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St. Patrick’s Day Table Decor Inspirations

We will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in few weeks time and many people, especially the Irish, will be up on their toes in decorating their humble abode with something green, reminiscent of the green hue representations of St. Patrick.

These are some cute and lovely ideas to inspire you to in your decorating tips. (Photo credit to the owners of these photos. I have taken them from Pinterest but due credit goes out to the respective owners.)


Dress Up Your Front Door This Halloween

One of the ways of getting into the spirit of Halloween is to decorate our homes to give that spooky feel and effect. Windows are adorned with scary representations of Halloween, the porch is teeming with man-made cobwebs out of cotton and the pumpkins are carved to show off a Jack O’Lantern face. Even the trees and bushes are not spared with plastic amputated limbs and skulls hiding in the bushes. Let’s not forget about the treats in the bowl and the out-of-this-world costumes to top the Halloween spirit.

Are we forgetting something in the whole process of giving the home a spooky look and feel? Well, there’s one thing you should also consider – the front door! Yes, it’s a big rectangular shape that can allow a lot of creative flair. So, here are some amazing, colorful, scarily cute front door decoration ideas this Halloween.



 (Photos from parents.com)



(Photo from blog.homes.com)



(Photo from homedit.com)




(Photos from pinterest.com)


Eclectic Home Decors From Etsy

Etsy is one of my favorite online shops when I need inspiration, supplies for my arts and crafts and even to beautify my blogs. Aside from getting those from Etsy, I also discovered amazing shop owners selling eclectic home decors that are handmade with love.  These home decors are lovely so you can actually put them anywhere in your home to add some flair and make that space more lively and entertaining.

Aside from being eclectic, these home decors can spice up any room in your home and can also act as a great conversation pieces. Choose one or more from the many Etsy offers and visit their shops to find more treasures to display.


il_570xN.490520560_itcw I like this funky and full-of-attitude-in-your-face kind of clock. I think it’s great for my daughter’s room. :) You can get this from Jennimo.




This driftwood candle holder will be a perfect decor on your table top especially if your home decor’s theme is into nature and sea and nautical. It will also look great in the garden or porch where you have a garden setting. It will also be a good piece in the bathroom. You can get this pretty and natural candle holder from SeaAndEarth.



I love cuckoo clocks and this clock is just one of the home decors I found in Etsy that really captivated me. The cuckoo clock is made of laser-cut pieces of mdf. It is a functioning clock as well. Get one of these fancy and super cute cuckoo clock from FabParlor.




These fabulous candlestick holders are distressed and made of wood. I feel, if I were to use them, I have to put a metal lining so as not to catch fire. Definitely, these candlestick holders are lovely as decors.  You can put them all on top of your mantle or dining table or even at the foyer if you have a console table there. They are lovely. You can get them from ElizabethanFolkArt and you can find more interesting pieces in this shop.

Personalized family signs or signages are also home decors I consider very unique and have that certain charisma anywhere you put them. Here are some sample from various Etsy sellers:



From DallowayPlaceGifts






And lastly, these decorative pillows will make any seat at home cozy and comfy. 


From VFIllustration


il_570xN.553777159_932j il_570xN.520338285_nv8m


Both pillows above are from Avitalos



From FayeCozyhome



From bedbuggs


This is not a paid post nor sponsored by any of the following featured sellers of Etsy. I just find their decors really pretty and worth noting.

Pretty Christmas Swags For Your Home

I love Christmas! It’s a great season to dress up your home with festive decorations. Christmas trees, wreaths, ornaments, nativity scene and lights are the common Christmas decorations you can find in a household. However, there is another Christmas decoration I love putting at home because it adds some drama and really livens up the place. That decoration is the Christmas swag.

A swag is usually a bundle of leaves with fruits, flowers that swags, sways or droops. It is usually found on homes’ doorways, staircase railings, mailboxes fireplace mantle, table top center pieces and even on window sills as decoration.

You can spice up your Christmas decors with an addition of a Christmas swag. Look at these lovely swags for inspiration.

(Photos’ credit: from yahoo images)

Eclectic Fall Decorations For Your Table Top

homefamilyheart.com  fall decorations, table top

The beautiful colors of autumn are very warm and inviting. It is nice to put something eclectic on your coffee table, dining table or any table top that will add warmth and coziness to the feel of your home.

You do not have to spend a fortune to be able to come up with something pretty to decorate your table tops. Most of the things you will need to complete the autumn look and feel of your eclectic decors are just right in your yard or nearby market.

Here are some ideas to start with:

  • Grab some foliage from your backyard and arrange them in a clear vase. Put varying shades of yellow, orange, brown and red to depict the many colors of fall.
  • If you live near a farm or cornfields or have access to them, ask farmers for few pieces of old cobs which are not suitable for consumption. Glue them together or attach wires and attach to a big candle. You now have a corn cob candle holder.
  • Get some varying sizes of pumpkins and color some of them with gray and white. Put them on top of each other and place on your favorite table for added pizzazz.
  • Do you have spare fabric felt of fall colors? Why not convert them into table runners but cutting out shapes of leaves and connect them together.

Below are pictures form BHG.com for more pretty fall decorations for your table tops.

homefamilyheart.com fall decor table top


homefamilyheart.com table top, decor, fall



fall, home decor, autumn, homefamilyheart.com

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