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Homemade Dog Food

Is your dog a finicky eater? Are you trying to wean your dog from eating processed dog foods most of the time? Does your dog need to keep a healthy weight? If so, then preparing homemade dog food for your precious furry baby is the best thing to do to ensure that your dog has clean food that is usually free from too many processed stuff and unnecessary salt and sugar in its diet.

This homemade dog food is easy to make. You can keep them in packs for few days and freeze them to keep them fresh. You can play around with other meat ingredients to add but the main deal is a healthy homemade dog food.

2 tbsp cooked rice, pasta or wholemeal bread (some dogs may have an allergy on wheat products)

Approximately half-your-fist-sized meat: lean beef, chicken or fish

Fibre in the form of carrots, grated

1-2 tsp olive oil

5 tbsp broth (preferably the one used for boiling the meat). Do not use processed broth cubes for this. Our goal is to make fresh, homemade dog meals.


How to:

Grate carrots and set aside

Scoop cooked rice and put in a blender, add boiled choice of meat (either diced or pulled)

Add olive oil and broth

Mix all in a blender and blend until meat and rice/bread or pasta are grounded


Now you can serve this to your pooch or save until later. Put in a ziplock bag and freeze for next batch. You can increase the ratio of the ingredients depending on your dog size. This is good for a small to medium sized dog.


Food For Thought

Your dog is likely a member of the family. You want to feed your dog an all natural dog food so that it gets all of the nutrients it needs to live a healthy life. There are brands that are made with vegetables and beef or chicken. These have the same vitamins and minerals that you might find in a meal that you would prepare. The exact ingredients aren’t the same, but the concept is the same in that the dog’s food shouldn’t consist of added ingredients that don’t have a benefit for the health of your pet.

A benefit of natural food is that there aren’t any animal by-products. If something doesn’t sound appealing to you, then it’s not something that you want to give to your dog. Do a little research when it comes to the ingredients. Avoid foods with a lot of corn meal and starches as they can add more weight on the dog than is needed. Look for foods that have more protein. Chicken, fish and eggs are ideal ingredients for dogs to enjoy.

When you give your dog a natural food, it can improve the health of the skin and coat. It can improve the muscles and joints. The energy level of the dog will be maintained as the dog will be getting the proper nutrients instead of foods that can make the dog inactive. A healthy food can help decrease the risk of allergies, especially if the dog is kept inside. If you have noticed your dog sneezing or coughing, then you might want to try a natural food to see if it helps. Since there is a higher amount of protein in a natural food, you will probably find that you are feeding your dog less. It won’t take as much to fill the dog as it won’t be eating the junk that is found in brands that aren’t organic or natural. Natural foods often give your dog a longer life span. When they aren’t getting the by-products and unhealthy ingredients that can damage the arteries and the heart, then they will be able to live a longer and fuller life.

Natural Dog Treats To Prepare At Home


Preparing your dog treats at home is a good option to save money, provide healthier food and pick on fresh ingredients that are good for your precious fur baby.

Commercially made treats can be harmful too and there have been many instances where some of these products have been recalled due to harmful ingredients used. Home-cooked treats are more natural and organic in a way because you can control what kind of ingredients to use.

Before embarking on the preparing natural treats for your dog, please ensure that you are familiar with the many other ingredients that a dog cannot ingest. Here are few examples of food to avoid when preparing your dog’s natural treats:

Onions – can be poisonous to a dog affecting its blood and causing anaemia

Grapes/Raisins – can cause kidney failure

Chocolate – contains methylxanthines which is a toxin for dogs

Xylitol – found in sweeteners used for candies and gums, it can cause liver failure

Macadamia nuts – can cause muscle weakness and paralysis

Canned goods (human consumption) – due to high levels of salt (and sugar for some canned goods)

There are more but be careful with your food preparation.


Below are lists of resources where you can find recipes for your fur babies’ treats that you can make at home to ensure the highest level of quality and freshness your dogs deserve.



http://www.cesarsway.com/ – This is Cesar Milan’s site (the dog whisperer) and you can also find many tips on how to care, train your dogs

http://www.organic-pet-digest.com/homemade-dog-food-recipes.html – contains list of other sites that offer natural dog treat recipes



Have fun with the doggie treat preparation and couple that with lots of love and affection!


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