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Cool Dog Houses For Your Back Yard

It is summer and the heat can be very unbearable. If we feel it is too hot for us then our beloved fur pals will be feeling the inconvenience in a much different degree.

Dogs can overheat quite fast compared to humans as they have different process of releasing the heat from their bodies. And they do not sweat as much as we do. So, it is our obligation to ensure that even during the peak of summer, our furry pals are also convenient, comfortable, and not exposed to the extreme weather conditions brought about by summer.

Not every homeowners accommodate their dogs inside the home especially if they have the big kinds. No matter what the reason is for not letting your dogs inside the house, it is humane to ensure that their living quarters offer the best comfort any pet owner can give their dogs.

Here are some comfortable and really convenient dog houses that you can set up in your backyard that can withstand the heat of summer, and provide warmth even on the cooler months:


Photo credit: http://community.homedepot.com/howto/ArticleDetail/Dog-House-with-Roof-Top-Deck-ka450000000TQKw


Cabin Doghouse



Photo credit: doggytoyhub.com


This dog kennel is perfect for pet owners who have multiple dogs in the family. It is very spacious and the air circulates normally, allowing the dogs to feel cool on breezy days. A fan installed can help cool down dogs during summer.

Photo credit: radnoroak.co.uk

If you have the budget to level up your precious dog’s house, install a heater/air condition unit combo that will help regulate the temperature inside even during the harshest weather.

Photo credit: cozywinters.com


Happy National Dog Day Millie!

August 31 is designated as the National Dog Day. This year, it is being celebrated a week earlier.

The National Dog Day was created to support adoption of  rescue dogs, including dogs in local shelter. Their motto is to save 10,000 dogs from east to west coast in the US, one day at a time. I wish I knew this even before my beloved fur baby passed away this year. I would have celebrated this National Dog Day with my Millie by taking a day-off and just spending time with her in a more special way.

Well, every day can be a National Dog Day for pet owners because of the love they give to their loyal fur babies. So, my Millie may not be around to celebrate this wonderful day to recognise all dogs in the planet, I know she’s more happy where she is now, running free without any pain.

Happy National Dog Day to all doggies out there! I pray that all pets are loved and taken cared of because they deserve nothing but the best!




25% Off on TruDog Products From TruPet

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I regularly cook food for my beloved Millie (she passed away recently). I always make sure than she ate clean, home-cooked dog food. Sometimes, I buy her food from the pet shop or the vet’s or some kibbles to give her balance diet and texture.

If you have dogs and want to make sure they get the cleanest and right nutrition that they need, find time to cook them meals which you can pack and freeze to be consumed later. You can also try TruDog’s Pet food for taste and nutrition.

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nutrition system

Homemade Dog Food

Is your dog a finicky eater? Are you trying to wean your dog from eating processed dog foods most of the time? Does your dog need to keep a healthy weight? If so, then preparing homemade dog food for your precious furry baby is the best thing to do to ensure that your dog has clean food that is usually free from too many processed stuff and unnecessary salt and sugar in its diet.

This homemade dog food is easy to make. You can keep them in packs for few days and freeze them to keep them fresh. You can play around with other meat ingredients to add but the main deal is a healthy homemade dog food.

2 tbsp cooked rice, pasta or wholemeal bread (some dogs may have an allergy on wheat products)

Approximately half-your-fist-sized meat: lean beef, chicken or fish

Fibre in the form of carrots, grated

1-2 tsp olive oil

5 tbsp broth (preferably the one used for boiling the meat). Do not use processed broth cubes for this. Our goal is to make fresh, homemade dog meals.


How to:

Grate carrots and set aside

Scoop cooked rice and put in a blender, add boiled choice of meat (either diced or pulled)

Add olive oil and broth

Mix all in a blender and blend until meat and rice/bread or pasta are grounded


Now you can serve this to your pooch or save until later. Put in a ziplock bag and freeze for next batch. You can increase the ratio of the ingredients depending on your dog size. This is good for a small to medium sized dog.


New Types of Pet Barriers

Most pet owners have experienced it at least once: they’re on a nice, peaceful drive and their trusty, furry companion is with them. Everything may be hunky-dory at first, but suddenly, without warning, the dog goes wild. Refusing to stay in the back seat, he tries repeatedly to climb into the front of the car. This is not only frustrating for the driver, but also downright dangerous. How can anyone fully concentrate on steering their vehicle properly with Fido trying desperately to climb into their lap or to start licking their face?

photo credit: doggiegoride.com

photo credit: doggiegoride.com

Naturally, this is why pet barriers came into being. But many of the types available do very little to deter the animals from pursuing their very unacceptable behavior. A dog can easily move the solid type that can’t be seen through and isn’t even properly secured. He can lean through netting or even bite right through it. While there are metal barriers, many are spring-loaded and can sproing out of place or damage the interior of the car. If there’s so many cons with what’s available, though, what’s left?

Some people end up creating their own pet barriers that bypass these problems. While some leave it at that, others decide to try to patent and sell their creations to other worried, frustrated pet owners. One such invention is available at http://doggiegoride.com. It’s a unique metal vehicle pet barrier that looks like a cage door, with levels of thin bars that enable a perfect view from either side. It’s adjustable to three different heights, so that dogs of many sizes and breeds can join the fun of a car ride. It’s also designed to protect the interior of the car, so there aren’t any spring-loaded devices that can bounce free if there’s trouble with the installation.

There are other unique pet barriers on the market as well. Finding them just takes an Internet search or two. If you’re an exasperated or frightened pet owner worried about the damage your dog could cause, getting a barrier that’s right for you is a good idea.

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