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Finding the Right Artwork for Your Home

Home is where the heart is, but, that doesn’t always mean that we put enough effort into making our house feel like home. This is especially true if you’ve just moved into a new space and have yet to find anything that will help to tie all of your décor together. While it’s completely possible to live in a home or apartment without bare walls, artwork can help to liven up any space and to tie in each element in the room. But, finding the right artwork for your home can be a daunting task.

But, there are a few things to think of when you’re trying to find the right art to help decorate the walls in your home.

Look at art.


Source: www.artssz.net

It may be easier to just pick up anything from the store and call it a day, but you may not be happy with it a day, week, or month down the line. You should take some time in researching what artwork is available in your area or online for you to purchase. If you still aren’t sure about what to purchase, think about which styles seem to speak to you the most so you have a direction to move in when you’re ready to buy.

Pick the size.

Make sure you’re selecting sizes that are appropriate for the space. You want to make sure you are giving your art some room to breathe, ensure that you have some breaks between the art you hang and the color on your walls. You can create some visual interest by selecting a few paintings that tie into one another through theme and color and hanging them together in a staggered on the wall.

Consider color.




Make sure you’re really thinking about the colors in the painting especially if you already have your other décor picked out. Pick artwork that harmonizes with your color pallet well, try not to go overboard with the color pallet as it can create a confusing or chaotic look in the room.

If you’re going to decorate around a painting, try to envision the accessories you can use to pull everything together from the painting. Pick one or two main colors from the painting as your accent colors for the room.

Keep it level.



If you haven’t hung art before, you will quickly learn just how easy it is to make the frame askew when you didn’t mean to. This is especially true if the frame has more than a single hanger on the back. If you don’t have a level, you may want to invest in a laser level, or, you can scan in the back of the frame on your scanner and print out a true-to-size template that you can use to hang the artwork with a traditional level.


Some things to keep in mind when you’re searching for the perfect art for your home are:


  1. Keep an open mind and look at as many art styles as possible to see which suits your personal tastes.
  2. Keep your art framed or well cleaned to preserve the integrity of your room’s focal point.
  3. Choose high resolution images.
  4. Try to pull only a couple of colors from the painting to use as accent colors. Too many can create confusion or a sloppy appearance.
  5. Consider your wall color before purchasing art.
  6. Use the art to brighten up any space and use it in tandem with family photographs.
  7. Keep a theme throughout the house or split up between rooms.
  8. Art can create a mood for the space. Different color pallets will create different moods.
  9. Try to keep artwork light and airy in small spaces to open up the room.
  10. Dark colors may make the room appear to be smaller.
  11. Pick appropriate subject matter to your own personal tastes.




About the Author


Hi I’m Riley – Wife, Mother & Fashion Trend Blogger at RebelsMarket. I enjoy writing about lifestyle, art and travel adventures. When not writing you can find me working on my fruit garden or walking my dog at wee hours of the night.

Cool Activities For The Family This Summer


The mercury is rising. School is over and It’s hard to be cooped indoors for a long time. Don’t you just hate it when you’re stuck at home and not doing anything aside from eating and sleeping? Not that they are bad to do but it’s healthier to do something fun while your on summer break, right?

Stay cool with your family this summer with these fun and “cool” activities you can do with everyone.  These fun activities not only get you moving and going but it won’t break the bank as well. It is perfect for everybody at home to engage in these fun and cool activities for summer.

  • Play board games
  • Sing along
  • Walk the dog
  • Do arts and crafts
  • Learn to bake
  • Learn to sew
  • Ride the bicycle with your family
  • Read books
  • Learn a new language
  • Start painting
  • Re-arrange your room
  • Paint the fence
  • Camp at your backyard at night with the whole family
  • Volunteer at your nearest pet rescue
  • Volunteer at the home for the elders
  • Solve puzzles
  • Get fit


And yes, there are more activities that you can do with the whole family, and even with your friends this summer. The break from school must not be boring. Fill it with activities and learning escapades that will enhance your skills, bring knowledge, build good values, and foster quality time with the whole family. Happy summer!



7 Unique Hobbies to Try

Are you tired of cooking classes and yoga lessons? Do you yearn for a fun new hobby that’s as unique as it is exciting? Here are just a few unusual ways to try something new.

1. Carving

The traditionalists carve wood. The modern thinkers carve everything from egg shells to banana peels. As long as you have a knife and a somewhat malleable surface, you can make pictures out of just about anything. Don’t be afraid to experiment the next time you peel a potato.

2. Retouching Old Photography

Do you love history? Do you have any skill with image editing equipment? Combine these two passions by retouching old war or farm photography. As a bonus, image retouching services can be a booming business as well as a side hobby!

3. Lawn Art

This is a fun hobby that can quickly become competitive if you get your neighbors in on it, too. Who can construct the coolest shapes out of moss? Who can trim their shrubs to look the most like Mr. Bentley down the street? Who can mow their lawn in the craziest patterns?

4. Documentary Watching

This is similar to being a movie buff, but instead of watching any old action flick, you’re specifically cultivating an interest in documentaries. There are so many out there that you can pick pretty much any subject and find a documentary on it, including fast food, ballet life, astronauts, ancient civilizations or the treatment of whales.

5. Unusual Collections

Anyone can hoard bottle caps or baseball cards, but how many people collect cigar bands? Or what about collecting coral jewelry or keychains from every state? There are literally thousands of collection possibilities once you start thinking outside the box.

6. Calligraphy

If you love beautiful things but lack the coordination to paint or take up flower arranging, calligraphy is a relatively easy alternative. You’ll start by re-learning how to write things longhand and then move on to making your scripts complicated and gorgeous.

7. Get on Wikipedia

If you’re a trivia geek, Wikipedia is always looking for editors. You’ll be able to put your knowledge to good use while simultaneously enabling others to benefit from your know-how. Everyone wins!

These are just a few fun hobbies that the common person might not know. If you’re tired of scrapbooking and crocheting, try one of these unusual pastimes instead!

Create Your Own Garden This Summer

Have a green thumb?  Interested in growing your own food or need some inspiration to get started?  Then take advantage of  the summer to start a garden. An indoor herb garden or an outdoor garden, either way its fun and relaxing.  Here are some  great DIY garden basket ideas you can put together to get you started.   Assemble one for yourself or give one to a friend.

Supplies needed – a big basket to hold it all, some fun garden  clogs, sturdy gloves, an apron to keep your clothes from getting  to messy, pruning shears, some seeds and some labels.



Moroccan Straw Large Tote Basket w/ Leather Handles

Moroccan Straw Large Tote Basket w/ Leather Handles

This hand woven tote is made in Morocco and uses 100% natural materials.  Ideal for storing your garden supplies, sturdy leather handles.  Can double for use in shopping, picnics, a day at the beach and family outings. 

Moroccan Straw Large Tote Basket w/ Leather Handles, 27″Lx12″Wx14″H – Valencia – $31.00, 9.99 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Bamboula Basket Market Tote

Bamboula Basket Market Tote

These Bamboula Basket Market Shopping Totes are hand-woven by the skilled artisan weavers of Ghana, Western Africa. Comes with a beautiful braided leather handle. Flexible, strong and durable. Easy to clean with just a garden hose.

Basket Bolga Market Shopping Tote (Ghana) Straw w/ Leather Handle Assorted – Bamboula #BSKG16 – $46.97, Free shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Rurality Fashionable Straw Storage Baskets

Rurality Fashionable Straw Storage Baskets

Made from durable straw and sewed with polyester fabric lining.  Easy to grip inner handle design with easy access to all your tools and supplies.


Rurality Fashionable Straw Storage Baskets (Coffee) – $19.99, Free shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Kiwi Premium Garden Clog

Kiwi Premium Garden Clog

Sloggers premium garden clogs feature a premium lining and comfort insole. Waterproof and comfortable for the garden.  Comes in many great colors

Principle Plastics #260KW09 SZ9 Kiwi Premium Garden Clog – $23.05 (20% off), 6.49 shipping – Available at Amazon.com

Women s Classic Birki Clog – Color: Ciel Blue Flower, Size: 40

Women s Classic Birki Clog - Color: Ciel Blue Flower, Size: 40

Ultra-light one piece and colorful. They are comfortable reasonably priced. Stylish and fun.


Women s Classic Birki Clog – Color: Ciel Blue Flower, Size: 40 – $59.95, Free shipping – Available at Amazon.com

Fairy Princess Garden Gloves

Fairy Princess Garden Gloves

These princess garden gripping gloves will make your gardening task a snap. The knit wrist will help keep the dirt out.


Fairy Princess Garden Gloves – $9.95, 5.01 shipping – Available at Fullfillment By Amazon

Womens Cotton Garden Apron with 5 Pockets

Womens Cotton Garden Apron with 5 Pockets

Your perfect gardening partner. Made of denim, it is comfortable to tie around your waist, has 5 large and convenient pockets for your gardening tools and machine washable. 


7407-200 Womens Cotton Garden Apron with 5 Pockets, Denim – $19.75, 5.74 shipping – Available at Amazon.com

YardShark Heavy Duty Pruning Shears

YardShark Heavy Duty Pruning Shears

Light-weight and sharp to get the job done. Once your garden is blooming these are perfect for pruning all types of shrubs, weeds, branches etc.


YardShark Heavy Duty Pruning Shears – $16.99, 6.95 shipping – Available at Sears.com

Swiss Chard Rhubarb, Organic Seeds

Swiss Chard Rhubarb, Organic Seeds

Your first salad from candy apple red stems with dark green, red-veined leaves.


Swiss Chard Rhubarb, Beta vulgaris, vulgaris group 200 Organic Seeds by David’s Garden Seeds – $6.55, 5.01 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Melon Arava D460A (Orange) 25 Organic Seeds by David’s Garden Seeds

Melon Arava D460A (Orange) 25 Organic Seeds by David's Garden Seeds

Produces heavy yields of 3 to 4 pound melons.  You will have fun just watching these grow and you might be tempted to pick them early.


Melon Arava D460A (Orange) 25 Organic Seeds by David’s Garden Seeds – $6.25, 5.01 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Herb Anise Hyssop

Herb Anise Hyssop

Leaves and flowers can be used fresh or dried for salads, teas and garnishes.  They are very aromatic with a sweet licorice-mint flavor.

Herb Anise Hyssop D933A (Purple) 100 Organic Seeds by David’s Garden Seeds – $7.69, 5.01 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Green Hot Peppers

Green Hot Peppers

There are unique peppers are famous in Spain.  Generally about 1 out of 20 fruits will be hot, and the rest mildly hot


Pepper Padron D666A (Green Hot) 25 Heirloom Seeds by David’s Garden Seeds – $6.25, 5.01 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Red Beefsteak Tomatoes

Red Beefsteak Tomatoes

Deep pink tomatoes are earlier, more uniform and slightly smaller.  Fruits have lots of deep, acidic tomato flavor and a rich, creamy texture.


Tomato German Johnson D3815A (Red Beefsteak) 50 Organic Heirloom Seeds by David’s Garden Seeds – $6.95, 5.01 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Barnel – USA B6012 Garden Hand Trowel Cultivator and Transplanter Kit

Barnel - USA B6012 Garden Hand Trowel Cultivator and Transplanter Kit

Of course, what’s gardening without these handy tools?


Barnel – USA B6012 Garden Hand Trowel Cultivator and Transplanter Kit – $17.99, 6.95 shipping – Available at Sears.com

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links provided by Postpresso.

Free Online Chore Chart

Do you share chores at home? Do you assign chores to your kids so they can learn the value of hard work, being responsible and to manage their times (and even yours) effectively? Well, this is a free job chart you can use. You can also teach your kids to value work and money so use this online chart and start giving work at home.

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