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Gift For Mommies

My mom recently celebrated her 65th birthday and I missed to give her a gift she really loves. I sent her money and sets of new birthday clothes she could wear. I also sent her medicines and bags because she loves bags. However, you know what else she loves? Jewelries! She has a penchant for collecting fine jewelries and I have an idea where I can buy her one.

Photo not mine

Photo not mine

My mother-in-law is also going to celebrate her 76th birthday and that is another cause for celebration. She is not much of a jewelry collector like my mom but she deserves one too to celebrate her upcoming birthday.

I will be scouting in several jewelry shops in the coming days before Eid so I can get good offers. Aside from discounts, you can get good deals for wholesale jewelry price if you buy a lot. Maybe I can score one for myself and daughter too!

My Hello Kitty Stuffed Toys Collection from McDonald’s


Yes, I got all these cute and huggable Hello Kitty stuffed toys from McDonald’s. You can buy it for AED 100 (approx $30) for all 5 of them or AED 25  (approx $7) each. So, I did the Math and decided to get the whole set for only $30 and that was a steal for me.

I got these few days after our Tokyo trip so I still have that “kawaii” feeling inside after seeing so many cute stuff in Japan. I am amazed by the number of cute items McDonald’s have lately when you buy a meal. These collection can be bought independently.

The whole collection is about Circus so each Hello Kitty is wearing different costumes as part of the Circus. My favorite is the one with the moustache. They are all adorable!


The box doubles as a storage and bag too but I don’t intend to remove them in their plastic wrappers. I’ll only open them when we’re all back in the Philippines and I have my own office and curio area to display all the collections I have from our travels and toys.

Sylvanian Family Club Member

Hooray! Finally! My parcel from the UK arrived today in the office and I am so ecstatic. You might think it is some check or fashion goods but it is my Sylvanian Family club membership certificate, catalogues, 2 free Troy and Arabella Dante Cream Cat Wedding couple figurines and a Belinda metal pin.

I have been contemplating for some time now whether to join or not being the 40 year old person that I am but since this is a beautiful collection, I decided to sign up in their website. I had to pay around GBP 9.00 to cover the shipping and processing/admin. It is okay because I have an addition to the collection.

I have been collecting these whimsical forest creatures for sometime now. I think I started around 2005 when I saw these cute little toys in SM Megamall Toy Kingdom while my daughter and I were checking out the doll section. I got hooked ever since.

These toys are really cute because they are small and have tiny houses which come with miniature stuff you find in your own home and other establishments. We have managed to buy some so far. The recent purchased loots were at Singapore.

These toys are not as famous as the Barbie, Bratz, game consoles and other modern toys the younger generation play these days. You can find a lot of these toys in Japan where it actually originated under Epoch, the company who owns this toy brand. There are distributors in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, UK and in some parts of the US and Europe.

I am really looking forward to visit Japan so I can buy some for my collection. This is a wonderful toy to give to your daughters (mind the age preference since it has so many small/tiny parts) who love to play house.

Check their UK website here: Sylvanian Families


Time Pieces

My husband loves collecting watches of various brands. He’s not very particular whether they are very expensive or not as long as he likes the designs. He is eyeing the Ice Watch with the Philippine Flag design for his next purchase.

I keep reminding him that if I have bags and clothes collection, he has his watches. One particular piece I like in his collection is his bulova watch. It’s very simple but looks elegant. It doesn’t have the fancy adornments most expensive watches have like diamonds or gold plated. Another watch I love seeing on him is the silver Rochas which he bought for himself and me. It is a his and hers collection which we always wear at the same time. He also has casual watches like Fossil, Lacoste and Guess brands. They look very casual to be worn with his office get-up.

I am saving enough money to buy him a high-end watch. I am not sure what brand yet but something that can be considered as an investment too. My husband deserves one.

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