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Preparing My Daughter For College Admission

My daughter will soon be a bona fide college student. We are already preparing her for it as early as now and now is the right time to start reviewing her for the college entrance exams.

Time is a very important factor in making sure that my daughter will ace the entrance exams and that she will get to the university of her choice. My husband and I have our own preference but we will leave the decision for her to make.

So far, we have already bought a reviewer for her to study at least every weekend.  I have designated a time for her to focus on the reviewer at least 2 hours on Thursdays (our weekend here) and another 2 on Fridays. Her schedule right now is very hectic because she is catching up on Filipino and Social Studies which of course, she didn’t have when she was in a British school. My time now is pressed to meet all the demands of my daughter’s future and success in acing the exams.

I hope she will do well and that she will get in the school she really likes. Well, whenever she is asked, she always say she wanted to be in my alma mater – De La Salle University. Good choice, I’d say. 

Grades Revealed

I got the report card of my daughter. The verdict – Above Average. Well, I am happy that she challenged herself to do well this time as compared to the 1st term where her grades were abysmally disappointing! They were not failed marks but I knew in my heart that she could have done even better.

I am quite relieved that she pulled her grades up, except for Arabic which is still the same. I won’t blame her because Arabic is really hard. Her French was still down but I am not sure if she will take this language in Grade 9. Anyway, the prime subjects which are Math, Science, English and Computer Studies are all high marks. She even got 94 in Computer Studies and 91 in English. Math was still not as high as I want it to be like between 85 to 90 but she can improve on this.

Grade 9 will be a mix of basic Accounting, Economics and advance level of Computer subjects. Few collegiate subjects will be introduced until she reaches Grade 13. So, this time she has to really put all her energy into her studies because her primary role is to be a student. I expect nothing less from her this time. I think she can do well and I will certainly make sure that she does.

Career Orientation Day

Today is my daughter’s Career Orientation Day. I attended the event and was briefed by the various subject experts regarding the new subjects to be added as electives for the coming 9th Grade.

My daughter’s school follows the British Curriculum and I am a bit confused because it’s very different from the Philippines. I remember having Chemistry and Geometry in my regular subjects. In my daughter’s school, they are not mandatory and are part of the electives.

The students are given 3 subjects in a group of 5. Group A is for those who would like to pursue a career in the Science areas like hospital administration, nursing, medicine, pharmacist, psychology. Group B is for Commerce which will give opportunities in the business, marketing, banking and finance fields. The next group, C, is a mix of business and the science. The other group has sociology, environmental issues and business and lastly, Group E is like Political Science in the Philippines. Here, they will tackle on Global Perspective and issues, some business matters and Science.

They will have to choose another elective subject like French, Arabic, English as second language, Travel and Tourism. Mandatory subjects still includes English, Math, Life Skills, Regular Arabic, Social Studies and a choice between Information and Communication Technology or Computer Studies and English or English as second language. Both have qualifying exams so my daughter has to decide which one she wants to take and pursue.

These courses will pave way for the future she wants to make for herself. My husband and I already sat with her and gave our opinions. We asked her what she wanted to be. We also asked her if she would be committed to excel on the choices she would take and make because this is it and no turning back. They are not allowed to change their choice once they submit for registration. It’s like a mini-college already.

I think that kind of setting where the kids can choose their chosen field as early as 8th Grade is a good way to save money and time. At least, my daughter does not have to take the mandatory Biology/Chemistry/Physics subjects back in the Philippines if she is not pursuing the field of Science anyway. I don’t have to pay for university credits for subjects that will not even have an impact on her chosen career path. The only concern I have is that when my daughter continues her studies in the Philippines. She will be missing a lot of mandatory, albeit unnecessary, subjects back home. I hope the universities back home will credit her subjects from Grade 9 up to Grade 10/11.

Oh well, I hope my daughter will choose the field that is right for her and the one that she truly likes to do and will enjoy to take. Good luck to her. This is the moment she will be responsible for the choice she will make because it will be the “thing” that can “make or break” her future. But we will be by her side as she takes her journey to the secondary level in school.

Online Teaching Degree

Obtaining a degree nowadays is more flexible and achievable because of the online degrees you can avail. More and more people are pursuing their dreams of having a degree even while they are working. Some are not even professionals but still want to obtain a diploma through online courses offered these days.

Online courses offered now are not limited to business management subjects only unlike the earlier times when online degrees offered were mostly for business related courses. Universities and colleges are now offering degrees in various fields such as teaching degree online, nursing associate courses, special education, psychology, philosophy and so much more.

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