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3 Ways to Get More Culture

Do you enjoy the finer things in life? Would you like to speak intelligently on a broad range of topics at your next dinner party or fundraiser? It’s easier than you think to give yourself a little culture, so here are just three ways to begin your education.

1. Visit Museums

The key to enjoying a museum is to go for the exhibits and not the museum name. For example, don’t go to the Smithsonian because it’s the Smithsonian; go to the Smithsonian because it has a display or collection that interests you. This is how you’ll get the most out of a museum visit.

2. Attend Gallery Openings

Gallery openings are about more than just showing off a painting or modern sculpture; they’re about mingling with society’s elite and making like-minded friends who enjoy the same things that you do. The art is a bonus to all the shoulders that you’ll rub.

3. Dig Deeper into the News

Instead of just clucking your tongue at the evening news, dig down and start researching the topics and issues at hand. Don’t stay at surface-level observations; read about history, social trends and event backgrounds to gain a deeper understanding of the world.

These are just a few tips for becoming a better-educated and more well-rounded person. You’re the only one who can decide which path is right for you, so ponder these suggestions carefully as you start to break out of your cocoon.

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