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Common Signs of Furnace Troubles

Your furnace controls the temperature of your home and provides you with heat in winter and on cooler days. Whether you have forced air heating or a duct system, you can turn the furnace on and off and change the temperature with your thermostat. Forced air heating uses large open vents that let warm air rise, while duct systems use blowers to push the warm air through the house. There are some common signs of furnace troubles that might indicate you need to call a repair company.


Photo credit: picsbox.biz

Photo credit: picsbox.biz


Unusual Noises

Houses make odd noises as the foundation settles and the house goes through temperature changes. You may even notice that your furnace makes some loud noises when it kicks on after adjusting the thermostat. While some noises are fine, other noises can indicate a serious problem. This includes a loud knocking or banging sound that comes from the furnace or a soft ticking sound. The noises can become so loud that you can hear the furnace running from anywhere in your home.

Lack of Temperature Control

Thermostats consist of a series of small numbers and a dial or lever that lets you increase or decrease the temperature. After adjusting the thermostat, you should hear the furnace kick on and notice warm air coming through your vents. If your thermostat does not send a signal to the furnace, it might be time to get in touch with a Pittsburgh heating & furnace repair company to repair your furnace.

Heating Your Apartment: The Eco-friendly Way!

Most people who are living in an apartment would try to save money as much as they can. As a result, they would overlook the most important things such as keeping their apartment warm. Of course, the heating system of an apartment is very crucial especially during the colder season. For your information, there is no need for you to shell out huge amounts of money just to keep the warmth in your apartment. In addition to that, you should not just settle in wearing your winter coat in your apartment just so you can save money.

You have all the power to make yourself comfortable while saving money and making your home environmental friendly. Here are some of the heating options that can be useful and beneficial for any apartments for rent today.


Eco Friendly Apartment Heater

Recycled Heat

When we say recycled heat, we are referring to the heat that has already been produced from one appliance that you can still use to make your apartment feel warm. One example is when you have baked or cooked something in the oven, you can turn off the oven however you can let the door open so that any heat that is stuck in the oven will radiate to your whole apartment (or just in the kitchen). You may have also observed that the washroom becomes a bit warm after you have used it. Leave the door open so that the heat will flow inside the house. Take advantage of these little things and you will be amazed at how useful they can be to you.

Natural Heat

The cheapest (it’s free!) and easiest way to heat your apartment is by taking advantage of the warmth that the sun has to offer. Take a look at which windows or doors can get the most sunlight, then let the sun shine in the morning. Do the same with curtains and blinds in the room so that the sun will shine through the windows. However, it is best that you make sure that the windows are working properly. If not, it will just defeat the purpose. Plus, you will be wasting lots of energy if the windows are not sealed properly.

Space Heaters and Central Heaters

There are actually various studies conducted when it comes to testing the efficiency of space heaters. For your information, the utilization of space heaters can be stressful if it is not properly used. When you use such type of heater in conjunction with central heaters, this will certainly do great wonders. A bright idea is to set the temperature of central heating on high if you wish to go home to a warm environment. Once you are at home, you can switch to using the space heater to maintain the warmth of the house. When you do this, there is no need for you to blast your heating system from time to time.

Employ these simple and energy efficient tips to warm your home!

Plumbing And Other Maintenance Issues

We live in a high-rise residential flat. It is the common type of inhabitat for expats like us to live in a condominium-style residence because it is affordable.

We moved in our current flat last 2007. So we have been here for the past 6 years and the fixtures and wall paint is either chipping or starting to show wear and tear. Recently, we had an issue with our heater. It is winter so we definitely need hot water for bathing. The maintenance service of this building only delivered our new heater yesterday after 3 weeks of endless follow-ups. Now, I am seeing a new problem arising in our bathroom. The shower and flush are leaking.

There is a serious plumbing issue in our building. I think it is not only plumbing but also the overall maintenance service the building owner is providing or should I say lack of service. I just have to keep wiping the floor with a mop or squeegee to make sure that the floor is dry and no one will slip because of the leaking.

I wonder if we will have the same issues as these if we had moved to Calgary, Canada. Will we also worry about these inconveniences once we are there or we can easily look up the telephone directory or internet for plumber calgary or calgary furnaces. There will be plenty of hits regarding those searches because Canada has numerous plumbers and furnace service companies listed.

Some of our friends who migrated to Canada have no problem with heating or plumbing matters at home. I am sure they face some problems as well and if they do, the service is prompt and excellent unlike here. I even tried searching for providers in the internet for Calgary and other parts of Canada and the search yield a lot of results. It only goes to show that these kinds of services are better offered in Canada but not in the Middle East.

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