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Beautiful Fall Mantle Decoration

The cool breeze in the morning is ushering the coming of autumn. And all the more I am getting very excited to have our dream home constructed. Looking at beautiful pictures of houses with fireplace mantles to accommodate the decorations you can put for every season is just inviting. I found these pictures in the internet and I am saving them for inspiration. These pictures will give me the design ideas I need for my faux fireplace’s mantle.

They are all pretty and I think they will look great in our dream home.

(Photo credit: Yahoo.com)

Finding the Right Artwork for Your Home

Home is where the heart is, but, that doesn’t always mean that we put enough effort into making our house feel like home. This is especially true if you’ve just moved into a new space and have yet to find anything that will help to tie all of your décor together. While it’s completely possible to live in a home or apartment without bare walls, artwork can help to liven up any space and to tie in each element in the room. But, finding the right artwork for your home can be a daunting task.

But, there are a few things to think of when you’re trying to find the right art to help decorate the walls in your home.

Look at art.


Source: www.artssz.net

It may be easier to just pick up anything from the store and call it a day, but you may not be happy with it a day, week, or month down the line. You should take some time in researching what artwork is available in your area or online for you to purchase. If you still aren’t sure about what to purchase, think about which styles seem to speak to you the most so you have a direction to move in when you’re ready to buy.

Pick the size.

Make sure you’re selecting sizes that are appropriate for the space. You want to make sure you are giving your art some room to breathe, ensure that you have some breaks between the art you hang and the color on your walls. You can create some visual interest by selecting a few paintings that tie into one another through theme and color and hanging them together in a staggered on the wall.

Consider color.




Make sure you’re really thinking about the colors in the painting especially if you already have your other décor picked out. Pick artwork that harmonizes with your color pallet well, try not to go overboard with the color pallet as it can create a confusing or chaotic look in the room.

If you’re going to decorate around a painting, try to envision the accessories you can use to pull everything together from the painting. Pick one or two main colors from the painting as your accent colors for the room.

Keep it level.



If you haven’t hung art before, you will quickly learn just how easy it is to make the frame askew when you didn’t mean to. This is especially true if the frame has more than a single hanger on the back. If you don’t have a level, you may want to invest in a laser level, or, you can scan in the back of the frame on your scanner and print out a true-to-size template that you can use to hang the artwork with a traditional level.


Some things to keep in mind when you’re searching for the perfect art for your home are:


  1. Keep an open mind and look at as many art styles as possible to see which suits your personal tastes.
  2. Keep your art framed or well cleaned to preserve the integrity of your room’s focal point.
  3. Choose high resolution images.
  4. Try to pull only a couple of colors from the painting to use as accent colors. Too many can create confusion or a sloppy appearance.
  5. Consider your wall color before purchasing art.
  6. Use the art to brighten up any space and use it in tandem with family photographs.
  7. Keep a theme throughout the house or split up between rooms.
  8. Art can create a mood for the space. Different color pallets will create different moods.
  9. Try to keep artwork light and airy in small spaces to open up the room.
  10. Dark colors may make the room appear to be smaller.
  11. Pick appropriate subject matter to your own personal tastes.




About the Author


Hi I’m Riley – Wife, Mother & Fashion Trend Blogger at RebelsMarket. I enjoy writing about lifestyle, art and travel adventures. When not writing you can find me working on my fruit garden or walking my dog at wee hours of the night.

Spring Decors For Your Garden

It may still be frigid in most parts of Northern Hemisphere but do not let that hamper your spirit in welcoming the thought of  the burgeoning of spring.

March 8 is the official start of Spring season in the farmer’s almanac. However, we all know that with the continuous pounding of snow storm in the US and other parts of the northern continents, spring may still come a bit later.

Whether spring comes late or on time this year, make use of the time you are stuck at home to think of ways to beautify your garden with spring decors. Here are some nifty ideas to consider to make spring 2015 ultra fabulous!



(Photo credit: pinterest.com)

If you have old shovels and other garden tools in your shed or are not in use, simply use them as your accessories to add some spring decor touch near your porch or wherever there is a blank wall that needs some decor. Liven up that space with simple gatherings of flowering plants, cute lanterns and other figurines depicting spring.



(Photo credit: edecor.com)

Do you have an old wagon, a crate or even a wooden barrel that you can use to up-cycle? Then convert them into lovely containers of flowering plants, bulbs and other small plants to signify spring. Add several terracotta pots in various shapes and sizes to add more earthiness to the scene.


New flowers spring 10

(Photo credit: thegableswi.blogspot.com)
Are you crafty? Any spare saucers and teacups you can use to convert to spring decors and even pinwheels?  Just secure them together or drill holes and attach with a sturdy nut and bolt against a long wood or pole and place along shrubs and flowery bushes for a more whimsical feel. You can also buy pinwheels like the one below and spread all over your garden.


 In the Breeze 24 Petal Triple Wheel Flower Garden Spinner


Add little figurines in some areas of your garden and they can certainly make your space interesting and lively. Use fairy villages or small houses like the one below:


Fiddlehead Fairy Village – Fairy Garden Mushroom Tavern House


(Photo credit: raveandreview.com)


spring-fence-decorating-ideas-garden (1)


(Photo credit: ideashomegarden.com)


Paint your pots with lively colors of spring like pastel green, yellow, pink, sky blue and other colors that show the nature of spring like the picture above.


DIY Backyard Paradise

Creating your very own backyard paradise with your own two hands is actually a very rewarding exercise. Building something yourself from scratch is always immensely satisfying and it keeps the mind and body active. But with something as big as a backyard DIY project, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Outdoor Furniture

If an entertaining area is a must, you’ll need to ensure that it’s properly kitted out. Outdoor furniture, especially when buying from large retailers like Super Amart Australia, comes in all sizes, shapes and styles, so it’s important that each piece is in keeping with your aesthetic. One way to achieve this is by going with an outdoor suite; this will usually include a table, chairs, and possibly other matching odds and ends that will help tie the area together.

Things to Consider

All of that thought and planning is for naught, however, if you don’t yet know what sort of outdoor area you’d like to create. Will you be entertaining? Or will you be creating a kind of outdoor room just for yourself to relax in? Are you building your area around an existing structure, like a pool? Once you know the answer to questions like these, then your work can really begin.

Garden Decoration

This could be a great opportunity to beautify your garden! Consider flowering or colourful plants, a nice new shed, or maybe even the addition of a decorative garden path. All of these things are quite reasonably priced, are easy to install yourself, are attention-grabbing, and can really create a different atmosphere in the yard. Maybe create a path using stones or decorative tiles and throw in a loop-de-loop as it winds its way to the clothes line.

Grow Your Own

Another great option for a DIY project is a veggie patch or two. Urban farming is all the rage these days with people choosing to grow their own vegetables rather than spend money at the supermarket. If space is an issue, grow herbs instead! They take up a fraction of the room and don’t require as much TLC as some plants and vegetables. Veggie patches themselves are extremely cheap and easy to build as well.


How’s your lawn looking? Could it use a going over amongst all of this change and improvement? If you know what you’re doing you can always tear up the grass and scatter seedlings to grow the precise kind you’re after, but if you’re keen to get started right away you can always look at turf as an option. Though it lies at the “more difficult” end of the DIY spectrum, for the particularly handy, turf’s a fast, effective way to make your lawn look amazing.

Hopefully you’ve got a few ideas now and are ready to get started! Turning your backyard into your own personal paradise is all in the planning and execution. Get a few knowledgeable friends to help you out if you aren’t too sure how to accomplish a particular task or jump online and search for in-depth tutorials. What are your top tips for backyard DIY? Leave a comment below.


(Photo credit: modernhippiemag.com)

Pink and Shabby Chich Christmas Tree Decoration Theme

I am so fascinated with pink, be it pastel pink, light pink, fuchsia pink, hot Barbie pink – anything PINK! That’s why they call me Barbie because I just love pink. So, I am so inspired and really psyched to do a pink Christmas theme next year. I have already started purchasing and collecting pink ornaments for next year’s pink Christmas tree decor theme. I will also buy pink Christmas decors after the holidays so I can get them on sale which I will use for next year.

It’s never too early to buy for next year’s Christmas decor. As a matter of fact, it will save you big time to buy decors few days or after Christmas because they will be on mega sale. And that’s exactly what I will do.

I gathered fabulous pink themed Christmas tree decors from the internet and amongst all the photos I have collected, below are the ones that really tickle me “pink,” pun intended. (Credits to all photos’ owners.)


I imagine our 2015 Christmas tree to be more of a shabby-chic, Victorian inspired one so I will need plenty of these materials if I want to save money and make my own ornaments.

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