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Installing Wooden Flooring in Your Home

Interior design is much like fashion with different trends coming and going. Hardwood floors in a home are something that has made resurgence over the last decade, and one of the most popular reasons for this is the looks that can be achieved, as well as the practicality. If you are considering renovating your home, then you may wish to consider installing wooden floors to enhance your living space. Here are some things that you will need to consider before you make a decision.

  • Work Out Your Budget

It is important that you have a budget that you can afford to spend and choose the type of flooring, as well as who will install it, accordingly. You will want to choose a material to add a touch of class to your home, and still afford to be able to have it professionally installed, so that you can achieve the desired effect.

Shopping around is essential to get the best price possible and an excellent place to start is to ask friends and family for recommendations. There are also plenty of websites that have reviews of companies and tradesmen where you can read about peoples first had experiences with specific companies. An excellent tool to assist you with choosing a professional company from which to purchase your flooring.

  • Affordable Wooden Floors

The cost of new wooden flooring can be split into two parts, the cost of the materials, and the labour cost for installation. The cost of the flooring can be pretty standard, and prices start at about the same level as a midrange carpet. It is worth your time to shop around to get the best possible deal, and you should speak to a leading timber supplier specialist like Market Timbers. Shopping around will be able to save you some money that you will be able to put towards the installation of your floor.

  • Preparation and Laying Of Your Floor

Unless you have a lot of experience at DIY projects, you may wish to use the services of a professional company to prepare and lay your wooden floors. Preparing the surface first is important, and it will take an expert to look at the sub-floor and see if it is level enough. If not, further preparation will be required before you can install your floors. If the surface is not flat and level, then this will show when the boards have been installed, so it is much better to get the job done properly.

  • Taking Care of Your Floor

If you purchase a high-quality hardwood floor for your home, then it is relatively easy to maintain. Spillages will be much easier to clean up, and you will not have to worry as much about stains. There is some excellent advice on the Readers Digest website which will show you how to care for your wooden floors correctly. Rather than having to use a vacuum cleaner, you can clean your floors efficiently with a brush and save some money on your electric bill. Even with high traffic areas of your home, if you take good care of your floor and look after it correctly, it will look fantastic for a long time to come.
Do you have more ideas in your mind? Write them down in the comment section.

Keeping Employees Safe On The Floor

There are certain environments where you want to have safety flooring. If you work in a restaurant, then you need something under your feet while you’re washing dishes so that you don’t slip on any water that gets on the floor. There could also be grease on the floor while cooking. Another job where you would need a mat on the floor is working with mechanics. There could be liquids, such as oil, that get on the floor.

Anytime you are standing on a concrete floor for an extended period of time you need to have soem kind of mat. It will give you the support you need for your feet so that you don’t have the full pressure from the hard floor on your body. Some of these mats are seen at grocery stores so that cashiers and other employees can stand on them for longer periods of time. You might also see them in salons as hair stylists are on their feet for long hours. These mats have a grip on the bottom that prevents sliding and falls. Some of the mats can also prevent the spread of spills depending on the kind of material that is on top of the mat.

3 Things you need to think about before Carpeting your Home

Are you in the phase of renovating or selecting the fittings for your new home? Before you start selecting bathroom tiles or wall paintings, you might like to consider your carpet first. Looking for the right carpet or flooring is more than just colour, function and style. If you think of your home as a large-scale painting, the carpet would be the base layer, complementing all the different elements such as textures and shapes on the canvas. In this case, the elements to consider are furniture, fixtures and even the appliances. Want to find out more? Below you’ll find three tips to help you with the suitable carpet for your home.


Photo credit: feelthehome.com

Photo credit: feelthehome.com

Select a Carpet that suits your Lifestyle

Are you a young couple building your first home? Do you have a big family with young kids running around? Perhaps you have a few pets? All these questions are one of the first things you need to consider when looking for a carpet. For example, if you live in a household with little children or pets, a nylon carpet with durability and easy maintenance will suit this lifestyle. Want more carpeting inspiration? Visit the Stainmaster blog for more helpful carpeting and home styling tips.

It All Needs to go Together

Whether you’re about to start shopping for new furniture or have your pieces on the ready, one things is a must – everything needs to go together. Do you have a vibrant set of curtains, a stylish rug, or a contemporary artwork? In order to balance these different types of colours and textures, you need to find a carpet that is neutral in colour. This will ensure that none of the pieces compete for attention in the space created. Handy Hint: If this home is purely for investment or for rent, find a carpet that is neutral in colour but serves purpose. This will not only give your house added value, but it will open up the styling and decorating options for potential home tenants and buyers.

Quality and Price

The balancing act that buyers want to get correct is purchasing a quality product with a decent price to match. But how do you determine this? Before the salesman charms you with his smile and persuasion, you need to factor in a few elements such as the resilience and durability of the carpet. To find this out, look for a carpet with a weight of at least 34 to 40 ounces of fibre per square yard; the heavier the weight, the better. Handy Hint: To get your money’s worth on such an important asset, look for a carpet with a 10-year texture retention warranty. This covers how effective the fibres return to their original shape after the wear and tear of footsteps and holding the weight of furniture.

Finding the right carpet is a big investment regardless of whether you’re renovating or building your first home. But now that you know a little more about purchasing a carpet, are you feeling a little less floored? If you have any other house or lifestyle tips, feel free to comment below.

Easy-to-Install Decking Tiles

Are you tired looking at your porch or deck’s worn out tiles? Are you in a tight budget but would really need a deck-lift without having to call the professional? Are you after affordable tiles that are easy to install? Well, there is a solution to your tile dilemma.

Here are easy-to-install tiles for your deck or porch and ou don’t actually need a professional to do the work.

Snap-together deck tiles
These tiles are great over your existing old deck tiles as they can cover weathered wood decks, concrete surfaces, porches and even walkways.

Teak tiles
Teak tiles are great for outdoor dining and entertaining. They are easy to install as the tiles are linked together through a hidden stainless steel hardware.

Recycled composite tiles
Are you the earth-friendly kind and want to do your part to minimize use of natural resources? Then this kind of decking floor will be the best to use. Renew Resources tiles are made out of recycled wood and plastic. They are installed slightly elevated to allow water to flow underneath.

European groove tiles
The European groove tiles are called as such because they are milled with grooves patterned after the traditional European decking style. The ipe tiles (or exotic hardwood used for decking and flooring) can withstand damp, hot, or cold climates.


Pre-assembled walkways
These are assembled walkways with ropes which can be rolled out over grass, stones or wood chips. This is quite versatile in a way because you can take it in if you want to show your old porch or deck and take it out again if you want to cover it with something new. Not only that, it is great above grassy areas if you have parties and you don’t want your guests’ heels getting stuck in the grass.

Stone deck
I prefer this than wood because if I will build my house in the Philippines where it perennially rains then this can be a good solution to a porch, deck or garden flooring and walkway with less the muddy after-effect.

The stone deck tiles looks like patio pavers without having to uproot your existing deck.

(Photo credit and info source: bhg.com)

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