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The Four Main Uses of Geotextiles

Geotextiles are porous fabrics that can filter, separate, reinforce, drain, or protect when used in soil. They are usually made of polyester or polypropylene and are manufactured either as a woven fabric, a needle punched material, or heat bonded. The needle punched and heat bonded fabrics look similar to felt. These different types have different densities that make them ideal to various settings and uses. Here are the four main applications of geotextiles in Louisville.

Road Construction

You’ve probably seen this material used during road construction without even realizing it. This product is often used to keep the foundation of a road stable. This is because the soil where the road will be built has less runoff when reinforced with these textiles. There are different densities for different types of soil, which makes it possible for the proper draining of the soil without excessive erosion.

Building Construction

Geotextiles can also be used in parts of building construction. It is used more as a barrier against water, especially on roof top gardens or in basements. Generally the textiles used for this purposes are a very tightly woven fabric that is resistant to water. Building demolition can also benefit from this fabric because it is able to contain debris from explosions.

Flood Protection

Some of these fabrics are very hard to puncture. This makes them a good option for projects that involve a lot of gravel or sharp rocks. It can both filter and bind the soil beneath the flood barrier, so that the heavier materials on top have a solid foundation. This makes the flood protection measures much more effective. Sand dunes in coastal areas can also be protected from floods using this material.


Landfills with toxic waste must have a protective barrier to keep the waste from contaminating other areas. Geotextiles in Louisville can be used to seal landfills and provide this necessary barrier. The fabric can be placed in the ground to protect the groundwater, but it can also be used over the waste to keep it in one place. Special coatings may be used to improve the protective abilities. They may also be used as a landfill liner.

Household Repairs

Our flat is falling apart in terms of air conditioning and fitted fixtures like cabinets and closets and even the chipping wall paint. The building is not even that old yet. It is barely 4 years old and our place needs major repairs and breakdown service from the building owner.

We have not highlighted the issues yet to the building owner except for the air conditioning unit which is not functioning properly especially in the summer’s heat. We are contemplating on moving again to a new building with lower rental fees and better building maintenance. We are just waiting for the contract to end this August and we will decide then.

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