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Recycling Everything for Everyone

Everyone from the average renter to the business-minded owners can incorporate recycled material into their everyday lives. Recycling is a continuous cycle where material is kept in rotation. If you’re not buying new material, you’re saving money, helping the environment and using your creative juices to help your life. The act usually brings to mind collecting things in bulky blue containers, but there’s actually many ways recycling can be done.

Quick Home Projects

There’s smaller recycling projects without the need for machines. You can get newspaper to use as makeshift wallpaper. Toilet paper rolls can be used as wire organizers by rolling the wires into the center. Partially-cut milk jugs can be turned into planters. Clothes and curtains can be cut and reused in other fabrics. There’s even a no-sew option for adding a new fabric to a couch or love seat using precise folds and safety pins.

Do-It-Yourself Conversion

Everything mentioned so far has been re-purposing material, but you can also do work that’s usually left to production centers like paper mills. You can recreate your own rough paper by putting it into a blender with warm water to make pulp that is then molded, pressed and dried. The result is paper that fits your desired size and thickness. You can also add plant material to the pulp to make beautiful, decorative paper. There’s the option of melting plastic in an oven, though the fumes make this a more complicated process best done with an oven designed for this and with some oversight. There may be workshops available in your area that can help.

Heavy Machinery

Of course there are those who make a living out of recycling and production of recyclable materials, In these cases, heavy machinery could be worth the investment. There’s extraction equipment too, useful for those who may or may not be in the production business. Sometimes, extracted material is easier to transport. There’s companies who can use the recycled rubber material to make other roll products.

This is just a few ways you can directly recycle products. You can try to find local workshops or look at online photo albums to get even more great ideas. Everyone has a chance to recycle in ways that be both fun and profitable.

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