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Black Saturday 2015

I am still clearing up my mess from my recent trip and just finished unpacking. I haven’t actually put much effort on this year’s Holy Week which my family and I observe. I feel awful not being able to offer more sacrifices when I could and should but I hope, God can hear my prayers.

I am trying my level best to just keep off from the online scene at least until Easter Sunday, tomorrow. This time is intended for deep reflections and offering sacrifices which I hope I am not yet late.

Photo not mine

Photo not mine

Marriage and Divorce in the US

For Catholics like myself, we consider marriage as a blessed sacrament. It is a union done in front of a priest who solemnize the marriage in front of the family and community who supports the union.

Times have changed. Marriage used to be blessed and solemn but with the rise of liberal perceptions and movements, this sacrament has taken a different turn and its real meaning has been demoted to an obligation because “something happened.”

The meaning of Marriage is not the only one affected but the solidarity of the couple and the family per se with the advent of divorce. Divorce has taken a big chunk in the mortality of marriages in the US.  A sample infographic below will show you percentages of divorce rates in the US. As you can see, the infographics depict the highest state in the US with a high mortality in marriages. Also, it shows you that even 3rd marriages can still lead to divorce. A little consolation I find in the infographic is the fact that couples with children tend to keep their marriage and the reason may be because of the welfare of the children.


Divorce must not be the end all and be all of a couple’s marriage. It must not be the ultimate course of action when things go wrong or unsavory. For me, as long as there is no violence or other forms of tormen involved and things can still be worked out – saving a marriage is worth the try.

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