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Walking Alone in Dubai

I certainly do no advocate walking alone in Dubai even if this place is practically a safer place as compared to most cities in the world. However, I sometimes find myself doing that when I come home late from work. I try to incorporate saving money and exercising at the same time that is why I choose to walk from the train station all the way to our residential building.

The walk is around 45-50 minutes. The area where I am walking is a main thoroughfare and a well-lit street. It is a main road so traffic flow is regular. There are people who I see walking though I am the one with the farthest destination from the station.

My friends warned me to be extra cautious because I am alone and some motorists can be very harmful. So I am considering the purchase of a defense spray like mace or pepper spray or even ordinary spray perfume that I can use if someone approaches me. I am also thinking of buying a reflectorized stickers that I can stick on walking shoes and bag so motorists can see me. I already have a small whistle which I can wear around my neck so I can call the attention of other people nearby if I see someone suspicious trailing me. My mobile phone is also at the standby with a speed call to the police.

I am not being negative but just trying my level best to be careful in times like these. It is still very safe to walk alone in Dubai as long as it is in the main road or a very populated area. So far, the area where I am walking at is a populated area. And I try not to walk there beyond 8:00 p.m.

Exercising Once Again

I temporarily stopped exercising for few months because of my personal predicament, health issues and career. My life’s issues are starting to get sorted on its own and I am quite happy about it.

I also lessened my Facebook activities lately so I have enough time to walk the dog regularly and go walking again and do other exercise routines on the side.

I noticed that my energy level is picking up now. I don’t get tired as I used to but I am looking forward to my regular walk in the park these days.

My next project is to do a cleansing diet for few days to expel all the toxins of my system. I just got back from New York and I vouch that my food intake there was not that stellar! So, best thing to clean my system is to detox.

I pray and hope I can keep this routine now since I have so much time in my hands now. I am less stressed and happier than ever. It’s time to focus more on what’s going to make me and my family healthy.

Exercise To Lose Weight

My friend started her dieting and exercise regimen last December 2011 and I can already see the results. Her face is not puffy anymore and her stomach is slightly losing its flabs. I really admire her sheer determination despite the taunts and banters of the people around her. She really pushed herself and stuck to a diet and exercise plan she could follow and her efforts and sacrifice are really showing the results.

I don’t think she even searched the internet about fast weight loss supplements nor checked phenteripped reviews or other articles about weight loss pills to aid her. She did it the hard and painful way but the result is just amazing and truly worth all the sacrifice.

I hope I can have the same will-power and motivation to really stick to my weight loss goal this year. I am not getting younger and I truly believe that if she can do it, so can I!

Getting Ready for Spring Exercises

Winter has officially ended here last week. We are using the air conditioner unit again. Although the weather is bearable, it gets a bit hot midday and towards the afternoon. Anyway, spring is here and I am gearing myself to some worthy activities to do in the park while the weather is still accommodating.

The nearby park offers free yoga sessions in the evening. All I need to bring is my yoga mat because they don’t provide yoga blankets there. That is okay since the session is free so I can’t ask for more.

I tried to observe the yoga session last year. The session was intermediate but I was not sure then if I could bend like they do. Now I am more confident. Weight-wise, I still have not lost a significant amount but my tolerance level has improved immensely as I still do my regular walk at the park.

I want to welcome Spring with a positive note. I kind of slacked few weeks ago during winter because my mom and mom-in-law were here for a visit. They kept cooking nice stuff so how could you resist that? It would be a shame to miss their home-cooked meals. They are back home so I am back to my regular routine and this time, I’ll kick it up a notch!

Portion Eating

Losing weight is one of my primary goals.  It has been for the past few years. I was not really this fat to begin with. I started gaining weight when I reached my mid-30s. I was always skinny without any effort. I could eat anything without gaining a single pound and could have second serving of cakes and chocolates without feeling the guilt. However, all that changed due to age, stress and my wrong eating habits.

I have lost track of my portion eating. I was already good last year. However, the lack of time to prepare a meal that is suitable to my condition has given me the reason to go wayward and that is not a good thing. I feel very ashamed.

I am trying to go back to my portion eating. I haven’t done it in full force. I am thinking if there is suitable diet pills that work which will aid my weight loss goal. I just cannot take medication without consulting my physician because I have hypertension. So, I have to incorporate cardio-boosting activities too with my healthy eating plan to make it more effective.

I just hope I can actually keep this goal and be determined enough to really make it. It’s already the 3rd quarter of the year. I still have not lost a single pound!

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