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Dad and Kids Bonding with Cooper and Kid Kit

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Moms can be busy too and kids also need to spend time with their dads.  A walk in the park or a nice trip to the zoo or amusement park while mom does her work, Dad can always fill in for mom.

Cooper and Kid is a great way to spend time with dad if you prefer to stay home and discover new, entertaining and educational things from the sample kit.

What’s in the kit? Well, it can be many things like books, kits for making extra-ordinary things, educational and creative stuff and many more which are gender neutral so everyone can join in the learning process and have fun.


Make memories with your kids with Cooper and Kit. You can subscribe to Cooper and Kid kit here.

Father’s Day Handmade Gift Ideas

I love handmade stuff so it’s not a surprise if I prefer giving gifts that I made myself or bought from a handmade craft bazaar.

There are plenty of unique handmade projects you can make on your own or with your kids or relatives for the special father in your life. It does not have to be fancy as long as it comes from the heart.

I scoured the net for some amazing handmade gift ideas we can give the special man in our life. Here are some great inspirations:

(Photo credit: thecraftdept.marthastewart.com & huffingtonpost.com/photo owners)

Not in the photos are baskets of goodies which you can put together. If you are giving it to a dad who loves golfing, you can fill his basket of golf-related stuff like golf balls, tee set, gloves, golf shirt and cap and even sunblock lotion! You can mix and match it according to his preference and that will be an awesome gift to put together.

My husband enjoys Thursday Night Out with his buddies. I am thinking of a small barrel filled with snacks, wine glasses, stirrers, wine stopper and of course, a fine wine to go with the whole shebang. I hope I can find a small barrel somewhere so I can fill it with his treats.



Dad’s Wave Prank

I was browsing the internet yesterday and found this very catchy article about a stay-at-home dad who waved at his son wearing various costumes for the whole duration of his son’s sophomore year.

I was so intrigued that I visited the wife’s blog at waveatthebus.blogspot.com. I will not go into details here so you can all check the blog and Dale’s (the dad!) outlandish costumes. One day he was a zombie, other days he was a fireman or a super hero or even a doctor. However, I didn’t notice he wore any nursing uniforms on the entire waving prank time. I still think it was so cool of him to do this anyway.

I had fun checking all the pictures and I had a warm feeling inside. I hope all dad will take the time to do something like this. I know, the teens may find it very embarrassing especially when their parents act weird but hey kids, give the parents some props! We can be creative at times too and sometimes, our way of showing our love and affection can be weird too :) Have some humor!

Here’s a sample of Dale’s outfit. Photo is courtesy of waveatthebus.blogspot.com.

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