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Christmas Decorations For Your Dining Table

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is high time to change your table top decoration to the festive Holiday season which is just around the corner.

Christmas season is a great time to spice up the decors on your table top especially at the dining area where you will be holding parties and inviting guests over for hot meals and merriments. It will be nice to dress up your dining table to the festive occasion with bright Christmas patterns, colors and shimmer.

Check out these neat Christmas decorations for your dining table for inspiration. (Credit is given to the owners of the photos.)



(Photo credit: heavensdesign.com)





(Photo credit: pinterest.com)



(Photo credit: worldhousedesign.com)





(Photo credit: pinterest.com)



(Photo credit: decoholicorg.com)

My Favorite Christmas Mantle Decorations

I have mentioned several times in my other posts how much I want to have a faux fireplace in our dream home because I have plenty of decorating ideas for the mantle and fireplace.

The season of Christmas is a great way to deck the mantle at home with pretty, whimsical, classical and colorful decors of the season. I searched the internet for ideas on how to dress up your mantle which I can certainly refer to when we already have our dream home built. For now, let me share these beautiful mantles adorned with festive ornaments of the season.

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