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Big Windows & Bright Rooms

I am a fan of big, floor-to-ceiling windows and bright rooms. I just love the look and feel of a cozy home with natural light seeping in every corner possible. This is why I enjoy browsing through sites for homes, interiors and architecture so I will get an idea of what to incorporate in our future home.

As always, I end up admiring houses with big windows and really well lit, bright rooms featured in Houzz.com. I found this two pictures below in the site and cannot help but dream about them. I do hope that one day, I will find them being incorporated in our house design.


House Matters In Houzz.com

I was searching in the internet for photos of beautiful houses and interiors that would go well with what I have in mind for our dream home. I stumbled upon www.houzz.com and I love the whole site!

It is similar to Pinterest where you pin your fave photos into a board but in Houzz.com, you get to have your own ideabook where you can create folders or categories to keep those fave photos. The great thing about this site is that it is all about houses, home, interiors, garden, landscaping, outdoors and many more. It is a haven for home builders, contractors, interior decorators and architect alike because it is all about the home. And this site is just what I need.

Right now, I happened to find a photo that exactly describes the balcony I have in mind for the master bedroom, which is above the dining area and it is a 3-storey house as well. It is like art imitating life or in my case, my idea photographed by someone and constructed into a house.  You can get an idea of what the steel buildings will look like once they are built. I just love it! Here is the sample of the house’s side profile which I have been imagining all those time and saw it in houzz.com. I had another eureka moment there.        


I am beginning to see how our dream house will look like. Although I already have the whole picture in my head, it is different when you see a semblance of your idea in actuality. Houzz.com is surely my favourite go-to site for ideas about houses and more.

You can check out my profile at http://www.houzz.com/user/msculit and you may also open an account for free for your future or current project.

This is not a paid promotion by Houzz.com. I just feel like sharing the wonderful site to everyone who has plans like mine or are currently into a project but cannot seem to get the ideas they want for their homes. This is the site to visit!

Description Of Our Dream Home

The moment I have learned about the vacant lot that was generously given to us by my in-laws, I knew what type of house I will build on it. I have a picture of our dream house in my head. I know what rooms to put where and how big it is going to be. I have been sketching the floor plan for sometime and I always end up with the design that I have posted below. I tried tweaking it but the sketch below is always the winner.

personal property of Ria C homefamilyheart.com

personal property of Ria C homefamilyheart.com

My taste is not very luxurious but more of the minimalist and zen-type. Hence, the design is simple, well-structured and less cluttered. And with that, I want every room to be functional, not a single space wasted and every room in the house is well-used and visited.

Photo credit: yahoo.com/image

Photo credit: yahoo.com/image

I want 1 bedroom at the ground floor intended for my mom’s use and eventually for us when we grow old. There will be a laundry room as well, a spacious living and dining room and a kitchen with an island as per our daughter’s request. There will be a powder room under the staircase. I don’t want to waste the space under the stairs so putting a slightly sunken powder room is the best to maximize space. Also, the guests doesn’t have to use other bathrooms in the house because this powder room will be accessible just as you enter the main foyer. The only plus in this powder room is the addition of a small area for showers. It is a bathroom in reality but I am calling it a powder room!

The second floor will house the master bedroom with walk-in-closet and a bathroom ensuite. Our bedroom won’t be that big but it should be bright with plenty of windows to accommodate the natural light. I also like our walk-in-closet to be a his and hers kind of WIC. I have plenty of clothes and bags and I suppose it’s only fair to let my hubby own a space of the closet for once. The master bathroom will have a bathtub for relaxation and some serious aromatherapy! My daughter’s bedroom  will be beside our room with her own


bathroom and walk-in-closet too. The only thing with my daughter is that, I will leave the rein to her when it comes to the design. She loves the punk-rock-glam-girl kind of design and her color-scheme will border the purple-blue-black-white tones. Three things she wants to see in her room though is the window bench where she can sit and read her books with natural light seeping. She also wants her room with a big floral wallpaper or decal on one side of the room and lastly, her very own bathroom and a tub. The second floor will also overlook the living room downstairs. I want a high-ceiling and a veranda inside to see who’s in the living room.

Lastly, my favorite in the house will be the third floor where the guest/family area will be and our mini-office/art studio. I know it is a bit off to put a mini-office near an entertainment area but it’s not like we will be having a karaoke session every single day there. It’s just nice to have the mini-office and art studio away from the usual place where we will always have company. I would like to be able to draw inspiration there when creativity strikes by peeking outside the third floor’s balcony, overlooking the neighborhood and nearby city skyline.


We will have a small patch left outside to plant nice flowery plants or an extended patio where we can have breakfast, lunch or dinner al fresco.

We am still in the process of splitting the lot and formalizing the title of the property under our name. It is roughly 114 sq.m. total floor area and we expect to construct 90 sq.m. of floor area for the ground and second floor and probably 40 to 60 sq.m. third floor area footage.

I have spoken to my friend’s hubby already for the blue print once we have received the actual size of the lot. For now, I am just in my dream mode, praying and hoping that the right opportunities come to enable us to fulfill our lifelong dream of building our home and coming home for good.

Our Vacant Lot

Our vacation in the Philippines was very productive in many aspects. We got to visit our respective families, met great and long-time friends and had the chance to visit the lot where we will construct our future home.


I took every angle of the plot and I just could not believe that this year “may” be the start of the construction. I do pray it happens soon because I can envision how the house will look like once completed.

It is not a very big lot. It’s 114 sq.m. and we are thinking of having a 90 sq.m. floor area on the ground floor, another 90 or smaller on the second floor and about half of that on the 3rd floor which will serve as our family/guest room and mini-office area.

I pray that this year will be a great year for all of us – financially, professionally, healthy-wise, personally and spiritually. I can’t wait to see our dream house into reality. Soon!

In-Ground Pool

A swimming pool in your backyard is a great addition to your house. It can spike your house’s property value and on a homeowner’s point of view, it can bring endless fun and entertainment to you and your family.

I have been considering constructing a small in ground pool in our property. My daughter loves to swim and having one in the backyard will save the whole family from traveling miles and miles to reach a decent resort. Also, a pool will keep the household quite busy. We can have pool parties, invite families and friends over during summer to relieve the scorching heat and even just relax while sipping our favorite summer drinks.

The only set back I can think of is the cost of building and maintaining a pool. Imagine the amount of water that we will need to fill the pool, chlorine, inground pool pump, cover, net, and gate. I know the cost outweighs the long term benefits of having one but I have to consider the budget we will allocate for the construction of our dream home. If there is enough left to go around then I may consider a small pool, enough to fit in our backyard.

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