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Sizzling Summer Giveaway In The Offing

I know I am supposed to be on leave but this will be short and sweet. There is a wonderful giveaway brewing over at Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog and Diva Fabulosa this summer! I am so excited to participate so I am posting this one for everyone to join because it will be open world wide! Isn’t that great?

The giveaway prize will be either of the following:
$200 Kindle Fire
$200 Amazon gift card — OR —
$200 cold Paypal Cash!


The Sizzling Summer Kindle Fire /Paypal Cash Giveaway will run from 20th of July up to 18th of August 2012. So, you have enough time to get ready.

If you want to participate as a host or sponsor of this marvelous giveaway, please feel free to visit the generous bloggers, Jenn and Jade and pay for the hosting fees.

Take note of this giveaway! It will be available for all very soon so come back and watch out for it in this blog and the other participating blogs!

Small Shop

There’s a nearby small grocery store where I live. But I have to tell you, looks can be very deceiving because it is a modern grocery store with usb barcode scanner and a moving conveyor on the cashier’s area. The grocery is packed with fresh produce and basic commodities for everyday consumption. On one corner is an electronic section as well which carries mobile phones and small appliances. Where else can you find a small grocery like that? Only here in Dubai!

Navigating the Streets of San Diego

It has been 2 years since my family visited our relatives in San Diego. The first thing we noticed about our relatives there was their constant ability to get “lost” in the place where they actually live.

I found it really amusing and perplexing to get lost in your own state but my relatives’ explanation was quite logical. San Diego may not be that big but even if they live there for ages, they still have to find their way around because they don’t drive anywhere else aside from the regular which is work-home-mall-school-clinics.

My husband thought it would be nice to give them a GPS as a “thank you” gift for their hospitality. He even checked some great sites and found interesting navigational tools from garmin gps com. We really wanted that brand because most of our friends who bought the Garmin GPS had only praises for the features.

I know it is an overdue gift but we want to give the gift personally to them on our next visit as a surprise. That will surely make their road trip stress-free and chances of getting lost again will be reduced to the minimum.

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