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Dress Up Like a Female Celebrity This Halloween

Won’t it be fun to be someone you idolise? Why not be one, if only during Halloween time? Most people will probably dress up like a super heroine, a rockstar, a vampire, a zombie, a royalty, or even a celebrity. Yes, why  not be a celebrity this Halloween and be different?

You can dress up to be one of the hottest or smartest celebrity in Hollywood this year. It’s easy with just few make-up on, accentuate with accessories, and get real with the outfit that will show case your superstar side!

There are plenty of sites that offers many dresses, accessories, including wigs, shoes, and jewelries to complete the look.  You can find plenty of great stuff in the internet for inspiration and ideas that you can use for the big showdown as a Hollywood star.

You can be like Tyra Banks and feel like a supermodel/TV host at the same time too. Just don a wonderful, supermodel-type get-up and add a pair of shoes, and strut yourself. If you don’t have a long hair then you can get a wig to resemble her hair which you can find in many shops selling costumes and accessories, or even from your nearby salon. Maybe you can also borrow from friends who likes to cosplay. I am sure they will have plenty of wigs to choose from.


Consider being Angelina Jolie for the day! She usually wears fine leather dress on the red carpet, some fancy stilettos, and a glam pull-back ponytail to complete the look. Apply make-up with contouring aspects to look closely like Angelina.

It is actually easy to achieve Hollywood star. You do not have to wear yourself out by searching around or waiting for promos and deals to come out online to get a good deal.

Be a stand out and be a celebrity! It is fun. It is exciting to pretend like you are a famous Hollywood star.  Y


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