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Why Do We Get Gray Hair?

Unbelievable! I remember counting very few gray or silver hair last year. As the year progressed, I did not realize that the few strands or gray hair decided to recruit the nice, hazel brown ones and made them into their “gray minions!” I have so many gray hair now! And they are everywhere!

I always joke about it now with close peers about how reaching middle age brought about so many changes in me. And one of those very obvious changes is the graying of my hair. It decided to go mutiny or some sorts.

Why do we get gray hair anyway? Some won the genetics lottery that they are able to  retain their natural hair color while others, like myself, have to see their crowning glory turn into a spectacle of whiteness.

To quash that big question, why do we develop gray hair growth anyway?

1. Genetics – other people are just lucky to get away with the counting of white hair due to their blessed genes!

2. Little or too much of melanin – Melanin is a chemical released by the pigment cells found on our hair root. It is responsible in making our hair dark or light or make our skin tan fast or not.

While people claim that stress and sometimes fright can cause one’s hair to turn gray. These theories have been discounted.

I may eventually have to accept the fact that I will never grow my natural hair color back in lieu of the gray ones. I don’t want to chemically alter my natural hair color by dyeing it. I can only hope that my rebellious gray hair stop recruiting the natural ones so I don’t get conscious. Like it or not, I will have to accept the fact that I will have more gray hair in the days and years to come.

Early Christmas Gifts

I normally don’t get gifts during Christmas because I never really ask. So, when someone gives me something, I am very happy and appreciative of the kind gesture and thought.

We had our mini-Christmas luncheon a while ago in the office. We had it earlier because most of us will be on leave. So, I got some stuff from my secret Santa today and I am so pleased with the gift.

I have been planning to buy the gifts I received for sometime now. Whenever I am ready to purchase them, I end up picking something else. So, it was really a pleasant surprise to actually receive them today!

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I received a Schwarkzkopf Essensity Shampoo which is organic and a Smoothing serum for my hair from the same brand. They are not very expensive stuff but for me, they’re more than that because it’s something I didn’t expect which I really, really wanted.

So, thank you to my secret Santa. These gifts will be very useful indeed!

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