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Unused Guitar

Another summer will come and pass but my daughter’s guitar is still lying on the corner of the living room, gathering dust. I know it’s not very expensive nor it’s the jose ramirez guitar but it’s a gift given to her by her aunt. It is in very good and mint condition so I wonder when she will actually use it.

I tried to scare her by telling her I would sell it but she kept promising she would learn to read the chords and memorize the patterns on the guitar. She still has not bothered to lift and actually strum it.

I guess, she was just taken by the moment when her former friends used to jam and play guitar. Tne inspiration wore when they all parted ways. I think the guitar is more of a symbol now of her former pals rather than a musical instrument that will enhance her musical artistry and craft. I hope I am wrong in analyzing all these. I just hope she’ll strum the guitar.

Sylvanian Family Club Member

Hooray! Finally! My parcel from the UK arrived today in the office and I am so ecstatic. You might think it is some check or fashion goods but it is my Sylvanian Family club membership certificate, catalogues, 2 free Troy and Arabella Dante Cream Cat Wedding couple figurines and a Belinda metal pin.

I have been contemplating for some time now whether to join or not being the 40 year old person that I am but since this is a beautiful collection, I decided to sign up in their website. I had to pay around GBP 9.00 to cover the shipping and processing/admin. It is okay because I have an addition to the collection.

I have been collecting these whimsical forest creatures for sometime now. I think I started around 2005 when I saw these cute little toys in SM Megamall Toy Kingdom while my daughter and I were checking out the doll section. I got hooked ever since.

These toys are really cute because they are small and have tiny houses which come with miniature stuff you find in your own home and other establishments. We have managed to buy some so far. The recent purchased loots were at Singapore.

These toys are not as famous as the Barbie, Bratz, game consoles and other modern toys the younger generation play these days. You can find a lot of these toys in Japan where it actually originated under Epoch, the company who owns this toy brand. There are distributors in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, UK and in some parts of the US and Europe.

I am really looking forward to visit Japan so I can buy some for my collection. This is a wonderful toy to give to your daughters (mind the age preference since it has so many small/tiny parts) who love to play house.

Check their UK website here: Sylvanian Families


Singapore Vacation Is Over Too Soon

Good things never really last like our just concluded vacation. My daughter and I had so much fun and I wish it was tad longer. The 5 days spent in Singapore was eventful with showers here and there and then hot and humid afterwards. However, all in all, it is a nice vacation.

I am very surprised and in awe by the beautiful Resorts World Sentosa. We stayed at Hard Rock Hotel which is inside the resort so going to the Universal Studios was a breeze, only if it didn’t rain! We walked around Universal Studios in rain coats and my SD card in the camera got wet so half of the pictures taken in Universal Studios were gone. Too bad.

Few days after, we moved to Landmark Village Hotel. It wasn’t as fancy as Hard Rock Hotel but it was close to the

Bugis Metro Station and a lot of eateries and malls.

We also visited theĀ Gardens By The Bay which was newly opened last 29 June 2012. It is a haven for nature lover because it has 2 big conservatories filled with flowers and tropical plants. The other parts of the Garden is open to the public from 5 in the morning until 2 in the morning the next day. This is a must-see attraction and I will guarantee you that it is worth the time.

Another thing that got my attention is the major infrastructure around the bay area like the new steel buildings around the Marina. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is breath-taking and very imposing. It stands facing the bay and has a beautiful infinity pool on top of the hotel. Another must-see place in Singapore!

A Lot has changed in Singapore since the last time we were there and it was only 4 years ago. It is more greener and beautiful with the addition of the attractions surrounding the bay area. I didn’t fancy Singapore then but I guess, it is starting to grow in me. We may be back soon for all you know.

Grades Revealed

I got the report card of my daughter. The verdict – Above Average. Well, I am happy that she challenged herself to do well this time as compared to the 1st term where her grades were abysmally disappointing! They were not failed marks but I knew in my heart that she could have done even better.

I am quite relieved that she pulled her grades up, except for Arabic which is still the same. I won’t blame her because Arabic is really hard. Her French was still down but I am not sure if she will take this language in Grade 9. Anyway, the prime subjects which are Math, Science, English and Computer Studies are all high marks. She even got 94 in Computer Studies and 91 in English. Math was still not as high as I want it to be like between 85 to 90 but she can improve on this.

Grade 9 will be a mix of basic Accounting, Economics and advance level of Computer subjects. Few collegiate subjects will be introduced until she reaches Grade 13. So, this time she has to really put all her energy into her studies because her primary role is to be a student. I expect nothing less from her this time. I think she can do well and I will certainly make sure that she does.

Enjoying Summer

My daughter’s school term is over and she is already celebrating the summer break by going out with her friends. I am glad that she can go out with friends this time. She is really happy that she can spend the summer here this year. She begged to stay and fortunately, the flights back home didn’t really look that good so she got her way.

She has already outlined her activities this summer. Some of them involves visiting friends, walking the dog, cleaning the house and doing some laundry. Okay, don’t get me wrong now. This is not child labor. She wanted to do those stuff, so be it.

Summer will be twice as fun too because her cousin from San Diego will be visiting over for a month. So, she can go out with her friends and tour the cousin as well.

In few weeks, we will also fly to Singapore to have a mother-daughter bonding time and to enjoy a bit of summer in our hands.

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