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Glam Rockstar Theme For My Daughter’s 16th Birthday Party

Few more months and my daughter will turn sweet 16. I am already in the process of organizing her party. I have chosen the theme with her approval of course and bought some giveaways already for her close friends who will celebrate her momentous moment.

We’ve narrowed down our theme from several choices like Hollywood stars, 1920’s-30’s era, Fashion, Japanese Anime or Rockstar. We ended up merging the rockstar and japanese theme together so this will be one unique set up.

As I have mentioned earlier, I have bought some souvenirs already. I am contemplating of getting a gypsy jazz guitar as part of the props for her photo booth session but will check if I can find one to borrow. Her giveaways are still a top secret. Here’s a hint though, it has something to do with the theme of course!

I am so excited now. It won’t be a big bash but certainly fun because only her close friends will be in attendance. I do hope they come so my daughter will enjoy her day with us and her friends.

Unused Guitar

Another summer will come and pass but my daughter’s guitar is still lying on the corner of the living room, gathering dust. I know it’s not very expensive nor it’s the jose ramirez guitar but it’s a gift given to her by her aunt. It is in very good and mint condition so I wonder when she will actually use it.

I tried to scare her by telling her I would sell it but she kept promising she would learn to read the chords and memorize the patterns on the guitar. She still has not bothered to lift and actually strum it.

I guess, she was just taken by the moment when her former friends used to jam and play guitar. Tne inspiration wore when they all parted ways. I think the guitar is more of a symbol now of her former pals rather than a musical instrument that will enhance her musical artistry and craft. I hope I am wrong in analyzing all these. I just hope she’ll strum the guitar.

Close Friends and Sleepovers

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.  ~Elisabeth Foley

I thought my daughter will never outgrow her shyness. She used to clam up and barely invite friends over. All those introvert traits changed. My daughter is already in her teens so having a sleepover is something I have to get used to. Well, her friend from Scotland is in Dubai to visit her mom and friends. One of her activity in the line-up is to visit old friends from school. My daughter happens to be her BF here in Dubai. So she and another close pal is here to spend the night.

I am okay with sleepover as long as the parents of the other kids are okay. I just want to make sure that they have told their parents of their plans and that the parents would inform me of their approval. So far so good. I know the kids’ parents so I am okay.

I am so happy to see my daughter enjoying her evening with friends. I don’t mind the shrieking banshees at night. I don’t mind buying food and snack for them as long as they are having a fun time at home. I am thrilled to have them around since it is an honor to be a hostess to my daughter’s friends. That means their parents trust us for them to allow their kids to sleepover.

This is the 4th time since her friend’s visit last July. She and her other friends are always welcome to come and stay. I would rather they make noise here because I know they are safe in the confines of our home.

Swing Set for the Family

I grew up in a close-knit neighborhood with very friendly and caring people who would let the other kids use their playground. I remember running straight to the swing sets because I love the feeling of the soft breeze on my face and the pendulum movement effect it had. I, my siblings and our other friends would converge in the common playground after class and play before it gets dark. I had fun growing up and so I told myself that when I finally have my own house and lot, I will install a mini playground.

I like to have a backyard in my future house so I can have a garden and any of the pretty connecticut swing sets installed for my future grandchildren. I want them to feel and enjoy their childhood just as I did. I can surely feel the same enjoyment I had back then when I have my own playground. That will surely be a wonderful day spent in my backyard.

Dinner with Friends at Movenpick Hotel

My hubby and I had a nice dinner buffet with good friends a while ago. I’m really not a big supper eater because I only eat fruits or crackers at night but the buffet in Jigsaw Restaurant in Movenpick Hotel in Deira was a delight.

I started with a turkey cold cut and a small serving of the chicken salad, few fries and biscotti. I took a beeline at the soup area and seafood chowder was the choice. I actually had two servings of soup and a dinner roll which looked like a carrot bread. Equally tasty and filling!

c. homefamilyheart.com

c. homefamilyheart.com

The group had several double-takes on the grilled chicken and beef burgers which were smaller than my fist so it was okay to have few of the chicken burger (sans the bread!).

I had iced-tea and fresh watermelon juice before I helped myself with few cut fruits and a teeny-tiny shot of tiramisu. I am officially full!

The dinner buffet was so good. I guess I must have eaten more than I could actually take. Weight loss pills that work fast will be my ultimate solution to shake off all the food I ate a while ago. That and a good run around the park too.

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