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Summer Fun Activities For The Kids

It is already summer in this part of the world. The days are longer and the nights are shorter so this will give us more reason to engage the young ones in healthy, safe and fun activities this summer.

As parents, our primary concern is the safety and at the same time, enjoyment of our litte ones so we try to make the most of what we can afford in summer camp to ensure our kids are getting enough fun and play time with the program they have been enrolled in. While enrolling them in summer camp ensures the endless fun activities the kids will be engaged in, there are also other affordable ways to let our kids have fun without breaking the budget.

Here are super fun things to do at home, at the nearby park or beach resort or community for your kids. Of course, adult supervision will still be required to ensure their safety.

Take them to the public or community library and introduce them to the old fashioned way of reading books. Let’s tap those budding bookworms to embrace continuous learning and feeding their young minds with good ideas from great books like Dr. Seuss’ collection or The Berenstain Bears which has stories with good moral and promoted respect and love for family.

Enroll them to an arts, dance, music or even acting class in the nearby community college. You will be surprised to find out what your little one can actually do in front of a camera, a musical instrument or even on a stage.

Let them run around the park with friends and enjoy their youth.

If they are old enough to care for another creature, take them to a pet store and allow them to pet some animals. You can also visit your nearby petting zoo, if you have one that can let your kid hold or pet small and cuddle animals. This will help your kid develop a sense of compassion to other life forms aside from him/herself and to be responsible in taking care of another creature.

Teach them how to ride a bike, skates or roller blades.

Give them simple tasks to do at home like watering the plants, cleaning the pets’ food and water bowls, sweeping the floor, cleaning their room and keeping their bed.

Take them to the nearby beach area and let them build sand castles and even learn to fly a kite there.

Take them to the museum, art gallery or exhibits to introduce them to History, Arts and Culture.

Ask them to help out in the kitchen when cooking or baking. That will teach them how to be good cooks and bakers and even promote the sense of being responsible.

Let them bird-watch and write down notes about the birds they have seen.

Allow them to take pictures of nature, friends, skyline, and pets. This may tap their inner eye for beauty.

Teach them gardening, stitching, handicrafts and more.

Teach them a new language.

Let them watch their favorite movies and cartoons over and over. That is so much fun!


There are so much more to do and I am sure, the kids will never run out of ideas when it comes to having fun and making the most of the long summer months. Enjoy the time with you will spend with them because it is precious. Have fun!

Humanity And Technology

Are you not surprised by how fast technology has robbed us of our regular nuisances and even activities that we actually need to be considered as social beings?

During my time, which was not too long ago, we do not have these high-tech appliances, gaming consoles, portable gadgets and other electronics which make life so easy for the youth of today. We had it hard and labouros instead.

I always tell my daughter whenever she breaks out in rants and complaints about how hard her assignments were or how difficult to complete a certain task, about my generation and how we did things back then. I would always brag that her generation would never last a “second” in my generation. And why is that? Here are some reasons why:

Completing a certain project entailed a lot of hard work, plenty of “cartolina” and art papers and colored pencils and starch paste and tons of creativity. We did not have smart boards to present our presentations. We used papers glued together to make big poster-size murals or presentations.

When we need to research on a subject matter, we had to either ask our parents to drive us to the public library which was kilometres away. And when we reach the library, the work was just about to begin. First we would go to the index catalogue area where long tables with cabinets consisting of tiny drawers, the size of a 5×6 index cards were kept. They were arranged alphabetically and coded so we would write the codes down and proceed to the place or floor where the shelf was located. And once we find the shelf, the work did not stop there. We had to search from the top rack down or vice-versa or check on the tiny codes written on the spine of the books. We were lucky if the books were arranged accordingly but it was like finding needle in a haystack. Then we had to write down our research on pads of papers. Our simple assignment or report would require 8 to 16 man-hours to complete with so many books to read and notes to write.  Now, kids have computers as early as 1! I had my first computer when I was about to graduate in college and even then, it was still the big and chunky monitor with green or orange fonts on the screen. The youth of today could easily get the answers to their topics at the tip of their fingertips. And yet, they still complain!

If we wanted to see, play or even talk to our friends, we practically have to lift our butts off the chair, reach for the door,  open the gates and walk! Yes, we walked all the time, most of the time that was why we barely got sick then. We were fit as early as 1 year old! We would go to our friends’ houses, rang their doorbells and ask their parents if we could play in the nearby playground. Back then, safety was not a concern because kids were treated as kids. We could play non-stop until late afternoon and we were safe. If you belong to the middle class or rich families then you could call your friend and chit chat. Only few had phones then. We had our phone installed when I was about 8.

We were active bunch of kids. We rode the bike, climbed trees, did cartwheels on the grassy playground, ran with our pets, walked to school, enjoyed camping, trekked hills, helped our parents and elders with household chores, did our assignments regularly, slept around 7 p.m., watched TV only with the supervision of adults and timed, heard mass regularly, and played, played, played. We had so much fun growing up in the 70s!

Media was not harsh. Not much violence were shown and definitely not much sleazy films were allowed on theaters. These shenanigans only came out in the 90s onwards and since then, everything spiraled out of control. Even small kids these days have been exposed to violence and malicious contents. Kids are being robbed of their innocence. And during our time, we were innocent until way past our teens.

We paid respects to our elders. We would always address them with “sir,” “madame,” or use our Tagalog word “po” at the end of each sentence when talking to our parents and adults.

We wrote long mails to our families and friends who lived far away. We didn’t have this email thing then. We knew every mailman who came and the schedule of their arrival so we would all wait patiently near the gate to greet our friendly mailman.  He would delight on the sight of three smiling kids with some dogs around, waiting for their parcels or letters from favorite family members and friends. What a joy!

We are all God-fearing and we hold that close to our hearts until now. Today’s generation is very diversified with deviant beliefs being thrown on other people’s faith and faces.  It’s not that sacred anymore…

Those are just few of the examples of how it was like living in the 70s. It was fun. It was happy until technology came and changed the symbiosis of life.

I think, Albert Einstein said it best, “It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity.” Although he said it in connection with the atom bomb he created, it still is relevant to how technology has changed humanity. I just hope it doesn’t make humans devoid of values and faith.

Instill Good Values To Your Kids

Photo credit: yahoo.com

Parenting these days is more difficult than the previous generations. Kids are exposed to so many unacceptable issues and lack of values which are highlighted in the media and other social networking sites. There are plenty of temptations around and wrong signals given to them. And as the adult, we should guide them to a different direction.

Being a parent now is more of a challenge because as a parent too, our primary goal is to raise our kids with a strong hold on good values, right conduct and steadfast spiritual standing. We can achieve this by exposing our children at a very young age to an environment where good values such as respect, humility, appreciation, sharing, consideration and other values worth emulating. And as the adult in the household, we should set a good example by practicing what we preach to encourage the young ones to imbibe the same good values we practice.

Children are like sponge. They soak in everything they hear and see and this is the opportune time to show them the good qualities they should have to become kids with proper values; values that they will instill in their system and will pass on to the next generation.

Wouldn’t that be a good thing to have in this planet – good people?

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