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Hot Weather In January

I find the weather confusing these days. Last week, we had 2 days of really cold weather and now, it is like we are preparing for the coming of summer. We are only pushing to the second week of January and the previous years proved that the same time as now were cold.

I don’t see any reason why we should use warm clothing because the weather is not cold. We did not have any winter I suppose. All those winter clothes showcased in the boutiques and the faux-furs sold in the malls will be quite futile unless you are travelling to Europe or the US where it is cold.

I think there was even a mild sandstorm early today. That can only mean one thing, summer is around the corner. Could these weather changes be the sign of global warming?

Walking Alone in Dubai

I certainly do no advocate walking alone in Dubai even if this place is practically a safer place as compared to most cities in the world. However, I sometimes find myself doing that when I come home late from work. I try to incorporate saving money and exercising at the same time that is why I choose to walk from the train station all the way to our residential building.

The walk is around 45-50 minutes. The area where I am walking is a main thoroughfare and a well-lit street. It is a main road so traffic flow is regular. There are people who I see walking though I am the one with the farthest destination from the station.

My friends warned me to be extra cautious because I am alone and some motorists can be very harmful. So I am considering the purchase of a defense spray like mace or pepper spray or even ordinary spray perfume that I can use if someone approaches me. I am also thinking of buying a reflectorized stickers that I can stick on walking shoes and bag so motorists can see me. I already have a small whistle which I can wear around my neck so I can call the attention of other people nearby if I see someone suspicious trailing me. My mobile phone is also at the standby with a speed call to the police.

I am not being negative but just trying my level best to be careful in times like these. It is still very safe to walk alone in Dubai as long as it is in the main road or a very populated area. So far, the area where I am walking at is a populated area. And I try not to walk there beyond 8:00 p.m.

Rising Temperature

I am not sure if spring came but one thing is for sure, it’s going to be one hot summer here in Dubai.

The weather right now is 31 degrees Celcius and the coming days will even be higher. We will all feel like we are in lab furnaces or ovens again. The weather is actually weird. The cold spell was too short this time and the rains came but very briefly too. That can only mean one thing, the temperature will rise and it will be scorching this summer.

It’s time to get our sunblocks again and light clothing. Time to switch the airconditioning unit again. This weather is just plain odd!

Cold and Warm December

This is quite a cold and warm December. Last year was not that cold but manageable. This December is rather weird. It’s cold during dusk to the wee hours of the morning but just okay during the day. We’re having a tough time deciding what to do because of the weather. One moment the wind is biting your face and the next day it’s a bit warm. Now that the kids are off from school and the whole family are here, we want to make sure they enjoy their stay.

My husband and I are actually thinking of booking hotel suites over the weekend to enjoy the ushering of 2012. We want to watch the fireworks in Burj Khalifa too up close but the kids want to swim. I am checking hotels and some are still available; albeit in a much high price. I also hope if ever we end up booking rooms, the hotel amenities like the pool area has rheem pool heater. The kids want to have fun and so are the adults. I am just happy to see them happy. I also hope we find a good hotel or else we will end up having picnic in the park waiting for the fireworks in downtown Dubai.

Recuperating from Acute Sinusitis

After several weeks of blocked nasal passages, intermittent nose bleeding and migraine and fever, I decided to have my nose checked last week. I went to the hospital and asked the ladies in their nurses uniforms assigned in the reception area to make an appointment with my doctor.

I am really not fond of going to the hospital. I just can’t stand the smell and of course, the vibes that you get when you step in. However, this time I was glad that I did because I didn’t know that I also had high uric acid level and my cholesterol was high again. I did all my blood work and had to be back in the hospital for a follow up check up. I was given antibiotics and few days of rest so I could get well since my head was pounding almost everyday because of the pressure. My doctor also told me to ease on the stress. Stress is one of the factors that raises blood pressure and lowers the immune system.

I am feeling much better now and my usual perky self is back on track. I just pray I don’t get sick again because I hate taking sick leaves and getting sick here in Dubai is very expensive.

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