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Making Baby’s First Christmas Special

Bringing home a new baby as the holiday season is closing in certainly makes that time of year a bit more hectic, but it also makes it extra special. Whether your baby is your first child or you have other children, there are plenty of ways to make the holidays special for your new bundle of joy.

Make it Personal

Often, families who celebrate Christmas choose to make or buy personalized baby ornaments and stockings for their child’s first holiday; this is not only fun, but it establishes the infant’s place in the family a bit more firmly. If your baby is not the first child in the family, involve your older children in the creation of the personalized items to make it fun for the whole family.

Share Your Joy

Spreading the love and joy that you feel regarding your family’s recent arrival is a great way to make the holiday season a bit brighter for everyone involved. Using a family picture or one that just features the baby as the framework for your holiday cards is an excellent way to spread the joy of your new baby to friends and family members across the globe.

Take Casual Photos to Make the Season Bright

While formal holiday photos featuring the family, the children or just the baby are certainly nice, candid shots of your baby encountering the season will most helpful in making incredible memories. Whether baby’s face lights up at the sight of the Christmas tree, he or she crawls among the gifts surrounding it or the child simply crib dances to holiday tunes, these are the memories that should last a lifetime.

Visiting Santa is a Must

Although an infant has no idea who that odd man in the red suit actually is, visiting Santa is one holiday tradition that you will be glad that you endured. While the lines may be long and the photos overpriced, taking baby to see Santa is a good way to help even the youngest children connect with the holiday season.

Build Traditions to Create Memories

If you are dedicated to filling your family’s memory bank, take the time to create new traditions or reinstate those that you have let slide into disuse over the years. After all, the joy of a new baby is the perfect way to make the holiday season special once again.


Tips for Finding the Perfect Gift

There are a lot of occasions when it is appropriate and kind to give a person a gift. However, it can cause a person a lot of stress determining the right gift for the individual and the situation. And while some situations merit an individual giving a cash gift, this is not always the best route. This is especially the case if you are close to the person. While everyone appreciates cash, it is not always the best gift when it comes to expressing how you feel or celebrating a major event.

One of the things that you should consider when it comes to finding the perfect gift is filling a need. Usually, when a need is filled, the person will appreciate the gift. For example, if one of your friends is going to have a baby and you visit a baby boutique in Philadelphia and you purchase an item like a crib, clothing, or boxes of diapers and wipes, all of these things are going to be used. The individual has the need and you are filling it with the perfect gift.

Something else that you should do is consider what the person likes. Once you have in mind something that they like, finding the gift can be relatively easy. For example, you may know that one of your friends really likes a particular animal, perhaps sloths. Now you know that you can purchase almost any type of gift that has a sloth on it and your friend will be perfectly happy. You can purchase a coffee cup with a sloth on it, a T-shirt, a notepad, or even a book about sloths and your friend will be absolutely delighted.

You want to think about what will be appropriate for the situation. For example, if you have a friend who is getting married, a lot of people appreciate something that will commemorate their wedding day. There are a wide variety of gifts that are available that provide a practical use but can also be engraved or in some way commemorate their special day.

When you think about a person’s needs, their likes, and the situation, you will quickly come up with a great gift idea. In the end if all of that fails and the situation is appropriate, cash or a gift card may end up being the best way to go.



Avoid the Obvious When Giving a New Baby Gift

When someone you care about is expecting or just brought a baby home, your first instinct, after congratulations and wanting to see their precious little bundle is going to be, “What gift can I give that will be different from all their other friends’ gifts?”

It’s absolutely legitimate and thoughtful to consider something they’re definitely going to need, like going in with other friends to buy a car seat or stroller. But, we’re here to tell you that unless the parents (or parents-to-be) are really financially challenged, they’re going to want to choose their own car seat, stroller, crib or better mobile décor. You could then buy a bunch of different sized diapers – but you don’t know if they’ll want to use cloth or paper. You might consider a diaper washing service. However, you just don’t know what their plans are.

When you’re looking for baby gifts (and who wants to give used or old gifts, anyway?), you want that practicality but also a lot of cuteness and better way to present something that will visually be impressive. You can shop online for some beautiful choices of new baby gifts.

In addition to the special and unique nature of beautifully presented box of baby gifts, you may want to supplement it with something very unusual. If you are particularly close to a family with a new baby, you’re likely going to want to gift them before the baby is born, likely at a baby shower (and for family members, you may even want to give them “a little something” when they share their big news). You’re also going to want to bring something when the baby arrives to congratulate the family. And, finally, if you’re this close to the parents, you may be invited to a christening or bris – and all these take place before the baby’s first birthday!

Here are some unique gifts:


While wood building blocks are a classic dating back generations, today building blocks are not only available in the traditional letters of the alphabet or barnyard animals. We’ve seen blocks in foreign languages (including, for example, in Spanish, Mandarin, Sign Language [we’ve seen them in ASL] and Hebrew). There are also building blocks with nursery rhyme quotes on them – you can read to your baby as you play. There are also building blocks featuring the 118 elements of the periodic table – and before you dismiss this as too “Tiger Mom” or “so Millennial,” they’re actually a great way to introduce the basics of chemistry. You may have a budding scientist who’ll take to the very brightly coloured blocks printed in non-toxic paint like a baby Pasteur.


In addition to baby-sized hand-knit version of trendy adult caps (think pink “kitty ears”), there are lots of fun items available. If you have someone you know well who also knits well, you can ask them to make you, for example, booties in the shape of and with the design of footballs, or with the earmarks of ballet slippers. Additionally, a fun way to swaddle a baby and hop on a trend is to buy or have one made: a mermaid or merman tail! Paired with a simple white onesie or “T,” it’s an adorable look.


One thing just about every parent is going to do with their baby is to read to them, before naps, and likely every single bedtime. Babies and toddler will develop favourites, and if you have a children’s author you particularly like or whose message resonates with you, consider getting a matching set (they are easy to help decorate a room and don’t look cluttered) of the hard cardboard baby books. Authors beloved by parents and children and who write positive empowering messages include: Margaret Wise Brown, Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss, Baby Einstein, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, and of course, Sandra Boynton.
These are some unexpected baby gift ideas you may have never thought of. Stay unique by giving parents-to-be with these gifts.


Creating Customized Gifts for Friends

Coming up with impressive gifts for family members and friends can be challenging. If you are tired of getting your friends the same common items for special occasions, then consider these fun ideas instead. Friends and family members will be delighted to see the effort that you have put into these gifts.

Give Favorite Items
One unique idea is to gift your friends with a bag of your favorite items. You can put your favorite lipstick, perfume, body lotion and other small items in a gift bag and pass out to friends. If you want to host a party, then you and your guests could each contribute one of your favorite items to the bag. Each guest would leave with a gift bag full of new items to try. You and your friends would all have the chance to find new products to fall in love with.

Become Crafty
You can also try to create a personable gift for your friend or family member. Creating a gift gives you an opportunity to make a customized item. For example, if your friend loves pug dogs, then you can use pug fabric to make a tote bag, pillowcase or other item. The options for designing a personalized gift are almost endless. You could also monogram your gift. A quick online search will yield dozens of ideas that will help you create a perfect gift.

Host an Exchange
One way to make giving gifts even more fun is to host a gift exchange. You and your friends may want to play some type of game to exchange your presents. For example, you can play a game where everyone brings a gift and then recipients are given the chance to steal gifts from one another. Other games also allow for trading or exchanging of gifts. These fun games can become holiday traditions among groups of friends or family members.

Giving gifts to family and friends is an exciting part of special occasions. Whether you are celebrating a holiday or a birthday, you can take the opportunity to express appreciation for the special people in your life with a thoughtful gift.


Unique Christmas Gift Ideas: Toys, Games & Timeless Treasures

Looking for a special gift that lasts a lifetime? How about giving stuff that has nostalgic meaning to the recipient? Maybe you need a fun toy to keep the little ones busy during a party or something for a gift exchange perhaps? Then look no more because here are some great and unique options to help you make someone smile this holiday season.

Dreidel Launcher Toy – $3.95

Custom Filigree Name Necklace – $95.23

Time For 1 Glass Ultimate Wine Bottle – $19.95

The Original Basket Case Headband Hoop Game – $9.95

Basketball Tabletop Game – $34.95

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