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Cookies in Gift Baskets

Share your appreciation and communicate your special sentiments for family, friends, and business associates or clients with cookie gift baskets. Unique baskets and bouquets available in different sizes to fit your budget make awesome gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, thank yous, wedding or baby showers, get well, graduations, sports fans, and any gifting occasion.

Just about everyone has a sweet tooth, so nothing would be more enjoyable than this type of remembrance. Decorated decadent butter creme cookies can show how much you care and send some “sugar” to someone special.

Blooms Cookie Bouquet

Flowers a person can eat are fun! An assortment of hand decorated cookie flowers is sure to bring a smile and warm thoughts of you. The high quality cookie recipe was developed by a renowned French Pastry Chef, and skilled icing artists provide the details on each individually wrapped over-sized cookie that is four-and-one-half inches in diameter.

Oreo Cookie Bouquet

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 4.16.08 PM

The best selling cookie in the world is available in a cookie bouquet! Do you agree that women usually twist apart the chocolate cookie before eating them while men are the biggest dunkers of the cookie into a glass of ice cold milk? Although National Oreo Day is on March 6th, celebrate every day!

Thank You Cookie Gift Box or Bouquet

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 4.15.10 PM

This works well as a personal fun and delicious “thank you” or as a business one. Three themed large white chocolate macadamia and oatmeal pecan gourmet cookies are beautifully hand decorated and individually wrapped.

Sports Theme Cookie Gift

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 4.12.58 PM

Any sports lover, whether one who actually plays in major league or little league teams or is just an “armchair quarterback” watching games on television or being a soccer mom, will love these sport team cookies including a variety of fist pumping sport balls.

Daddy Gifts For First Time Dads This Father’s Day

Not everyone has been a father for long. There are those who just entered “fatherhood” while others have been dads for a long time now. Just like motherhood, I’m sure that most dads will think that being a parent should come with a how-to guide so this post is about gift ideas to give those newbie dad-to-be or just became dads for the first time.


Baby carrier

Of course, new daddy will be so proud to tot his little one around while soaking the nice morning sunshine on his very own daddy baby carrier that is not pink nor comes in floral patterns.


(Photo credit: today.com)


Diaper bag

Gone are the days when most diaper bags are meant for mommies. These days, there are wide selections of diaper bags even the most masculine first time dad won’t be ashamed to carry around.

diabag2 diabag1

(photo credit: diaperdude.com)


Daddy books

Being a father did not come with a manual. Get plenty of information from these great books!


 (photo credit: retailmenot.com)



Announce to the world what a great experience it is to be a first time dad and let the world know how fabulous dad you will become.




(photo credit: etsy.com)

Novelty items

Little trinkets like these show how much the first time dad is appreciate for all his efforts, sacrifices and sleepless nights to give the mommies time to rest and relax.


(photo credit: giftsforyouknow.com)


(photo credit: etsy.com)

My Build-A-Bear Birthday Gift To Myself


I have been buying a Build-a-Bear for my daughter and mom but never to myself.  So, for a change, I decided to “gift” myself one of these precious little huggables for a change because I deserve one! Well of course, my daughter would not pass for the opportunity to get one for herself, albeit a tiny version of what I have bought.

Let me take you on a little tour on how my Build-a-Bear gift come into life.

It took me few minutes to decide on what to buy. They all looked gorgeous. Finally, the friendly staff directed me to a shelf above and pointed to this lovely bunny! I’m stoked and sold!



My bunny! Waiting to be filled…



Now, I’m left with more choices! Beating hearts, sounds, scented? How about the filling – fluffy, hard, or soft? Oh my!



Well, I decided to add a beating heart and chose huggable which is middle of being hard and not too soft. Huggable is the right thing!



After getting filled, I picked up a red foam heart, “whispered” my birthday wishes and gave it to the nice lady who stitched my huggable bunny.



After she was filled and all set for her clothing, she needed an “air wash” and a “blow-dry” in the Salon area of the shop so I gave her a good cleaning.



Now it’s time to pick her dress. Of course, I love Belle of Beauty and the Beast. Choosing the dress didn’t take long because I knew what is fitting for a “queen.”  I gave the staff her Belle outfit so she could wear it right away.


She is now dressed so it’s time to give her a name in the PC station near the cashier area.  After this, she is now to be called “Queen Hoppy!”  And the last stage is paying for her “majesty” and everything added to her, including my daughter’s tiny bunny which we called “Prince Hoppy.”



Okay, the damage in my “budget” was a bit shocking. Let’s just say I coughed out roughly $200 for everything. They are worth every penny anyway!



I’m sure that I will find myself in the Build-a-Bear Workshop soon to get some stuff for my little Royal Highness. :) Not only that, Easter is coming and they have new stuff to offer!



Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her Under $50

Who said that expressing one’s love must be costly? And who also said that you have to buy fancy gifts just to make that special someone in your life happy and to show how much you love her? Well, not in my opinion. Valentine’s Day need not be celebrated in flamboyant style just to express how much you love the person. You can certainly give her something you can afford and will not break the bank because it’s the thought that counts.

If you are pressed for time now since it’s just few hours to go before Valentine’s Day, you may consider these affordable gift ideas for your special love that are less than $50.


photo credit: buzzingtrends.wordpress.com

photo credit: buzzingtrends.wordpress.com


How about giving her some nice pillow cases with love notes? These throw pillow cases are from Eugenie2 shop in Etsy for $25.


If your special love enjoys drinking a cup of hot chocolate or coffee in the morning, why not give her a mug that says how much you love her? This cute mug is from Pinkoliveinc shop in Etsy and sold for $16 only.


Does she like artworks? How about giving her a framed poster with love sentiment? This one is from Visualphilosophy in Etsy for $24.99 only.


These are great gift ideas for the special someone who loves tinkering in the kitchen.

Bowl and wooden spatula are from Burkedecor.com for $44.95 and for the lady who loves her wine, you can giver her these Victorian lady wine stoppers, also from Burkedecor.com for $22.00 each.




Is she the sweet tooth kind and loves to nibble on sugary stuff? Here are great gifts to give her.

Godiva Chocolates for $12 a box




From Gifts.com, $39.99 a basket filled with various chocolate goodies.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 8.46.07 PM

And who can say no to these cookies with icing from Williams-Sonoma.com for only $12.99?

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 8.57.51 PM

Some quirky finds which can be awesome presents too.

For the sporty kind


For the beauty goddess from Sephora for $48 – Skin Bender vol. 1

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.09.51 PM

For the music lover from Gifts.com for $45.00 – Handmade Vegan Crocheted headphones

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.13.29 PM

All of the items above are just less than $50 and yet they are lovely and certainly don’t look cheap and tacky. Valentine’s Day is about expressing how you feel, showing your love and appreciation to your special lady love and it means, being able to express and show those feelings freely without denting your budget.

It’s the thought that counts!



Romantic Christmas Gifts for Him


Christmas is a great time for family, but it can be a romantic period for a couple spending their first Christmas together in their relationship. It is a very special time making the effort to spend it away from family and with a new love in your life. One great way to really ensure it is the most special Christmas to date is to buy romantic gifts that can turn a great day into a memorable one. Here are some of the most romantic Xmas gifts for him you can find:

His and Hers Calendar

Photos showcase some of our favourite memories that we open up to look at on a rainy day stuck inside or when we need a good laugh. A great way to be romantic is to get a His and Hers Calendar made with romantic, funny and adorable pictures throughout your relationship. It is a great way to enjoy some great pictures together as a couple and is a useful gift to have as New Year beckons. Overall, it is about celebrating your relationship at a special time of year.

Spoof newspaper front page

Every man has always dreamed of having their name on the front page of a national newspaper for good reasons and now they can. This loving gift is a great way to show your new husband, fiancé or boyfriend just how special they are to you with this spoof front page printed with any words you choose to pick. It makes for a great gift to hang on the wall and make your spouse feel extra special with their name up in lights.

Engraved gifts

Engraving has become a hugely popular way of commemorating great days in relationships or special occasions. You can engrave anything from wine and whiskey glasses, watches, jewellery to an iPod and everything else in between. Choosing to engrave a special date or phrase onto an expensive gift will turn it from just a good gift into a great one with a simple and inexpensive gesture of love that makes all the difference to you and them.

Romantic gifts for men used to be hard to come by on the high street, but now with hundreds of online retailers focusing on niches in the market it couldn’t be easier to show the man in your life how much you care with a thoughtful, imaginative and truly romantic present.

(Photo credit: yahoo images)

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