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Minimalist Christmas Tree

I grew up seeing lush Christmas Tree being set at home. I prefer the lush ones so there’s plenty of room to hang decors on and really beautify the Christmas tree. However, there are people who prefer a simple and minimalist Christmas tree just like the ones below.


Tree1 modern christmas trees 9 modern christmas trees 8 Modern-Christmas-tree ModernChristmasTree_NordicDesign design-museum-trees raow-tree

(Photo credit: owners of the photos)


How about you? Do you like the  lush Christmas tree or the very minimalist one?

Pink and Shabby Chich Christmas Tree Decoration Theme

I am so fascinated with pink, be it pastel pink, light pink, fuchsia pink, hot Barbie pink – anything PINK! That’s why they call me Barbie because I just love pink. So, I am so inspired and really psyched to do a pink Christmas theme next year. I have already started purchasing and collecting pink ornaments for next year’s pink Christmas tree decor theme. I will also buy pink Christmas decors after the holidays so I can get them on sale which I will use for next year.

It’s never too early to buy for next year’s Christmas decor. As a matter of fact, it will save you big time to buy decors few days or after Christmas because they will be on mega sale. And that’s exactly what I will do.

I gathered fabulous pink themed Christmas tree decors from the internet and amongst all the photos I have collected, below are the ones that really tickle me “pink,” pun intended. (Credits to all photos’ owners.)


I imagine our 2015 Christmas tree to be more of a shabby-chic, Victorian inspired one so I will need plenty of these materials if I want to save money and make my own ornaments.

Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season

The holiday season is on! Everyone is busy preparing for the get-together and since Christmas is now over, we are ready to prepare for the New Year celebration. With all the busy preparations, we may tend to forget our fur babies in the process.

Keep your pets safe while the holiday season is on because they can get harmed unknowingly. Watch out for these:

Putting costumes

Yes, they are cute when they dress up like little elves or Santas for Christmas in their whimsical costumes. While they are unconditionally subjecting themselves to such, let us remember that there may be small attachments in their fancy costumes that they can chew on. If not the small attachments like pom-pom balls, jingle bells and big buttons; they may get entangled on those straps and garters around their hats and necks. Make sure you remove their costume right after their photo op. If you cannot help it, change them into a simpler costume with no frills and small items that may fall off or garters and strings that they can get entangled with.



Unprotected paws

Some of you may live in a very cold country where snow is inevitable at this time. Make sure your fur babies paws are also well protected from the cold snow. There are small socks with rubber soles you can buy from the pet shop that can easily slip on their paws up to the legs to keep them warm and dry.

th (1) DogSnowBoots-ozmafan ultra-paws-snow-go-dog-boots-black-2

(Photo credit: yahoo images)

Watch out for the Christmas Tree and the ornaments

Cats and dogs love to play with the Christmas tree and the ornaments, especially the baubles and lights. I think, they find the shiny objects very entertaining and appealing. Some dogs may try to ingest those small baubles. So, if you are considering on having your pets around the house during the holiday season, try putting bigger ornaments that will be harder to ingest and put them a bit higher. Unplug the Christmas lights when you are not around to check up on your pets and make sure they are hidden so they cannot chew on them.





(Photo credit: yahoo images)


Be careful with the food you give them

It is tempting to give them treats this Christmas. While that yummy chicken leg is enticing for your dear fur baby, the bone can lodge in the pet’s throat. So, do not give out human food to your pets.

Christmas wrappings and ribbons

I think, pets love shiny and colorful stuff and after the Christmas presents are open, do not leave those wrappers and ribbons on the floor as your pets may chew on them which can cause intestinal blockage. This can be serious and may require surgery.


We can get easily distracted this busy season but do not let those distractions from ensuring your fur babies are all safe as well.


Types Of Christmas Tree Toppers

A Christmas Tree is one of the staples in decorations during the holiday season. It is fun to decorate the Christmas Tree with baubles, ribbons, bells, ornaments, tiny lights, sparkles and many more. However, it will not be complete without the topper.

The Christmas Tree Topper is the ultimate finisher of the decorated tree. It adds drama and beauty to the already decked tree; thus, making it more lively, interesting and entertaining.

Here are the types of Christmas Tree Toppers you can choose to cap of your decorated tree (no pun intended).


This is the most common Christmas Tree topper of all time. Some of the star toppers are affixed with LED lights to make it twinkle like the real stars. Others are shiny and golden, while some are dusted with silver, gold or other colorful glitters for that added shimmer. Some stars are made of plastic with a hollow cap on the bottom which will be used to secure on the top-most part of the tree. Others are made of metal wires with coiled bottom and others are light glass.


(photo credit: christmasgeek.com)



(photo credit: artificialchristmastrees.me)


One of the beautiful choice of Christmas Tree toppers is the Angel. It is very lovely to place on top of the Christmas Tree and the angel’s flowing garment serves as the cap to secure its place on top of the tree.


(photo credit: houzz.com)



(photo credit: thetreetopper.com)


The bow is the easiest to put on the Christmas Tree because all you require is a long and wide piece of bow to tie on the top of the tree. You can put one or plenty to have that dramatic effect, making your Christmas Tree pop with colors and dimension.


(photo credit: bhg.com)


(photo credit: etsy.com)


These are long toppers with baubles in the middle and pointy tip.  Imagine a Christmas skewer of baubles and that is how your ornament topper will look like. However, due to the creativity of many, ornament toppers may vary from the conventional baubles to different shapes and styles of toppers.


(photo credit: christmasgeek.com)


(photo credit: xmas-world.com)


Which one is your choice? I am leaning to the angel topper. I just find them so dainty.

Our First Christmas Without My Father-In-Law

We are still mourning the loss of my father-in-law recently but we all have to move on. He used to enjoy holidays and he would schedule his vacation leave during that time to be with his family so we would honor that in memory of him. We will still celebrate despite of the loss because we know he would love that.

My husband is already prepping the Christmas Tree. I bought some new ornaments to put on the tree. I am sure that my husband will pour his out in decorating our tree because it will symbolize love and hope aside from celebrating it for Jesus, the reason for the Season.

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