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The Psychology of Your Sofa

We all know the age old stereotype of the psychiatrist’s sofa, upon which one may discover the secrets of one’s soul. But what if it is the sofa itself which can tell the most about who we are as people? What many may not have realised is that their couches offer a window into their personalities that is often much more revealing than they may have intended.

Photo not mine

Photo not mine

Why the Sofa?

That your sofa should be so connected to who you are as a person should come as no surprise. After all, it’s probably the most used of all items of furniture in the home and the only one which can step in and function in the same way that other furniture types can, from sleeping to working. Whether you’re a couch potato or a rarely-sit-still, the role that your sofa plays in your life will both determine and be determined by what type of sofa you choose – and the role it plays will be to reveal all about you as a person.


Colours can be very revealing; so much so that almost everyone is aware of the most common associations between colour and personality type. Fiery, passionate types prefer red; fun, outgoing types prefer yellow; cool, calm types prefer soothing blues and greens. Muted colours tend to be preferred by people who are more reserved in nature, whereas rich, sumptuous sofa colours tend to found in the homes of people who are confident, self-assured and even a little sensual.


There are almost too many styles of sofa to count, but a good place to start is with size. Smaller sofas tend to be preferred by people who like familiarity. But don’t be fooled; the presence of a small sofa is a clear indicator that even while you may have a family-oriented-type person on your hands, they probably don’t have a family … yet.

Chaise lounges and sofa beds tend to occur on opposite ends of the spectrum; the former being preferred by people of a spontaneous nature and the latter tending to belong to more practical types. However, both chaise lounges and sofa beds can come in an array of styles so make sure to take note of how modern (or not) the sofa in question is. Older sofas are indicative of a comfortable homebody-type who may be a little resistant to change, whereas modern sofas indicate a contemporary, fashionable and probably quite decisive individual.


Finally, the placement of your sofa can reveal the biggest tell of all. Where is your sofa situated and in what direction is it pointed? Does it face towards the television or the window? Is it in the corner by the fire or does it take up the majority of space in your living room? By asking yourself these simple questions, you will easily be able to find out where your true priorities lie.

Beautiful Furniture Makeovers

We all have a certain piece of furniture that we like so much that parting with it is not an option. However, if this certain furniture is an outdated one, sticks out like a sore thumb in your home interior or has so many scratches and imperfections due to wear and tear, then do a furniture makeover! Don’t throw those beautiful pieces because you can actually make those dull pieces into chic furnitures.

If you don’t know where to start with the makeover project, head on to BHG.com for some inspirations. The pictures posted below are all featured in BHG.com and credit is given to the owner.


collage 2







Floral Accent Chair

Photo credit: Argos.co.uk

I am not very fond of floral prints. I don’t dislike them but I’m just not thrilled to have any floral prints in the house. But that changed when I saw this gorgeous chair in Argos. The bold floral pattern is so lively and it brings color to the house even if you just place it in a corner. I think this arm chair will look very good in my future house 

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