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Three Reasons to Avoid Fixing Your Own Clogged Drain

Nobody likes it when their drain backs up, but it happens in every home. Before you decide to put too much effort into fixing this problem, you should simply call a plumber. There are several reasons to do this, but the following are among the most important ones.
It may be a soft stoppage

This type of clogged drain is usually found in the kitchen sink drain. Lots of grease and oil build up over time creating a blockage. The problem with this type of stoppage is that once it is cleared, it will often reassemble a few feet down the drain pipe. It takes the use of a pressure hose to clear the drain with a soft stoppage. These are simple attachments that can be fitted to a common garden hose. However, it takes experience and skill to use one. In the hands of an amateur, the entire house can wind up flooded.
It may be a problem outside of your home

Many homeowners are not familiar with the basic design of a drain system. All drains in your home will route to a central location. This is usually a toilet. From here, there is a single, large main line that is connected to the sewer system. Often, when there is a drain problem, it may appear to be in your home, but the issue will be in the main line outside of your home. A common example of this is a toilet that persistently clogs or flushes slowly. In this case, the toilet may not be the problem, it may be the main line, and this is usually an issue with tree roots growing into the main drain line.
Protecting your personal safety

Although there are possibilities with do-it-yourself drain cleaning, there are safety issues you should consider. For example, the drain cleaning chemicals available off the shelf of your local store can be dangerous if handled improperly. In addition, they seldom work. Professions plumbers do not use them, so this should tell you something about their effectiveness. Also, if you need to get on your roof to access a drain through a vent shaft, it is possible to fall and injure yourself seriously. Any time a homeowner needs to get on his or her roof, it is best to call a professional, regardless of the specific job that is required.

If you have a drain that is clogged or is simply draining slowly, your best course of action is to call an orland park plumber immediately. They can fix your problem right away.

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