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Is It Time to Seal Your Wood Deck?

Whether you’re building a new wood deck or just maintaining your old one, it’s important to protect it with a good sealer. By sealing and maintaining your deck, you will increase the wood’s strength and durability and reduce daily wear-and-tear from foot traffic.

Why Is A Sealer Important?

When wood is cut from a tree and harvested as lumber it’s no longer protected by natural oils found in tree bark. Without oils, bare wood becomes dry and brittle and prone to attacks by borer insects and termites. Water will cause bare wood to swell and sun will cause it to dry out and shrink. This process of expanding and shrinking will cause the wood to become unstable, resulting in warping, twisting and cracking. Without a proper sealer, your beautiful wooden deck will rot and collapse over time.

When Is The Best Time To Seal Your Deck?

The best time to seal your wood deck depends on several factors including the age of your deck, your climate, and your local weather conditions. For proper protection, it’s important to apply a good sealer at the right time of year.

The Age of Your Deck – If you’re building a new wood deck, you should wait at least one year before applying a sealer. New wood requires time to cure and dry properly or it won’t absorb the sealer. With new wood, protect your deck with a new wood treatment for the first year, then followup with a sealer. If you have an older wood deck, you should reseal your deck every 12 to 18 months for best year-round protection.

Your Climate – In most areas, it’s best to seal your deck in the spring or fall when temperatures are mild. If you apply sealer during the summer heat or winter cold, the sealer won’t penetrate the wood properly to provide adequate protection. For best results, check the product label on your sealer or talk to your contractor to find more details today.

Weather Conditions – Before you apply a sealer, clean your deck to remove dirt and debris. You can use a power washer, but allow the deck to dry for two or three days before sealing it. When the deck is completely dry, apply the sealer and let it dry for one or two days. Make sure to check your local weather forecast and choose five or six days with mild temperatures and no rain.

Easy-to-Install Decking Tiles

Are you tired looking at your porch or deck’s worn out tiles? Are you in a tight budget but would really need a deck-lift without having to call the professional? Are you after affordable tiles that are easy to install? Well, there is a solution to your tile dilemma.

Here are easy-to-install tiles for your deck or porch and ou don’t actually need a professional to do the work.

Snap-together deck tiles
These tiles are great over your existing old deck tiles as they can cover weathered wood decks, concrete surfaces, porches and even walkways.

Teak tiles
Teak tiles are great for outdoor dining and entertaining. They are easy to install as the tiles are linked together through a hidden stainless steel hardware.

Recycled composite tiles
Are you the earth-friendly kind and want to do your part to minimize use of natural resources? Then this kind of decking floor will be the best to use. Renew Resources tiles are made out of recycled wood and plastic. They are installed slightly elevated to allow water to flow underneath.

European groove tiles
The European groove tiles are called as such because they are milled with grooves patterned after the traditional European decking style. The ipe tiles (or exotic hardwood used for decking and flooring) can withstand damp, hot, or cold climates.


Pre-assembled walkways
These are assembled walkways with ropes which can be rolled out over grass, stones or wood chips. This is quite versatile in a way because you can take it in if you want to show your old porch or deck and take it out again if you want to cover it with something new. Not only that, it is great above grassy areas if you have parties and you don’t want your guests’ heels getting stuck in the grass.

Stone deck
I prefer this than wood because if I will build my house in the Philippines where it perennially rains then this can be a good solution to a porch, deck or garden flooring and walkway with less the muddy after-effect.

The stone deck tiles looks like patio pavers without having to uproot your existing deck.

(Photo credit and info source: bhg.com)

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