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Eclectic Home Decors From Etsy

Etsy is one of my favorite online shops when I need inspiration, supplies for my arts and crafts and even to beautify my blogs. Aside from getting those from Etsy, I also discovered amazing shop owners selling eclectic home decors that are handmade with love.  These home decors are lovely so you can actually put them anywhere in your home to add some flair and make that space more lively and entertaining.

Aside from being eclectic, these home decors can spice up any room in your home and can also act as a great conversation pieces. Choose one or more from the many Etsy offers and visit their shops to find more treasures to display.


il_570xN.490520560_itcw I like this funky and full-of-attitude-in-your-face kind of clock. I think it’s great for my daughter’s room. :) You can get this from Jennimo.




This driftwood candle holder will be a perfect decor on your table top especially if your home decor’s theme is into nature and sea and nautical. It will also look great in the garden or porch where you have a garden setting. It will also be a good piece in the bathroom. You can get this pretty and natural candle holder from SeaAndEarth.



I love cuckoo clocks and this clock is just one of the home decors I found in Etsy that really captivated me. The cuckoo clock is made of laser-cut pieces of mdf. It is a functioning clock as well. Get one of these fancy and super cute cuckoo clock from FabParlor.




These fabulous candlestick holders are distressed and made of wood. I feel, if I were to use them, I have to put a metal lining so as not to catch fire. Definitely, these candlestick holders are lovely as decors.  You can put them all on top of your mantle or dining table or even at the foyer if you have a console table there. They are lovely. You can get them from ElizabethanFolkArt and you can find more interesting pieces in this shop.

Personalized family signs or signages are also home decors I consider very unique and have that certain charisma anywhere you put them. Here are some sample from various Etsy sellers:



From DallowayPlaceGifts






And lastly, these decorative pillows will make any seat at home cozy and comfy. 


From VFIllustration


il_570xN.553777159_932j il_570xN.520338285_nv8m


Both pillows above are from Avitalos



From FayeCozyhome



From bedbuggs


This is not a paid post nor sponsored by any of the following featured sellers of Etsy. I just find their decors really pretty and worth noting.

I Need More Craft Supplies

I have been very busy the past few makes creating handmade cards and I didn’t realize that I have made more than 30 already and most of them do not have any envelopes. The supplies here in Dubai are rather costly because most of them came from Europe and the US so shipping was definitely integrated to the cost. However, I may have to check out for envelope prints too to incorporate my logo trademark. I hope to find one reasonable priced printers soon so I can start on the next step of my small time handmade cards business.

I have to get more supplies like card stock, patterned papers, embellishments, ribbons and laces, stamps and inks. I also have to buy some designer’s commercial licence to make sure that I am not infringing on someone’s copyright rules.

Father’s Day Handmade Gift Ideas

I love handmade stuff so it’s not a surprise if I prefer giving gifts that I made myself or bought from a handmade craft bazaar.

There are plenty of unique handmade projects you can make on your own or with your kids or relatives for the special father in your life. It does not have to be fancy as long as it comes from the heart.

I scoured the net for some amazing handmade gift ideas we can give the special man in our life. Here are some great inspirations:

(Photo credit: thecraftdept.marthastewart.com & huffingtonpost.com/photo owners)

Not in the photos are baskets of goodies which you can put together. If you are giving it to a dad who loves golfing, you can fill his basket of golf-related stuff like golf balls, tee set, gloves, golf shirt and cap and even sunblock lotion! You can mix and match it according to his preference and that will be an awesome gift to put together.

My husband enjoys Thursday Night Out with his buddies. I am thinking of a small barrel filled with snacks, wine glasses, stirrers, wine stopper and of course, a fine wine to go with the whole shebang. I hope I can find a small barrel somewhere so I can fill it with his treats.



Affordable Handmade Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

We can’t deny the fast approaching Cupid’s arrow. Next thing we know, it is already Valentine’s Day. The shops will be abuzz with people scampering to get their precious someone the perfect gift. I find that too commercialized. The best gifts are those from the heart like handmade stuff your special someone will appreciate.

Here are some of the affordable handmade gift ideas you may want to consider to give your love ones.

Love cushions

 photo 60396551345d5005edfe9a702bd8a7f2.jpg

Craft kit

 photo 73905be3c1bd5c3d5667f1ff3a9c6a34.jpg

Framed Love quotes magnet on a board

 photo 916e52ab550bffa838bf65feb5e1fe32.jpg

Movie night kit box

 photo 58aff2722e5da3a3eb0358882de21fea.jpg

Felt bookmark

 photo 0889e6621d07bce19ab2aa0e2704d098.jpg

Sweets box

 photo 0d59fd605c4bedb281b4786a20482d5f.jpg

Wine label wrapper

 photo 0ea3ba8be154932726e249732fb7faae.jpg

Love coupons

 photo abe18b5f7700eec5c1ee850892df87b6.jpg

Framed Love Quotations

 photo 061ee80faeca8a2350f0bd4b263f0e6d.jpg

Fabric-covered Journal

 photo c1d3f9b418e9ace334349afa27ff4bfa.jpg

Wooden Recipe Book holder

 photo 2284df174cda9ff47aab3908562e4a86.jpg

Personalized apron with Love quote

 photo 82ccaccdcbdb97a20cc865b70a5a02cd.jpg

Flask with personalized label

 photo 6f110cab77024e11dab7c12d3b7238e2.jpg

Fortune cookies in Take-away boxes with choco dip

 photo 16f48513a1377edf0ae5e7b5744f002d.jpg

Hot Choco date with personalized mug

 photo cb789ee117ac76161b44c95533abc086.jpg

Wine carrier

 photo b10dd319653011f21c9cc26769b7e230.jpg

(Photo credit: all photos are from www.bhg.com)

Kawaii Plushies Again

It’s not good when I get bored. I can’t sit still or not do anything. I just have to be productive in anyway I can. So, I went straight to my daughter’s felt stash again and yes, I made 2 more kawaii mini-charms for mobile phones/keychains. My daughter made the toast and I made a mini-cake and a Blueberry ice cream. Ok, don’t ask me why it’s Blueberry…

The mini-cake is 0.5 inches x 0.5 inches and it is 3-D while the Blueberry ice cream on a cone is an inch tall with flat-back blue gem stones as embellishments, also in 3-D. I also used a running stitch on the cone to make it look like a wafer cone. Then the toast is done by my equally talented daughter. It’s almost 1 1/2 inches and 2-D. She’s the one who taught me how to stitch properly on felt. Isn’t she good or what? Must have come from my genes!

So, enjoy this batch of cuteness and I will try to make more this weekend. I just have a lot on my plate lately so let’s see if I can squeeze in some time for stitching.

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