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Fun and Creative Pumpkin Decoration Ideas

It’s Fall! And soon it’ll be Halloween! It’s so nice to fill the home with Fall decors and the pumpkin patches are brimming with lovely hues of fall-colored pumpkins and gourds around. Pick up some nice pumpkins to add that Fall and Halloween festivity feel in your home. Get some fresh ideas from these fun, colorful and creative ways to decorate your pumpkins this Fall and Halloween.

(All photos from BHG.com)

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas

It’s 4th of July in few days and it’s nice to deck out that patio or decorate the house with simple and easy-to-do decorating ideas from Better Home and Gardens. Here are some ideas to get your started and show your love and patriotism this coming Independence Day!

(all photos from BHG.com)

3 Ways To Bring The Outside In This Summer

Summer has finally arrived, and wasn’t it long overdue? Summer, as I’m sure you’re all aware is the perfect time for re-decorating the home. This summer, a return to nature and wooden décor appear to be key themes that will carry through, and numerous redecorations seem to be carrying along this theme. Here are just three ways that you can capitalise on this and bring wood into your home this summer.

Wooden Floors to Brighten Up Any Entrance

Your entrance hallway is the one place where people will gain a first impression of your home. Unfortunately, as it is the place where most people enter and exit your home, it becomes grubby and tatty quickly, creating a poor first impression… especially if you have carpets.

For this reason, especially if you’re thinking about a restyle, you should seriously consider wooden floors (or laminate wooden effect ones if the budget is tight). This will instantly both take your home back to nature and make the space much more liveable. Wood allows for easy wipe down and quick cleaning, so gone are the days of mucky footprints staining the carpet. This way you’ll have a light, bright entrance hallway that will last forever.

Wooden Beds to Bring Nature into the Bedroom

The bedroom is a sumptuous boudoir in the winter, and a place to retire and relax away from the cold. However, in the summer, this is no longer the case, and you want something that is light, bright and airy: the perfect place to escape the heat of the summer sun.

Wooden beds are perfect for the effect of bringing the outside in, especially handcrafted solid wooden ones. If you team this with light, beige linen and stone coloured walls, you’ll revitalise your bedroom, celebrating the best of the British summer in the process.

Wooden Picture Frames and Accessories to Tie Everything Together

Of course, nobody can afford to entirely redecorate every single room in their home and, because of this; you need to pay attention to the little details that will tie everything together. Simple décor items like wooden furniture frames provide a completely natural look, while stone or sand based vases will help tie together elements from each room, creating a constant theme using a minimal budget.

To conclude, wood definitely looks like it will be the in vogue décor accessory this summer. From big, statement wooden furniture pieces to small and slight finishing touches, wooden décor could make all the difference to the outlook of your home this summer. So, if you’re thinking of redecorating or renovating, keep the above points to mind when you’re selecting a scheme. There’s wooden furniture for every budget, so the sky is your limit- good luck.

When Distressed and Tired Can Look Fresh and Stylish

In today’s society, we’re often driven by the desire to throw things away as soon as they reach a point where they don’t look as perfect as they did when we purchased them. From that new kitchen appliance to the new electronics you’ve just installed in your living room, we’re all too often replacing what we have with more up to date options as soon as they are available. Despite this common occurrence, in interior design, there’s been a shift over the past few years that has seen decorators and designers bring back and restore old pieces of furniture or upcycle old things that you might have thought useless. So how can you use your old, tired or distressed furniture to give your home an inspired, fresh look?  We explore a few unique ideas below.

Photo not mine

Photo not mine


Upcycling Your Garden Equipment

Many people think that the garden is the garden and your home is your home. In other words, that the two spaces shouldn’t mix., However this traditional view of things is starting to disappear as many designers see the potential of introducing elements to the home that you’d usually only find in the garden. Two good examples of this are wheelbarrows and wooden ladders. An old, metal wheelbarrow can be adapted into a shining metal chair if angled correctly and filled with colourful, soft cushions, and a set of wooden ladders makes for a great bespoke shelf if turned horizontally and placed against the wall. You could even repaint them to give them some real character.

Deck out Your Kitchen with Reclaimed Furniture

The kitchen is commonly the hub of the modern home, and this means that it’s essential that it is full of personality and bespoke flair. That’s because it’s probably one of the most often inhabited rooms of a home. So, instead of purchasing a kitchen table that looks like it’s straight off the shelf, why not order something a little but more unique. Stores like Trade Furniture Company sell reclaimed wooden tables that would make family meals a real pleasure.

An Authenticity to Your Bathroom

A final way that you could use old or tired looking materials to improve your home could be in the bathroom. Bathrooms are notoriously difficult to look unique. Most people’s bathrooms are white with accents of blue or green, but with some of the pieces, your bathroom could go from generic to unique instantly. Try replacing the floor of your shower with a wooden surface. The roughness of wood is not only good for your feet, but it will also add a tonne of personality to what can otherwise be just a piece of practical equipment in an otherwise average room.

As you can see, there are ways to use old and distressed objects that can make your home feel special and fresh, why not try some out?

Things To Consider In Bathroom Remodeling


Who said you can’t have fun with bathrooms? If you’re looking for something different with your next remodel, check out these five fun ways to add a little personality to the most important room in your house.

1: Drain Covers

As long as there’s space for the water to drain, the sky is the limit when it comes to drain cover designs. You can have an iron-wrought dragon, for example, with the water flowing out through its mouth, or a Chinese spiral where the water flows down in a curve.

2: Personalized Tile

If it’s time to replace that old ceramic, buy yourself a few new tiles and let your kids customize them with colors, stencil drawings, their own names, et cetera. Then laminate them to lay them down among the rest.

3: Vanities

You spent more time in front of your vanity than anywhere else in the bathroom, so shouldn’t it be something special? Shake things up with antique mirrors, mosaic porcelain or new fixtures of brass or chrome.

4: Sinks

Sinks come in all shapes and sizes these days, so don’t feel like you’re stuck with the boring bowl that came with the house. Look into block, geometric or architectural designs that will make your guests do a double take when they pop in to wash their hands.

5: Cabinets

If your cabinets are unchanged from the ones you first stocked ten years ago, it’s time to transform them into something new. A paint job or interior wallpapering is simple enough, and they can change the whole feel of the design.


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