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Fun Learning With Online Learning Apps

Students who were taught in their national language medium other than English usually have a tough time mastering English as a second or third language. English language is still widely used in many countries and when these students later travel overseas for vacation or for work, they will face difficulty when trying to communicate in proper English. I have tried using the Google Translate app to help me translate other languages to English but I find that sometimes the translated meaning may not be the same meaning as the original language. This shows how important it is to master the English language or whatever languages we need to communicate with.

Many students benefitted from subscribing to learn English online through emails but now with the advancement of technology, students can now download learning apps to learn or to improve on learning English language. These learning apps are now made available on your desktop, laptop, tablet and iPhone. For non-speaking English students learning to pronounce, spell or constructing of sentences can be very difficult. But with the many learning apps now available, learning has been made much easier and faster.


These learning apps are designed in such a way to make learning more fun. The fun ways of learning enable the students to remember easier and catch up faster. With the many videos and lectures from great teachers made available through the iPhone or the electronic devices, students can choose to listen anytime suitable to them. Learning from the best Apple learning app helps students to learn the proper grammar and idioms. It also helps them to better understand the phrases and terms which are not found in a dictionary.

Different learning app uses different learning style. Check out the various learning apps to suit your learning style. Some are designed for visual learners while others are designed for verbal learners. Some learn best with visual lessons e.g. diagrams, films, pictures, and demonstrations, whereas, verbal learners pick up faster through written or spoken explanations. There are also students who learn better through active discussions.

In order to expose students to new styles of learning, these Google Play studying apps cater to the different needs of the students. The students can either choose to use the chat room, informative lessons, listening to lecture videos or reading exercises.  The advantages of these cost saving online learning apps is the students’ access to the many videos and teaching resources prepared by great professors. These online resources provide an interesting and fun way to learn which is also very convenient to the students.

Musical Toys For Kids

It is really nice to give kids something educational to play with. I would prefer to see the young ones tinker on the piano keyboard, bang some drums, blow the trumpet, and shake those maracas than waste their time sitting in front of the tv with a remote console on their hands.

Musical toys are one of the type of toys I usually buy for my nephews and nieces. I want to encourage creativity and develop that love for music. It helps develop their motor skills, especially for the younger ones as they hold the musical toys on their hands. They also learn about rhythm. I am not sure if kids these days are still familiar with how music goes. So, if you plan to buy toys, consider buying soundtoys or musical toys.

Dad and Kids Bonding with Cooper and Kid Kit

** This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated when you click the link and make a purchase.

Moms can be busy too and kids also need to spend time with their dads.  A walk in the park or a nice trip to the zoo or amusement park while mom does her work, Dad can always fill in for mom.

Cooper and Kid is a great way to spend time with dad if you prefer to stay home and discover new, entertaining and educational things from the sample kit.

What’s in the kit? Well, it can be many things like books, kits for making extra-ordinary things, educational and creative stuff and many more which are gender neutral so everyone can join in the learning process and have fun.


Make memories with your kids with Cooper and Kit. You can subscribe to Cooper and Kid kit here.

Simple Memorial Day Crafts for Kids

It’s Memorial Day. And it is the day we remember those who have fallen to give us our Freedom. This Memorial Day, make it more extra memorable for your kids by enlisting them in to do simple crafts to show their appreciation to our Veterans. Let them know the meaning of Memorial Day as they make these simple crafty projects.

Most of these projects only require some water soluble paints, brushes, card stock, glue, scissors and mostly adult supervision and tons of child-like creativity!

Egg Carton Flag

(From http://www.craftymorning.com/egg-carton-american-flag-craft-for-kids/)

Flag Popsicle Sticks

(From http://www.gingersnapcrafts.com/2011/07/mondays-mom-4th-of-july-kids-craft.html)

Paper Banners/Lanterns/Buntings

(From http://www.faithfilledfoodformoms.com/easy-homemade-4th-of-july-crafts-and-ideas/)

Paper Poppy Flower

(From http://www.kidspot.com.au/kids-activities-and-games/Paper-craft+39/Make-a-red-poppy+12865.htm)


(Photo credits: to the owners)

House MD

My daughter and I are crazy about this TV show. I know, it’s not so new anymore but I am just catching up because there’s nothing much to see in the cable aside from those irrelevant vampire shows which I do not like.

We enjoy this show so much because it is very educational. Aside from that, it has always been my dream to become a doctor but it didn’t happen. So, I settle on watching forensic, medical-related and anything with characters wearing medical scrubs tv shows to feed my curiosity and interest.

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