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How to Learn To Play The Bass Guitar

Playing a musical instrument is a wonderful thing. They are meant to make beautiful sounds to either inspire people, calm and soothe them or entertain them. And if you are one those who would love to play the bass but never had the chance to learn earlier, it is not yet late to learn now.

You can learn to play bass guitar with these simple tips:

  • You can research the web for many tutorials and resources learning the ins and outs of a bass guitar.
  • It will be helpful to already know how to strum the acoustic guitar since it will be easy to transition your already developed skills and techniques in playing the bass guitar.
  • Ensure that you have built strength on your hands and fingers for strumming since bass guitar’s strings are a tad thicker than the ordinary acoustic guitar.
  • Have a good amplifier since it is a good part of playing the bass guitar. You can start with smaller amp if you are just a new player. If you are already getting the hang of paying the bass guitar and intend to jam with other musicians eventually then you can invest in higher amps.
  • Learn to read the scale because you need to be able to adjust your scales when you’re already playing.
  • Watch YouTube to pick up tips and techniques from good bass players.
  • Jam with other music lovers so you can adjust on your skills and create your own music styles.

Amplify Your Acoustics

For every guitarists and guitar-loving people, a good acoustic is best accompanied with a nice amplifier. Why is that? As Wikipedia puts it:

Amplifier is an electronic amplifier that amplifies the electrical signal from a pickup on an electric guitar, bass guitar, or acoustic guitar so that it can produce sound through a loudspeaker, which is typically housed in a wooden cabinet. (Source: Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guitar_amplifier)

In layman’s term, it is a machine or a musical accessory that boosts the sound coming from a plugged guitar onto the boxed amplifier like a loud speaker, producing a more pronounced sound.

An example of an amplifier is a fender frontman 15g which is perfect accompaniment to any Fender guitars.



The Dean Zoltan AR6 Flame Top Electric Guitar For The Serious Rocker

It must be a rocker’s dream to own a Dean Zoltan ar6 flame top electric guitar. It looks very serious and perfect for the rocker people out there.

The Dean Zoltan ar6 flame top guitar has a beautiful maple top and neck. It also has a C-shape neck that allows the rocker to do an easy shred action.  With the features below, this electric guitar is a top in its rock field!

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 10.05.08 PM


Made of solid wood or maple flamed (top wood) and mahogany for the body. The finish is gloss urethane. The neck’s scale length is 25.5″ and has a C Zoltan shape. It also has 24 frets and has a standard jumbo fret size. Inlays are black and small square.

As for the configuration and number of strings, below are some details:

Configuration: HH
Neck: DMT Select time capsule
Bridge: DMT Select nostalgia
Brand: Dean
Active or passive: Passive
Series or parallel: Parallel
Piezo: No
Active EQ: No
Special electronics: None

Control layout: Master volume
Pickup switch: 3-way

Bridge type: Tremolo/Vibrato
Bridge design: Floyd Rose with locking nut
Tailpiece: Not applicable
Tuning machines: Grover
Color: Black

Number of strings: 6-string
Special features: Body finish

Self Tuner For Guitars

I have only heard of a piano tuner but not a guitar tuner because I am not really a guitar fan. I don’t even know how to strum a guitar. It is very interesting to know that even guitars need to be fine tuned. That’s good to know for someone who is not very musically inclined.

If you own an epiphone guitar, you probably know there are epiphone tuners used to fine tune your guitar. For those like me who are not so familiar with the acoustic world, a tuner is a gadget used to gauge whether the produced sound from a guitar is at the right tone or pitch.

A tuner comes in different sizes too. There are electronic tuners, LED tuners, analog, digital and orchestral tuners.

Guitar and Accessories Gift Ideas for Christmas

A family member or a friend who is fond of playing and tinkering on the many accessories that can go with strumming the guitar will be one happy camper when he or she receives the gift of a lifetime.

Musical instruments such as guitar is a great gift to give to someone who is passionate about strumming guitars or would one day form a band and be a musician. You may check out some great deals at musciansfriend for other guitars and accessories you may consider giving as gifts this Christmas.

Footswitch controller



Guitar speaker



Hardshell guitar case

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