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Decorate Your Window Pane This Winter

The winter can be a drab because it’s just gray and gloomy with very minimal sunshine to greet us from our windows. Don’t let winter time ruin your mood at home. ¬†You can still brighten up your window pane this winter with these tips and tricks!

Install bright curtains


Who said bright coloured curtains are only for summer? Well, bring summer to your home even if it’s just near your window with some bright coloured curtains. Use orange or sky blue or any happy colours to put on your curtain rod to add colour and life to your winter home.


Put interesting decorations

If your window has a wide sill that can accommodate small decorations, place some fancy decorations like figurines, odd shaped stones or rocks or add books as decors too. I will not recommend putting glass jars or bottles as they may act as prisms and can induce fire.


Add floral arrangement or terrarium

A wide pane can accommodate a small to medium sized container where you can put faux flowers just to make your home a bit cozy for winter. Bring in life even with fake plants and flowers just to add colour to your home.


Install small lights


Add brightness in the winter gloom with cute little fairy led lights. You can hang them on your curtain rod or you can buy one like a rain led lights. Choose multi-coloured led lights to make your window pop with colours at night.


These are just few of the tips and tricks to bring colour to your window. There are more inspirations you can find in the internet and other resources. What is your tip to make your window pop this gloomy winter?


(All photos taken from Pinterest. Credit is due to their respective owners)

Christmas Decorations For Your Dining Table

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is high time to change your table top decoration to the festive Holiday season which is just around the corner.

Christmas season is a great time to spice up the decors on your table top especially at the dining area where you will be holding parties and inviting guests over for hot meals and merriments. It will be nice to dress up your dining table to the festive occasion with bright Christmas patterns, colors and shimmer.

Check out these neat Christmas decorations for your dining table for inspiration. (Credit is given to the owners of the photos.)



(Photo credit: heavensdesign.com)





(Photo credit: pinterest.com)



(Photo credit: worldhousedesign.com)





(Photo credit: pinterest.com)



(Photo credit: decoholicorg.com)

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