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Minimalist Christmas Tree

I grew up seeing lush Christmas Tree being set at home. I prefer the lush ones so there’s plenty of room to hang decors on and really beautify the Christmas tree. However, there are people who prefer a simple and minimalist Christmas tree just like the ones below.


Tree1 modern christmas trees 9 modern christmas trees 8 Modern-Christmas-tree ModernChristmasTree_NordicDesign design-museum-trees raow-tree

(Photo credit: owners of the photos)


How about you? Do you like the  lush Christmas tree or the very minimalist one?

Simple Decorating Ideas For Your Window Sill

If they say, “The eyes are the windows of your soul,” is it also safe to say, “your windows are the eyes that provide the windows of your home’s soul.” That was just my analogy but let’s admit it, a drab window sill is a bit boring, don’t you think.

For many minimalists, having too much decoration on their window sill defeats the purpose of having a clean and minimal living. However, there are some who prefers to add a little touch of life (aside from life seeping in) to something that is necessary for a house.

Some houses have windows without provision for an extra space to add something decorative and fun to add character to a home. Other houses have wider window sill that can give them the opportunity to decorate as they please depending on their style and preference.

If you prefer to decorate your window as simple as possible just to add character and color to your home, here are some inspiration to get you started.


Add various shapes of vases and jars

Photo by Brianna Fairhurst on Unsplash

I love seeing various sizes and shapes of jars displayed along a window sill. I also like seeing those big apothecary jars with odd shapes and glass caps. They add a certain flair to a seeming bland window set-up. You can go full on color blocking with the color motif or stick to a rather conservative monochromatic tone to complement the design of your room.

Below photo shows a beautiful array of various apothecary jars. You can fill them up with small river rocks, sands of various colors, and even knick and knacks from other holiday decors.

(Photo credit: frokeniknopp.blogspot.com)


Add small succulents

A plain window sill can liven up with the addition of small plants like succulents which are low maintenance and does not require frequent watering that will mess up your place.

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash


Add coffee table books

Photo by Breather on Unsplash

Wide window sill provides added storage space for bigger items that you want to display like your coffee table books. The wide dimension can hold thick and heavy books that would normally look odd in a book shelf.

Coffee table books are that normally have beautiful pictures that catches the eyes of the reader. It is not always thick and heavy but big enough to place on your table for either display or added entertainment.


Add small pots of plants

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

(Photo credit: cowparsley.blogspot.com)

Plants add life to any window sill, whether they are colorful or mono-colored tones.  Putting flowery small plants can add color to your window and home too.


Add novelty decors

Photo by jens johnsson on Unsplash


(Photo credit: hviturlakkris.blogspot.com)

Putting your novelty items on display are great conversation pieces, aside from adding flair to your home. Bigger collectibles are perfect items to display on your window sill. And the more eclectic it is, the better.


There are certainly many ways to dress up a plain window sill and not overpower it with decors that it make your window sill cluttered. You do not have to spend a fortune to pull any of these styles off. All you need are probably there in your home already. And of course, add some fun and creative juice into it.

Happy decorating!

Inspiration Board For A Florida Room Theme


Decorating a room has gone from simply putting stuff here and there, painting your walls with bright colours that depict sunny days, or refurbishing old rickety furniture to give way to new ones. Decorating has become better and more inspirational especially for simple homeowners like myself who does not have any flair in interior designing. The many ideas you can pick in the web is enough to create an inspiration board for my Florida Room. But hey, what is a Florida Room anyway? Does it mean I have to be in Florida to actually have a Florida Room? Well, to put it simply, a Florida Room is an inspiration to get ideas from if you want to have a bright, sunny, and pretty colourful rooms. It is a tribute to the sand, sea, and the wind of sunny Florida. And if you like the summer fruits and tropical look of a perpetual sunny place, then you can go for the vibrant but still bright motifs of summer for your Florida Room inspiration.

A Florida Room inspired design will be filled with plenty of natural light coming through the windows, bluish hues around, nautical elements for added beach feel, and a whole lot of white splash or light coloured tones to set the mood.

Having a Florida Room especially if you live in a wintry place where it’s mostly grey and mood-altering, is a quick perk-me-up motivator. It pays to update your decoration or even do a make-over you can afford within your means to install a Florida Room in your abode. It can be a room, a patio, your backyard or all three! Put summer and the beach feel into your home with these ideas. So, are you ready for your Florida Room update?



The usual tones will be somewhere nautical related. If you will ask me, I will be more than happy to throw splashes of other bright colours depicting summer like the warm hues of yellow, orange and even pink for some tropical fling. This depends on what you want to establish with the decor. If you feel like sticking with the sea breeze motif rather than the fruity, summery feel, be my guest!



I am a great believer in DIY stuff. I usually make my own decoration. Since I am not from Florida but I am still exposed to the many sand around me here in the Middle East, I can create a semblance of the see with simple shells, sand, and a glass container to bring the sea into my home.

You can also create decors by combining some of your kids’ toys such as boats and create a collection in one corner for that nautical feel.

How about filling up a big glass jar with various shaped shells you’ve picked up from your last beach escapade?

Are you good in painting? Try some DIY paintings to show your love for the beach and summer.



Attaining that summery feel in your home may require you to get your furniture updated. However, I want you to stick to a tight budget so there is no need to replace those old furniture that you have. You simply update them if you like with throw pillow and blankets like the photos shown below.


I hope you get inspiration for your next project at home. If you feel like permanently living in sunny Florida, you can always check out the many listings available from Douglas Elliman, a well-established real estate company in the US. They have some beautiful Florida properties on the market that are drool-worthy!

(Photo credits: pinterest, due credit given to respective photos’ owners)

DIY Fall Wreaths


Can you feel the crisp and cool air now? It’s officially autumn! And it’s a beautiful time to enjoy the great outdoors and the ever changing colours of nature’s foliage. It is fun to dress up our doors too with budget Fall wreath decors you can make.

Below are easy DIY Fall wreaths you and your family can make to save money on decors. Materials are everywhere and if you are crafty, you can use some of your craft supplies too. All you need is a big imagination, some wires or even cardboards to use as base for the wreath, twines, fine wires, glue gun, glue and some glitters to add spark! Now, the rest of the materials can be found around you.

Creating the base of the wreath is easy. If you prefer to use a wire, make sure you add a mesh so it is easy to attach the leaves and other decorations. I would prefer to use a thick cardboard so I can just punch holes on the base directly rather than cutting a wire mesh to attach to the wire base. Here’s a tip when you can’t find a wire deco mesh – use an old metal clothes hanger.

Decide on how large you want your wreath to be. You can be playful by going out of the normal circular wreaths. You can make a square, rectangular, oblong or any shaped wreath base you like.

Cut out your base to the desired dimension and start layering. I would normally not glue or attach the decorations right away. I will just practice on layering and placing them around the base to give me an idea of how it would look like when done.  You can start attaching when you are satisfied with the mock wreath.

If you’re using lots of dried leaves and other natural materials, you can use small amount of glue gun on the base of the leaf. Just dot the hot glue and be careful not to burn yourself. You can use hot glue on twigs and other small fruits like berries.  Use a small wire to attach the dried pine cones or small pumpkins onto the wreath.

If you will use cloth/fabric or burlap as layers for your wreath, then a wire mesh is best to use for the base so you can intertwine the fabric between the wires.

Add glue glitters on the leaves to make them look sparkly.

Complete the finishing touch with bows.


These are great ideas to help you with your DIY fall wreath project. (Photo credits: to their owners and taken from Pinterest)

Leafy wreaths





Burlap wreaths





Corn husks wreaths



Dried fruits, flowers, pumpkins, acorns, pine cones wreaths










Fall Mantle Decorating Ideas

It won’t be long and we will all bid adieu to the scorching summer heat. Autumn is coming! If you love autumn like I do and cannot wait to welcome it with open arms, let me give you some fall mantle decorating ideas and inspiration to begin with. If you do not have any mantle, these decorating ideas will also be great to your long table or wide window pane for that extra definition.












You don’t have to spend so much to achieve most of these ideas. The key to decorating is to go through what you already have in your closet or crafty supplies. Just use colour schemes befitting of the season and probably add some lighting to the effect and there you have it, your very own fall mantle decor in style – and all within your budget!

(Photo credits: pinterest)



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