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Cinco De Mayo Theme Costumes

Ole! Ole! It won’t be long and it’s going to be Cinco De Mayo! The festivities surrounding this famous fiesta are colourful and filled with food, music and lots of merriment and entertainment. Why not add colour and pizzazz to that with these Cinco De Mayo costumes and accessories from BuyCostumes?



Spanish girl



Taco Costume



How about improvising your own costume? Do you have a khaki trouser and a very colourful poncho? If you’re lucky then complete that ensemble with a nice sombrero!



Adult sombrero

Oh, don’t leave out your pets on the fun! BuyCostumes have pet costumes too for Cinco De Mayo!





Pet costumes


Our First Christmas Without My Father-In-Law

We are still mourning the loss of my father-in-law recently but we all have to move on. He used to enjoy holidays and he would schedule his vacation leave during that time to be with his family so we would honor that in memory of him. We will still celebrate despite of the loss because we know he would love that.

My husband is already prepping the Christmas Tree. I bought some new ornaments to put on the tree. I am sure that my husband will pour his out in decorating our tree because it will symbolize love and hope aside from celebrating it for Jesus, the reason for the Season.

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