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Girl Super Hero Birthday Party Theme

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Some girls want to be princesses, others want to be ballerinas, while others want to be someone who dons a cape, possesses a super power, and flies. Girls can be super heroes too! And it doesn’t stop there. Aside from proclaiming how fabulous girls can be being superheroes even for a fleeting moment, why not be a super heroine for a whole day?

Does your little girl want to be a super heroine? If so, then take that dream into an inspiration to throw her  a Girl Superhero birthday party.
girl superhero party supplies at birthday express

Don’t sweat on the preparation because Birthday Express has made it easy for you to achieve a seamless girl super hero birthday party theme.

Exclusive Superhero Girl Personalized Party in a Box – First, select the number of superheroes attending the celebration. Then, choose the Superhero Girl Party in a Box tier that’s right for you:

  • Basic: Contains all of the essentials, like tableware, balloons and curling ribbon.
  • Deluxe: Make it extra special by adding a personalized birthday banner and more decorations like centerpieces and crepe paper to the Basic Party in a Box.
  • Deluxe with Favors: Give gifts to your guests.
  • Ultimate: Bring the wow with everything in the Basic, Deluxe and Deluxe with Favors packages, plus fun extras like decorations and candy!

Once you’ve chosen your favorite Superhero Girl Party in a Box tier, customize your Party in a Box by adding or removing items as you see fit. Then, start personalizing!

Superhero Girl Filled Party Favor Box – These fun-tastic favor boxes are filled with everything a tiny superhero could ever want, including a cool box to stash all their superhero equipment; a neon bead bracelet; a heart-shaped lip gloss ring; a pink glitter bouncy ball; a Rock Candy stick; and a heart rainbow spring. Party guests will be shrieking — with joy!

Superhero Girl Reversible Cupcake Wrappers – What better way to round up the superhero’s than with cupcakes! Bake these sweet treats in Superhero Girl cupcake wrappers and make the super fun day even more special.


So, surprise your little girl super hero with her very own super hero party from Birthday Express.







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