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Winter Vests

The cool breeze is blowing in this part of the world. Winter is fast approaching. Although the previous winter season was not as cold as it used to be many years ago, it is still good to have winter jackets in case you need to do a camping or an early morning jog near the beach.

A good wear for this winter season activities is the warm vest like the patagonia vest womens’ style. This is a great warm clothing to wear and when the sun is up and the temperature rises a bit, it can easily be removed leaving you with your long-sleeved casual wear which is ok for the weather.

I Dream A Dream: Help Me Fulfill It

It is not often that I ask help from people to support me in a personal cause. This personal cause is dear to me and I can reach it faster with the help of everyone who will support me in my campaign.

My campaign “I Dream A Dream: Help Me Fulfill It” details my desire to start up a small handmade card business but I do not have the means to do it at the moment. That is the reason I designed a shirt through teespring.com which I can sell through them. However, I need a minimum of 50 orders for teespring.com to start printing the shirts and for them to process the orders.


My own design through teespring.com

My own design through teespring.com

This is when I come to you for your assistance and support. You may find the details of my personal endeavor in http://teespring.com/Riadreams and the ordering process is also in the same page.

This shirt is only $15 but your order will definitely help start my project.

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