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Clearing Our Mess

I am very surprised that I managed to clear almost 6 big trash bags filled with our old stuff that we seldom use and have long forgotten. The trash bags were filled with old and worn out toys of our Millie, my daughter’s old school notebooks, my own files and articles that I couldn’t remember printing out, my husband’s magazines which were all decade’s old and worn out shoes/bags and even clothes that couldn’t be donated anymore. I even saw some cheap custom drawstring bags which were marked with some hotels’brand we have stayed at before during our travels. There were even very old bath soaps and gels from the same hotels that I have kept for souvenir or when we have guests.

I guess, we have been hoarding for a long time now and just realized that the stuff we have were just collecting dusts and taking up space at home. I even gave some of my old bags and shoes back home recently when we sent a “balikbayan” box. I just couldn’t believe that even after cleaning before, we still have so much mess. It’s time to downsize and really stick to our goal of saving. I can’t afford to keep buying stuff only to forget about them in the long run.

Free Printable Labels For Your Storage

Are you in the process of clearing your junk and making way to a more organized and clutter-free home? Well, for every spring cleaning project, a handy label is a must to provide proper identification on the items inside a storage for easy retrieval. ¬†You don’t have to buy those adhesive labels and stick on your storage only to peel them off later and they don’t peel off easily too! Why not print these cute free printable labels for your storage containers and bins?

Square labels




Rectangle labels



Menu planning labels



Canning jar labels



Reminder labels



Weekly wardrobe labels



Round labels



(All photos and labels are from BHG.com)

5 Bedroom Storage Solutions for Your Home


Our bedroom is the place where we sleep, so we won’t want it to be a mess, as clutter can clutter the mind, and could affect our ability to drift off to sleep easily. Unfortunately we often have so much stuff that we need to keep in our bedroom that we find ourselves putting more and more stuff in there meaning we have less and less space for living. Using smarter storage innovations can free up some of that space and leave our bedroom feeling more spacious and lighter so we can drift off to sleep without a care in the world. Here are 5 awesome bedroom storage solutions for your home.

Purpose Built Bookshelves

Having purpose built bookshelves installed is a great way of utilising space, especially if it is at unusual angles or you can’t find a bookshelf to fit. They can be built to utilise the space above the bed, in a corner, or anywhere there is spare space, to put all those books or other nick nacks in a place where they can be kept neatly organised for future use.

Window Seats

A window seat is a great storage solution and a great use of space in a bedroom. Not only will it provide somewhere for you to sit and read a book, but you can store blankets and other items in there for easy access when needed. A window seat is an awesome way to use space in a multi-functional way!

Maximise Wardrobe Space

Using your wardrobe space wisely could help to minimise the stuff that is out on display in your bedroom and reduce clutter. You can maximise wardrobe space by using collapsible fabric shelves for shoes, jumpers and other items. Vacuum bags are another great way to store items that you might only use for one season, so they will be kept clean and dry until you need them again.

Loft Bed

A loft bed is a great way of maximising storage space in a bedroom. With your bed up above you, there is a whole area of space underneath that can be utilised for all sorts of different things including putting your computer desk in, adding some shelves or a chest of drawers. Some of the higher loft beds will also allow you to put a wardrobe in underneath. Bunkers have done a lot of the innovation for you with their different designs for storage under a loft bed.

Pull Out Shelves

Things like sewing machines, tv’s or other larger items that are difficult and bulky to move can be used more efficiently by adding pull out shelves to your cupboards. Rather than having a separate table for your sewing machine, which will take up more space in the bedroom, if it is on a pull out shelf you will be able to slide it out when you need to use it and slide it back in for storage.

Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

Photo credit: rubbermaid.com  but I added text

Photo credit: rubbermaid.com but I added text

The hardest thing a homeowner faces is the task of keeping the house clutter-free. And this becomes even harder when you have a big house that can accommodate plenty of things inside like and enough room to house furniture, appliances, curios, cabinets, what-have-yous like clothes, books, magazines, collectibles, toys, and gadgets. It gets harder each time cleaning is done because you don’t know where to start.

You don’t have to fall victim to all the mess your household accumulates. You can check these tips to keep your home clutter-free all year round.

Allocate a storage room
If you have a house than can accommodate a spare space to convert into a storage room, do so. Use this room to store bigger items like ski equipment, bulky blankets, winter clothing, carpets and rugs, tools and other items in the house that are usually uneven in shape and size. You can also keep your cleaning stuff here like mops, pails, floor polisher and vacuum cleaner so you know where to find them.

Use transparent bins to store smaller items
A household with kids will require more of these transparent bins to store smaller items like toys, socks, books, trinkets, hair accessories, kitchen utensils, school items and craft supplies. The transparency aspect makes it easier to view the contents at a glance without having to rummage through the bins.

Install shelving units on bare walls
If you can spare a wall that is totally bare, boring and unused, convert it into a shelving unit. You can use fancy shelves if you like for aesthetic effects but make sure that the shelves become functional as well in the process. Put your books on the shelves or cd collections so they are not everywhere in the house. You can also use these shelves as display rack of your collectibles if you don’t have a curio.

You can also use the space above the door and windows to store light weight bins. Make use of the space available without compromising form.

Buy multi-functional furniture with storage
A lot of home center and furniture shops sell stools with storage. Use them rather than the conventional stool. The added storage can keep odd items out of the way and it is easy to maintain a house with less clutter and well-organized stuff. You can also use bed frames with pull out drawers underneath to store spare pillows or beddings.

Use a wall unit magazine holder for your pots’ lids
The kitchen area is another place where chaos can easily start just by rummaging through the cupboards and cabinets for pot lids. Organize them by using a magazine holder that can be affixed to the wall to hold your pots’ lids in place. I saw a similar item in Ikea. You can check that out.

Avoid hoarding
This is one of the reasons why the home gets cluttered. Avoid hoarding. Simply said.

Do not buy unnecessary stuff
Another reason why the home gets cluttered is by buying compulsively and impulsively only to realize you don’t need the item and I bet, you will even forgot about it when it gets stashed behind the closet. I am guilty of this. I stopped shopping for sometime now and when I clean my closet, I still find items I have bought some time back with tags on, gathering dust. So, don’t buy items you will not use nor need. If it’s a want, put the item down and move on. Do not add stuff in your home unless you are going to use it right away.

Donate unused and unwanted stuff
There are other people who will have a use of those stuff you never even used nor have put into oblivion. You’re going to do yourself a favor and more importantly, you are going to help someone in need. Donate, donate, donate and don’t hold back because the item is expensive or brought from one of your trips abroad. If you’re not using it for some time and it’s just gathering dust, give it to someone who will have a better use of it.

Have a garage sale
If donating seems to be a hard thing to do because you need money in exchange of those items, have a garage sale then so you can get rid of your unwanted and unused items and earn from them too.

Now that your home is clutter free and more organized, keep it that way by avoiding the pitfalls of having a cluttered home.

There are more tips I can share but the list will get very long. If you want to share your tips on how to have a clutter free home, please feel free to leave a comment here. I would love to hear what you have to say.

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