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Dad and Kids Bonding with Cooper and Kid Kit

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Moms can be busy too and kids also need to spend time with their dads.  A walk in the park or a nice trip to the zoo or amusement park while mom does her work, Dad can always fill in for mom.

Cooper and Kid is a great way to spend time with dad if you prefer to stay home and discover new, entertaining and educational things from the sample kit.

What’s in the kit? Well, it can be many things like books, kits for making extra-ordinary things, educational and creative stuff and many more which are gender neutral so everyone can join in the learning process and have fun.


Make memories with your kids with Cooper and Kit. You can subscribe to Cooper and Kid kit here.

Enjoy Your Family Board Games Night

Board games have been around for generations and I remember growing up playing Monopoly, Cluedo, Snakes and Ladders, Battleship, Scrabble and so much more. One of my favourite past time while growing up was playing board games. It was a fun activity we did at home with my parents every weekend.

Back then, family nights are sacred and a lot of families engage in fun activities to build rapport amongst siblings, encourage sportsmanship, engage in small family discussions and simply give value to that precious time spent with their loved ones. It is not surprising to know that the board games have doubled in sales for the past 9 years because more and more families are engaging in family board games night.


So, I took that fun, happy and loving memories of my board games experience to my family now. We take time to enjoy our board games over light snacks and sodas while sitting on the couch, rolling the dice on our favorite Monopoly game.

Switch your TV, phone, laptops and other distractions off at least every weekend to enjoy your family time. Relive those happy memories of your childhood by engaging your kids to play your favorite board games with you. Let them experience the joys of rolling the dice, owning millions of fake monies and properties in prime locations or better yet, sink a ship, or pretend to be a young sleuth for the day.

Board games are fun and it is high time to put them back in every families’ fun times.

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