s one thing you should also consider – the front door! Yes, it’s a big rectangular shape that can allow a lot of creative flair. So, here are some amazing, colorful, scarily cute front door decoration ideas this Halloween.



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Personalized Treat Pails at BuyCostumes – Only $9.99

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What’s Halloween without treats? And what’s Halloween Trick-or-Treating without the goodies and the loot bag to keep those yummy treats in?

Send your little trick-or-treaters out on a candy hunt this Halloween with a personalized treat pail from BuyCostumes. Right now, they’re on sale for only $9.99! Better yet, pair up the treat pail with a 15% off coupon code (use coupon code AFCBC151) and make it only $8.49!

Each treat pail can be personalized with your child’s name (up to 12 characters). The treat bags are plush, which means they are nice and soft for little hands, too. Check out some of our favorites below!

Black Cat Embroidered Plush Treat Pail

Pumpkin Embroidered Plush Treat Pail

Skull Embroidered Plush Treat Pail


Shop now at BuyCostumes and check out more of the accessories and other cute goodie treat bags you can give your kids and young cousins or nephews and nieces for their fun-filled Trick-or-Treating!

Also, complete the Halloween look and feel of your home with these fancy decorations for a “spooktacular” effect!

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas

It’s 4th of July in few days and it’s nice to deck out that patio or decorate the house with simple and easy-to-do decorating ideas from Better Home and Gardens. Here are some ideas to get your started and show your love and patriotism this coming Independence Day!

(all photos from BHG.com)

When Distressed and Tired Can Look Fresh and Stylish

In today’s society, we’re often driven by the desire to throw things away as soon as they reach a point where they don’t look as perfect as they did when we purchased them. From that new kitchen appliance to the new electronics you’ve just installed in your living room, we’re all too often replacing what we have with more up to date options as soon as they are available. Despite this common occurrence, in interior design, there’s been a shift over the past few years that has seen decorators and designers bring back and restore old pieces of furniture or upcycle old things that you might have thought useless. So how can you use your old, tired or distressed furniture to give your home an inspired, fresh look?  We explore a few unique ideas below.

Photo not mine

Photo not mine


Upcycling Your Garden Equipment

Many people think that the garden is the garden and your home is your home. In other words, that the two spaces shouldn’t mix., However this traditional view of things is starting to disappear as many designers see the potential of introducing elements to the home that you’d usually only find in the garden. Two good examples of this are wheelbarrows and wooden ladders. An old, metal wheelbarrow can be adapted into a shining metal chair if angled correctly and filled with colourful, soft cushions, and a set of wooden ladders makes for a great bespoke shelf if turned horizontally and placed against the wall. You could even repaint them to give them some real character.

Deck out Your Kitchen with Reclaimed Furniture

The kitchen is commonly the hub of the modern home, and this means that it’s essential that it is full of personality and bespoke flair. That’s because it’s probably one of the most often inhabited rooms of a home. So, instead of purchasing a kitchen table that looks like it’s straight off the shelf, why not order something a little but more unique. Stores like Trade Furniture Company sell reclaimed wooden tables that would make family meals a real pleasure.

An Authenticity to Your Bathroom

A final way that you could use old or tired looking materials to improve your home could be in the bathroom. Bathrooms are notoriously difficult to look unique. Most people’s bathrooms are white with accents of blue or green, but with some of the pieces, your bathroom could go from generic to unique instantly. Try replacing the floor of your shower with a wooden surface. The roughness of wood is not only good for your feet, but it will also add a tonne of personality to what can otherwise be just a piece of practical equipment in an otherwise average room.

As you can see, there are ways to use old and distressed objects that can make your home feel special and fresh, why not try some out?

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