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4 Top Tips To Help Your Shy Child Through Kindergarten

If your child is a little on the shy side, here are a few tips for preparing him or her for kindergarten.

1.    It’s okay to be shy

Firstly, let your little one know that it is okay if he or she is a little more introverted and reserved than his or her peers. When you compare it to other kids, shy kids usually need some more time to adjust to their new environment. As a parent, it is your job to support your shy child until he or she is comfortable in an unfamiliar setting and you can help your little one interact with his or her peers.

2.    Visit the school

A shy child needs more support than an outgoing one during those first few days at kindergarten. A great way to prepare him or her is to ease your child into school. Try visiting the school together a few times before his or her big first day so your little one will feel more comfortable in the new surroundings. You can also learn about the Guardian Early Learning kindergarten programs and talk to the teacher about making the transition easier for your child. Also, try to get the class list as soon as you can so you can find some of his classmates who may live nearby and try arranging a playdate or two beforehand so your child at least knows a few other kids when he or she starts school.


3.    The first day

On the first day of school, plan to stay for a little while. Greet the teacher together and help your little one put his or her things away. You may also introduce your child to a few other kids. But if he or she seems uninterested, help your child begin an activity or project with them. When it’s time to go, remember to say goodbye and reassure him or her that you will be back later after classes are done. Don’t try to slip out unnoticed.

4.    During the school year

Throughout the year, continue to communicate with the teacher. She will let you know what is or isn’t working for your shy child, who his/her friends are, and will advise you on how to encourage your little one to come out of his or her shell.

You may be told not to push a very shy child at this age, but if you don’t give them a little nudge of encouragement, they are not going to have as much exposure to other activities and people as they could. This can end up being harmful in the long run, since pre-schoolers learn tons about the world from one another.

That being said, you also don’t want to overload your shy child with social obligations. Listen and watch for his or her cues: if they are cranky and uncomfortable, ease off and give them a little quiet space. Shy kids do need some extra downtime every day after school to spend time in their familiar surroundings and engage in low-key activities. If a full day seems like it will be too much, you may want to consider half-day kindergarten if you have the option.

Practice Before You Take The Test

Before you get into a business of building houses, you will likely need to take a test to prove that you know what you’re doing with the equipment and the design. You can take classes at most community colleges, and before you get any kind of certificate, you can take practice exams online or from a book to make sure you remember the information that you have learned.

When you take a practice exam, you need to make notes on the material that you don’t know so that you can go back and study it before the final test. You can usually take as many practice tests as you need to take so that you are comfortable with the format and know of the way that the tests are set up before taking the final exam. The practice tests will often have different questions on each test. This is why you can take as many as you want in order to make sure you have the information in your mind before getting your certificate or degree. After you know the material, you can take the test that you need to complete so that you can begin your career in building homes.

Things You Need When You Teach Your Kids How To Read

Mother-child background credit: Bill Frymire

Mother-child background credit: Bill Frymire

Learning how to read is one of the biggest achievement every young kid can achieve and much to every parent’s happiness. Reading is one of the main skills a child can learn to make studying easy like a breeze.

However, teaching a first timer to read is not an easy feat. Parents must know the basics of reading and phonetics and they should have handy tools and resources to use to make reading a great learning experience for the young ones.

As you begin the process of teaching your child to read on an early start, you must establish the method you will use. Once you have done that, it is important to have these tools and resources ready to aid your child in the fun ways of learning how to read and making the experience a fulfilling one.

Study Table

Study Table

Invest on a study desk for your child to have access too. Make the environment inviting rather than intimidating. Your study area is bigger and taller and not as colorful as a kid’s. Make the study desk colorful and spacious enough for your child to put on more learning tools. 


Flash Furniture – JB-9-KID-GG Kids Colorful 5 Piece Folding Table and Chair Set, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow JB-9-KID-GG – $62.71, Free shipping – Available at Cymax

Alphabet Blocks

Alphabet Blocks

When starting to teach your kids at an early age, you can begin with showing alphabet blocks to them. Show each letter and say out loud how they are pronounced. 


Maxim – Playskool Alphabet Blocks, 40-Piece – $35.00, Free shipping – Available at Fullfillment By Amazon

High Quality Educational Alphabet Foam Puzzle Floor Mat for Kids

High Quality Educational Alphabet Foam Puzzle Floor Mat for Kids

Another great items to have for your kids’ reading is the installation of alphabet foam floors. These floors are colorful and has big letters on them. You can make reading a great play time too. Ask your kid to step on certain foam floor pattern and teach him the sound of the alphabet it corresponds to and make him say it loud. Make it a game for him or her later on so that your kid will be engaged in the learning process.


Quality – High Quality Educational Alphabet Foam Puzzle Floor Mat for Kids – Covers 26 sq ft (12″ x 12″ square blocks) – $26.95, 8.24 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Children’s books with pictures and big printed letters

Children's books with pictures and big printed letters

A learning experience is not complete without using children’s books. Buy books that have big, bold printed letters and funny and colorful pictures on them to hold on the interest of your child longer.


Waldman – 6 Playmore Reading Books For Children :Ice is Nice,Professor Noodle’s Circus School,Pizza Cat,Wake Up Lazy Bones,Three Toots for Freddie,Party Times Two. – $9.95, Free shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Invest on book collections like Dr. Seuss’s books for kids. This is one the book collections I bought my daughter when I started teaching her how to read. The drawings and pictures in the book held my daughter’s interest longer and at the same time, the book has great lessons to be learned. This books from Dr. Seuss also taught my daughter to appreciate different ways of writing artistically. 


Fun To Collect – Dr. Seuss’s ABC Book and CD – $8.95, 5.99 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Magnetic Drawing Board

Magnetic Drawing Board

Another tool that will be useful for your kid’s reading progress is to associate it with writing. Children tend to remember easily the words they have learned how to read when they write it too. This will also help your child to learn writing at the same time. 

The process of learning alphabets, their sounds and the words they can create while hearing them and seeing them in written form will reinforce new learning.


HuntGold – HuntGold Magnetic Drawing Board Sketch Pad Doodle Writing Craft Art for Children Kids(random color) – $4.03, 2.59 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Once you have seen your kid’s progress as he or she learns how to be a progressive reader, allow your child to read out loud to you and ask interactive questions. Do not ask difficult questions as your child is just learning how to read. Ask questions such as “who is the character in the story?” Make him or her also understand the meaning of the new words he or she is learning to read and you will be amazed by your child’s progress as you go along.

Make reading a fun learning experience and a great moment to bond with your young ones.

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Exams And Certifications To Take When You Want To Upgrade In Your Career

A lot of people thought that once they leave the academic life and pursue their careers, their learning will end on that very moment. The truth of the matter is that learning never ends. You continue to pick up information like a sponge and you get full of them as the years go by. However, for many career-minded people, they take learning a step further by enrolling in graduate school, enlisting in on-job-training and mentoring, others even pursue another course as a part time student. All these undertaking will give them a better chance in climbing the corporate ladder as what most corporations these days need.

If you are one of the millions of career men and women who are striving hard to achieve that next promotion through learning and developing further, it is best to note some of these exams. Here are some examples of certification and exams which will add weight under your belt and give you the edge in the competition.

For the Health field:

  • Certification for Professional in Healthcare Management (CPHM)

This certification is for healthcare professionals who aim to further understand the history, legal aspects, challenges, and trends in the field of healthcare management.

  • Certification for Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA)

This certification is open to individuals who have completed a program in Health Information Management.

  • Medical Certifications and Exams in Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Medical Auditing and Medical Compliance

These various certifications and exams given for health care professionals who wish to validate their knowledge and expertise in certain areas in the health industry.

  • National Certification Examinations for School Nurses (CSN)

This is given to school nurses and offered twice a year across the USA. It is a computer-based examination held in testing centers around the US.

For the IT-Related field:

All these exams and certifications given below are good career boosters for those in the IT industry. Any certifications and exams taken will further validate your potential, skill and knowledge set in your line of expertise. Thus, making you more bankable for career advancement.

  • Oracle Exams
  • Cisco Exams
  • Microsoft Certification and Exams
  • Adobe Certifications
  • CompTIA Certification
  • Network Appliance Certification
  • IBM Certification and Exams

For Education/Legal field:

Teachers, teacher’s aides and paralegal personnel are also required to go through series of examinations and certifications to ensure that they meet the requirements provided by the government to fulfill the nature of their jobs. Once certified, the chances of moving vertically in their chosen field will be a good possibility as they are certified by virtue of completing the exams and other training programs.

  • Teacher Certification
  • Paralegal Certification

Preparing My Daughter For College Admission

My daughter will soon be a bona fide college student. We are already preparing her for it as early as now and now is the right time to start reviewing her for the college entrance exams.

Time is a very important factor in making sure that my daughter will ace the entrance exams and that she will get to the university of her choice. My husband and I have our own preference but we will leave the decision for her to make.

So far, we have already bought a reviewer for her to study at least every weekend.  I have designated a time for her to focus on the reviewer at least 2 hours on Thursdays (our weekend here) and another 2 on Fridays. Her schedule right now is very hectic because she is catching up on Filipino and Social Studies which of course, she didn’t have when she was in a British school. My time now is pressed to meet all the demands of my daughter’s future and success in acing the exams.

I hope she will do well and that she will get in the school she really likes. Well, whenever she is asked, she always say she wanted to be in my alma mater – De La Salle University. Good choice, I’d say. 

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