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Taking Care Of Your Sliding Doors And Windows


If you live in a place with plenty of sliding windows and doors, you will have to stock up on lubricants to ensure that the bearings will slide off easily on the track and not grind on the railing. However, these kinds of bearings need to be maintained regularly to ensure that they stay on the track and not get rusty or jammed with dust and lints.

Here are some tips to note to keep your sliding doors and windows well maintained:

  • Regularly clean the track area by vacuuming the lints and dust coming from the environment because when they collect and settle on the tracks, those dust and lints can jam the railing and bearings.
  • Dry the railings when it gets wet with old newspaper.
  • Lift the doors and windows every now and then to check on the track for some objects or small rocks that may embed on the bearings or hardware mechanism of the sliding doors and windows.
  • Lubricate regularly after cleaning the track or railing so the bearings will slide off easily on the track.

Loosen Stuck Sliding Windows and Doors

Photo credit: www.tradekool.com

If you have sliding doors and windows in your home and they are not budging when you close or open them, try this simple trick. Get a silicone lubricant spray and spray it along the railings to smooth the skids. This usually happens with cold climate because metals contract and friction is high.

So don’t despair when your sliding doors or windows are stuck. Head to the nearest hardware store and get a silicone lubricant spray. That should do the trick!

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