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Sweet 17

My daughter just turned 17 last February 15 and we all went home to celebrate with her. It’s not everyday that I get to see my daughter since she left Dubai for college so I will jump on every opportunity I have to be with her.

We celebrated her birthday a day early in my sister-in-law’s house in Quezon City. We invited few relatives, my mom, nieces and grandchild. The celebration was simple but with family around to show their love for my daughter was more than enough to make us all happy.

She’s growing up. I hope not too fast that I will miss every childishness she has in her bones. I know next year will be another year but a more remarkable one as she celebrate her being introduced to society as a young woman. We can’t stop time and that means I can’t stop getting older.

I’m glad we went home for her birthday. Nothing replaces a family’s bonding moments especially when it’s a special occasion you’re celebrating.

My daughter is now 17; not quite old but no longer a child. Soon, she will be venturing into another chapter in her life and I and my husband wish to be with her for many, many more years so we can guide her. And we pray for the best for her.

Happy birthday our sweet princess. We love you!

Sweet 16!

Somebody turned 16 today! Our little princess is growing up like a fine young lady. Soon, she will be discovering new things and enjoy her new freedom.

Enjoy being young baby and be thankful for all your blessings. Life gets better… :) We love you and you’ll always be our little girl.




Shopping Made Easy in Zalora.com.ph

I am a big shopper! I admit. It is something I enjoy to do and I make it a point to find good deals around whether it is in the mall or online. Lately, I have been frequenting the online shopping sites for fabulous discounts and deals because most of the items I need cannot be found here in Dubai.

It is good to stumble upon shopping sites like Zalora. The site offers a wide variety of clothes, shoes, accessories, bags and even sports wear for men and women! All of those items I have mentioned are under one site and those are the usual things I look for when I browse the internet.

Zalora offers free shipping nationwide if you spend Pesos 1000 and above. I am glad that I have a Philippine postal address that I can use if I need to purchase my favorite items and great finds. My daughter will also be thrilled to know that the site carries Sperry Top-sider shoes as well that she has been bugging me with for her birthday this February.

Aside from the multitude of choices, the site also carries fresh brand names I haven’t heard of. They look promising and great for young people like my daughter.

Another great thing I found about Zalora is that you can pay using major credit cards and even Paypal and for a blogger like myself, Paypal is my favorite mode of payment!

Do check out Zalora.com.ph and enjoy the merchandise they offer. You may find something for yourself and even for your families. Now’s the time to gift yourself even after Christmas. You’ve been good, right?

Glam Rockstar Theme For My Daughter’s 16th Birthday Party

Few more months and my daughter will turn sweet 16. I am already in the process of organizing her party. I have chosen the theme with her approval of course and bought some giveaways already for her close friends who will celebrate her momentous moment.

We’ve narrowed down our theme from several choices like Hollywood stars, 1920’s-30’s era, Fashion, Japanese Anime or Rockstar. We ended up merging the rockstar and japanese theme together so this will be one unique set up.

As I have mentioned earlier, I have bought some souvenirs already. I am contemplating of getting a gypsy jazz guitar as part of the props for her photo booth session but will check if I can find one to borrow. Her giveaways are still a top secret. Here’s a hint though, it has something to do with the theme of course!

I am so excited now. It won’t be a big bash but certainly fun because only her close friends will be in attendance. I do hope they come so my daughter will enjoy her day with us and her friends.

Pink Bedrooms For Girls Who Love Pink

I am of the girly-girly type of person so it is not a surprise why I love pink. It doesn’t matter whether it’s light pink, pastel pink, hot pink and even fuschia. I just love pink.

I grew up having my own bedroom so I had the rein in designing it. I obviously had the walls painted light pink, my closets in picket fence white and the bedsheets in majestic hot mess of pink! I love pink and I have an overdose of it.

So, when I had a daughter, I bought her pink stuff, covered her beds with pink sheets and color-coordinate in her stuff with pink. My husband would always kid that my daughter sometimes would look like a walking Pepto Bismol! hahaha.

Anyway, I just want to share these beautiful rooms to you if you are like me who loves pink or if you have little misses around who wants to have pink stuff and pink themed rooms. These pictures below are great source of “pink bedroom ideas” which I got from browsing Google images. Credit goes to the owners of the pictures.

Take a look at these gorgeous bedrooms with awesome pinkness! And who knows, you might just incorporate one in your home for your little miss or maybe for your teen daughter who is as girly as can be.


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