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The Pallet House

With the rising cost in real estate, building materials, contractors and land, sometimes, it is best to downsize and keep things simple. This pallet house is a good example.


The house is made of recycled pallets. It has the basic necessities every home can have and one of the good things about this small house is that, you can build it in less than a day and on the size that fits your family best.

The pallet house can be installed with insulators too for those cold winter nights and plastic tarp to keep the moisture at bay during raining season.

This small house can be the solution to those refugees or homeless people. If the government can allocate a piece of land where houses such as this pallet house can be build, then there’ll be less homeless people in the street. Those who can’t afford the stellar price of housing can also build their own.






(all photos from i-beam design)

Clean and Green Driveway For Your Home

If your property is big enough to accommodate having a longer driveway than most homeowners then it will be a nice thing to make it a clean and green driveway too. What does it take to make it clean and green at the same time?

Clean and green means having a driveway that is not only tidy and obstruction free but also eco-friendly, made of materials that are not harmful to the environment and encourages small vegetation to grow in between the cracks to promote green living.

Most common pavers used for this clean and green driveway are the pervious pavers where it is connected by joints and have small cracks to allow water to seep through and small vegetation to grow.


Other by Santa Barbara Landscape Architects & Designers Billy Goodnick

You can also use honeycomb pavers which have bigger holes. Grass can grow in between and can soften the cushion of driving the vehicle on it.


Contemporary Exterior by Owen Sound Photographers Shouldice Media
A combination of pavers and cement strips can also be used alternately to provide that clean and green effect.  A well-spaced installation can still allow small vegetation to grow, water to run through with lesser requirement for aggregates such as course or crushed small rocks, gravel and sand.
Contemporary Garage And Shed by Austin Architects & Designers Tom Hurt Architecture

Heating Your Apartment: The Eco-friendly Way!

Most people who are living in an apartment would try to save money as much as they can. As a result, they would overlook the most important things such as keeping their apartment warm. Of course, the heating system of an apartment is very crucial especially during the colder season. For your information, there is no need for you to shell out huge amounts of money just to keep the warmth in your apartment. In addition to that, you should not just settle in wearing your winter coat in your apartment just so you can save money.

You have all the power to make yourself comfortable while saving money and making your home environmental friendly. Here are some of the heating options that can be useful and beneficial for any apartments for rent today.


Eco Friendly Apartment Heater

Recycled Heat

When we say recycled heat, we are referring to the heat that has already been produced from one appliance that you can still use to make your apartment feel warm. One example is when you have baked or cooked something in the oven, you can turn off the oven however you can let the door open so that any heat that is stuck in the oven will radiate to your whole apartment (or just in the kitchen). You may have also observed that the washroom becomes a bit warm after you have used it. Leave the door open so that the heat will flow inside the house. Take advantage of these little things and you will be amazed at how useful they can be to you.

Natural Heat

The cheapest (it’s free!) and easiest way to heat your apartment is by taking advantage of the warmth that the sun has to offer. Take a look at which windows or doors can get the most sunlight, then let the sun shine in the morning. Do the same with curtains and blinds in the room so that the sun will shine through the windows. However, it is best that you make sure that the windows are working properly. If not, it will just defeat the purpose. Plus, you will be wasting lots of energy if the windows are not sealed properly.

Space Heaters and Central Heaters

There are actually various studies conducted when it comes to testing the efficiency of space heaters. For your information, the utilization of space heaters can be stressful if it is not properly used. When you use such type of heater in conjunction with central heaters, this will certainly do great wonders. A bright idea is to set the temperature of central heating on high if you wish to go home to a warm environment. Once you are at home, you can switch to using the space heater to maintain the warmth of the house. When you do this, there is no need for you to blast your heating system from time to time.

Employ these simple and energy efficient tips to warm your home!

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