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How To Make Your Garden Workshop More Secure


Some people put some serious work into their gardens. For most people, this means that they usually create a workshop near their garden where they can store and organize supplies and tools. Necessary planning can also occur here as well, with usually a white board and dry erase markers providing a necessary means to draw out plans and keep track of important dates. However, there also needs to be some way of securing this safe haven in order to make sure that it not only does its assigned job of acting as storage but also so that the other projects may be completed as well. Here are simple ways to secure the workshop:

From The Floor Up

It helps if the large garden workshop is designed for security from the floor up. It is best to start with a cement floor so that the workshop has a solid foundation. This should enable to keep any supplies reasonably dry, especially if the foundation is at least a few inches above ground level. Upon this should be built the workshop itself, even if it is just essentially a regular garden workshop. The workshop itself should be as weatherproof as possible, and should have some decent ventilation. The door should be lockable from the inside and out, ensuring a secure working environment. Combined with a basic close circuit television or webcam, the workshop can be made reasonably secure.

Additional Security Measures

The workshop can be made additionally secure with just a few extra measures. A decent first aid kit should be in place for at least the most basic of accidents. The workshop should also be within view of the house so that it can be easily checked in order to allay suspicion of break ins, or to easily confirm that it has happened from the security of the house. A simple alarm system can also be set up, as well as extending the house security to the workshop. With a little care, it can be secured against any basic problem.

Some Basic Security Suggestions:

  • Make sure that the lock used is strengthened steel and easily replaceable.
  • You can buy a small camera that can be accessed via the web for better security.
  • Make sure that you have a list of items in the workshop in case of theft.
  • Limit access to the workshop as much as possible.
  • Make sure that the workshop has a cement floor if at all possible.

By following this advice, your workshop should be a secure place to work. You will not only be able to maintain plans for your garden, but also make sure that your tools will be secure and safe as well. The workshop should be a place you can go to be safe in the knowledge that you can work there and enjoy your time. It does not take much to create a safe place, and it can be well worth the time and effort to make the workshop a great place for you to work.

Is It Time to Seal Your Wood Deck?

Whether you’re building a new wood deck or just maintaining your old one, it’s important to protect it with a good sealer. By sealing and maintaining your deck, you will increase the wood’s strength and durability and reduce daily wear-and-tear from foot traffic.

Why Is A Sealer Important?

When wood is cut from a tree and harvested as lumber it’s no longer protected by natural oils found in tree bark. Without oils, bare wood becomes dry and brittle and prone to attacks by borer insects and termites. Water will cause bare wood to swell and sun will cause it to dry out and shrink. This process of expanding and shrinking will cause the wood to become unstable, resulting in warping, twisting and cracking. Without a proper sealer, your beautiful wooden deck will rot and collapse over time.

When Is The Best Time To Seal Your Deck?

The best time to seal your wood deck depends on several factors including the age of your deck, your climate, and your local weather conditions. For proper protection, it’s important to apply a good sealer at the right time of year.

The Age of Your Deck – If you’re building a new wood deck, you should wait at least one year before applying a sealer. New wood requires time to cure and dry properly or it won’t absorb the sealer. With new wood, protect your deck with a new wood treatment for the first year, then followup with a sealer. If you have an older wood deck, you should reseal your deck every 12 to 18 months for best year-round protection.

Your Climate – In most areas, it’s best to seal your deck in the spring or fall when temperatures are mild. If you apply sealer during the summer heat or winter cold, the sealer won’t penetrate the wood properly to provide adequate protection. For best results, check the product label on your sealer or talk to your contractor to find more details today.

Weather Conditions – Before you apply a sealer, clean your deck to remove dirt and debris. You can use a power washer, but allow the deck to dry for two or three days before sealing it. When the deck is completely dry, apply the sealer and let it dry for one or two days. Make sure to check your local weather forecast and choose five or six days with mild temperatures and no rain.

15 Awesome Pool Accessories

It’s summer! Well, it is in some parts of the world. And here in the Middle East, it is and the temperature is soaring. School’s over too and now’s the time to hit the beach or go to the nearby resorts for some dipping. And if you are lucky enough to enjoy your very own pool in your yard, it’s also nice to accessorise to make swimming more fun, colourful and truly enjoyable.

Deck your pools with this colourful accessories for added fun!


This cute Star Trek Floater is available at Swoozie’s.



It’s nice to swim even at night or have pool party with friends and swim as much as you can even after daylight. But it’s more fun when your pool is properly illuminated. Add some spherical floating lights on your pool and garden.


(Photo credit: pinterest)


Novelty items

Rubber duckies


You can buy these cute rubber duckies at Amols.


Floating coaster/soda/bottle holder

30090-0 63692-0

These cute floaters for your sodas are available in Swoozie’s.


Floating basketball

Love basketball? Why not play ball even in the pool?


(Photo credit: pinterest)


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Renovating Your Backyard? Here are some Additions to Consider


Before you start renovating you need to think, what do I want out of this space? What is it going to be used for and how often am I going to use it? There are so many different things you can do with your outdoor space so think carefully.

Entertainment Centre

Where better to start your renovations than with a patio. Patios and pergolas are the ultimate part of outdoor entertainment. It’s where your seating area and your barbeque goes, and it’s the transition between the indoors and outdoors. When designing the patio think about what you are going to do with it and how big you want it. Talk to the experts, like the guys at Additions Building , for everything you need to know about patios and pergolas. If you are a big entertainer then you will want to make a space large enough to seat all of your guests. Your backyard might be more of a private space. Maybe you would rather more room for the kids to play on the grass, in which case you would need to pull back the patio and give them more room.

Put in the Right Garden

A big issue, and often overlooked, when renovating your backyard is how much future maintenance you will have. If you are strapped for time or don’t want spend every second weekend tiding up the garden then it is very important to choose the right plants. Slow growing, hardy plants are great if you never want to worry about trimming or watering them. It is vitally to choose the correct plants for your climate. Too often plants will wilt or die because they have been planted in the wrong conditions, so make sure you read the tags that come with the plants and check they are appropriate for your conditions.

Adding the Right Lawn

Most backyards will have at least a little grass, so when renovating make sure you have the lawn you want. Though it seems like a small and minor thing, picking the right grass is very important. Certain types of grass will not grow at all in some conditions. If your backyard is heavily shaded and rarely ever gets sun light it is likely that no kind of grass will grow, regardless of shade growing guarantees. Even shade grass needs some sun, so if you are in that situation you should consider an alternative to having a lawn.

What about the Kids?

Open space is key when it comes to having a backyard for kids. An open lawn is the easiest, and most fun solution, but you can still add some great landscaping designs. Having a garden bed around the boundary fence creates a balance between space to kick a ball and a beautiful garden. Be sure to pick your plants carefully though, as anything fragile or with prickles or thorns is out of the question. Kids and cacti definitely do not go well together. If you have the space you may even consider putting in some play equipment for the kids, like a cubby house or swing set or, if you can stand them mess, even a sand pit.

Renovating can be a big deal, but if you think it through and make the right choices you will create something that you and your family will love. What other considerations are there when renovating a backyard?


(Photo not mine)

A Beautiful Home Depends on the Details



I’m a home bird. I don’t go out much and so how my home looks and feels 24/7 matters a lot to me.

I hate it when it’s in a mess and that rubs off on everything I do and everything that we do as a family. So I like my home to look as good as I can make it.

If I’m honest I think it reflects the state of a person’s emotional and spiritual wellbeing if they don’t take some pride in their living space. Maybe it’s the way I was brought up, but I put a lot of effort into making my family home the best, most comfortable and most nurturing space that it can be. And that is a matter of the details as much as any grand scheme.

If I was a millionaire that wouldn’t be saying very much. But since I’m one of the 99% ordinary people in the world who have to keep an eye on how much things cost and how long they last, making my home as attractive and as serene a place as I can is something that takes a certain amount of time and care.

One thing that I am very keen to do right now is to replace the internal doors. The ones we have are all a bit old-fashioned and not really very nice to look at. What I want is something clan and sharp, but with a real-wood finish to give the house that lovely sense of solidity and texture that only wood gives off. I have seen some lovely oak doors available at Todd Doors which is a direct online supplier. So far they look the most satisfying and the most solid that I have come across.

The regular builders’ merchants are not very good at finished doors, but there are a surprising number of online direct specialists. As well as Todd Doors I’ve seen things I like at doorsworld.co.uk, doorsgalore.co.uk and doorsuppliesonline.co.uk. There is a lot of choice out there.

Looking around I get the sense that oak is very fashionable right now. But I figure that if it’s fashionable now it’s likely to stay that way for quite some time to come – solid wooden doors are not the sort of thing that are going to fall apart overnight after all. There is a timeless quality to them, I think.

I do hate old doors that have been painted over time after time – they just look like something that nobody loves. All their contours disappear and they just look depressing. That’s what we have now, and whatever happens it’s not something I’m going to do to my new doors.

What I want is something solid, organic, sustainable and long-lasting. In general I think that’s how a home should be too, because that’s how I think a family should be. And I also think both should be as beautiful as you can make them.


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